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April 21, 2008


Irish T

Hello Micheal, From time to time it is important to wish some one well and tell them how much you appreciate their hard work. Thanks for doing all you do on one your beats. That being Notre Dame Football. It is great to get your views on the players,coaches and the practices. From the tempo to the pitch if you will.The things we crazy Irish fans that do not live in the area enjoy learning about. Last night on ESPN College Football Live one of the anouncers said it was a general lack of speed last year that made the Irish 3-7 among other things. He said it appears to be vvastly improved along with Jimmy Clausen and his recievers in Golden Tate and D.Kamara. It appears from spring videos that Robert Hughes and Armando Allen have sparked on all 8 cylynders along with O-Line to give ND a much needed running back.

Can you tell us your opinion on the difference on Coach Tenuta impact on the Linebackers and De Ends and even D-Line and of course the Secondary. I know Notre Dame has to fine Coaches running the Defense this year in DC Coach Corwin Brown and Asst Head Coach Tenuta.

As long as the kids don't quit like they seemed to last year a few times. Against Michigan and USC there was little fire. I hope to never see that again.

Keep up the good work. Your Paper should be proud of you.

All the best.

Go Irish!

Terrence in Nevada


Michael, it's writing/reporting like this that keeps me coming back. I may not always be pleased - - - This is great stuff man! Thanx, Mike

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