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April 02, 2008



I never understood this, but why isn't a WR ALWAYS the holder. Samardzija did a great job. Teams always want a back up QB in case a "fire" is called, but I want the best hands on the team. Grimes showed some good hands on the "catch" at Stanford.


Great article.



David, we know you made a great catch at the Stanford game regardless of whatever the PAC-replay official says. However your hands during the rest of the season left something to be desired.


Grimes had his rough spots this year, but overall he was the most dependable guy. Plus, remember the TD catch he made in (I think) the Navy game in 2006? Twisting around, relocating the ball, stretching for the end zone... Grimes can play. Put Kamara & Floyd on the outside and Grimes in the slot, and you're in good shape at WR.

McCarthy was a QB in high school (like his brother) - no surprise he has good hands. QBs are also used to catching shotgun snaps. They probably just try a few guys from different positions, see who's the most reliable, and go with that. And clearly given the Shark example, it doesn't matter if it's a starter or backup.

From a fellow SU alum - Keep up the good tidbits, Michael, and consider moderating the comments around here - many jagoffs come just to flame you (not on this item, but others...)


SU alums must not know how to write. maybe they just don't know how to read. the only thing in flames around here is your column...flames as in crashing and burning.


Thank you for proving my point.

ND Hockey

I need tickets to the Frozen Four in the Nd Section. Any help anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

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