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March 26, 2008



Geez, could you sound anymore negative.


could you watch out friday? that would be nice to get the "inside" scoop.


Love to hear more about the battle for who is going to replace Zibby at Safety. Thanks.


Love to hear more about the d-line situation, particularly about Ian Williams, and freshman Sean Cywnar.

Michael Rothstein

Read Thursday's Journal Gazette. I wrote about Ian Williams and Justin Brown needing to begin to replace Trevor Laws.
Michael Rothstein



Were cameras allowed in for the practice session? I'm dying to get a look at Sam and Jimmy. I know you said they don't LOOK much bigger but I want to see for myself.



By the read of your comments, it sounds like we shouldn't even field a team for 2008. thanks for giving us a half-empty analysis.

Irish Tiger

How is Richard Jackson looking? I know his hands have always been an issue, but will he have any chance of seeing the field in '08?

Golden Domer


I know that for some the reality of the state of Irish football hurts, so thanks for providing your observations.

I would like to hear more about Barry Gallup since he is from my home state. I would also like to hear about the frequency of practices attended by Golden Tate and Kamara since it appears that neither of the two will be there full time.

I am very interested in hearing about the LB's as well as the RB's. I really thought the AA would be the man, but I think he has a challenge with Aldridge and Hughes.

For giggles, can you ask Charlie if ND has approached him about extending his contract?

If he won't answer that one, can you ask him if he will pledge a % of his contact back to the University if he doesn't win 7 games?


Let us know how Armando Allen looks. He, more than anyone else, needs to be a game-breaker this year. I like him and Robert Hughes in the backfield. Aldridge just doesn't do it for me.


Andrew Breau

Mike, you should just feel blessed that you can attend these practices! I live in Canada and being such a huge fan is hard when it would cost me a fortune to attend a game someday.. (I WILL SOMEDAY THOUGH!! I HAVE TO!!) Anyways - moving on - Obviously the O-Line is important, but I would like to know about Jimmy's arm strength because it was supposed to be unbelievable, and I didn't see that arm strenght - supposedly because of his "injury" last year..
Still wishing we had some receivers like in 2005,2006,


Wow, is someone a little overly negative or what? So to sum up your "observations" the team is small and weak and the our head coach is probably disinterested in practice. Maybe Notre Dame should just quit football altogether based on what you see.


Hows Gary Gray doing, so far?

Mike Ipsen

I am interested in the developement of Taylor Dever (OL).I went to the same high school as he did (46 years earlier). I believe he is the only FB player from NUHS to play at ND.

Golden Domer

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Well, we're back in South Bend and at the first spring practice.

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