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April 19, 2008



I did not see the game but Clausen's 10 for 27 does not sound too encouraging unless the D did a supurb job or the receivers dropped most of their passes.


The receivers did drop a lot of passes and clausen threw the ball away at least 5-6 times. Dont be fooled by the stats. More realistic would be 10-16 for 187yds 1TD 1INT and 1 TD pass called back on a holding call.


Clausen would have been MVP of the game if his receivers could hold onto the ball


GB -
Don't judge it based off the numbers. He went 10-27 with 196 yards,1 TD, 1 INT.

There were 4 drops that should have been catches. Make that 14-27 for (at least) 250 yards. Then he had to throw the ball away 4-5 times...make that 19-27. He also had a TD called back on a (bogus) holding penalty. So 2 touchdowns.

If you could have seen the types of throws he was making, you would change your mind. ESPECIALLY the 57 yarder to Tate. It was the best throw I've ever seen him make. And it wasn't a "jump ball" like we often saw from Quinn to Shark or Stovall - it was a 55 yards in the air, right in stride. Beautiful.


As part of the crowd, I was booing because the defensive coaching staff called a timeout to prolong a game they had no chance to win. But Charlie told the refs to keep the clock running and the game ended there.


I thought i saw a couple kids from the same school. Those schools must be sick.

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