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October 24, 2007


Angry Mob

Here is Indiana's current “tax cut” plan:

•Reduces the increase in tax deductible property taxes and shifts the entire tax burden to non-deductible sales taxes.

•Increases the local income tax

•Reduces no government spending


The bipartisan government-reform panel led by Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Randall Shepard and former Gov. Joe Kernan recommend the elimination of 1,155 units of government and 5,833 fewer elected officials statewide saving $400 million each year.

We've got to quit governing like this!

Message from former Governor Joe Kernan:

BSU Study: Kernan-Shepard Recommendations Give Big Savings EACH Year

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Tax relief can also be beneficial through checks mailed to taxpayers by the federal or state tax authorities to reduce the burden on taxes. These checks can also be in the form of refund checks received from tax authorities for taxes paid beforehand when there are found to be excess taxes paid by the taxpayer after calculating the tax assessment for the current or previous assessment year.


First KUDOS to this blog and Tracy Warner for keeping it updated!

On September 10th, several tax activists will present plans to the tax committee at the state house for property tax repeal. This is the "summer study session" promised last year when the state senators effectively buried property tax repeal.

We cannot let repeal die. Persistence is what it is going to take to get enough legislators behind repeal to make it happen.

As everyone already knows, property tax repeal coupled with drastic spending cuts is the only fair and equal solution to deal with the property tax problem.

Everyone needs to remember that our homes are collateral for Indiana's bond debt...literally collateral for the state's unchecked spending habits.

There are more than 150 different fees and taxes collected in Indiana. There are more than enough places to find revenue. Not only that, but two new Indiana casinos opened last month.

We've heard that the one on I-74 is bringing in $6 to $13 million per day! With the state getting 50% and $250 million in licensing fees each, that's some cake for the state. Do the math.

Anyway, the tax activists behind HOOSIERS FOR FAIR TAXATION want to send out thanks to the Journal Gazette. We think you do a better job than the Indy Star. We appreciate how hard you work and that you always show up for the property tax forums and protests.

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It should reduce the increase in tax deductible property taxes in order to avoid poverty today.

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