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March 28, 2008



I'm guessing you meant David Grimes at 1st team WR, not David Aldridge


Could your observations be any worse??


michael- dont listen to these assholes on here. i guess people dont understand that in a blog you write your own opinions. i like hearing the "inside scoop" on the sports teams.

Christopher Loh

I think everyone who has anything bad to say about a reporter doing his job , like Mike, especially in an anti-semitic way, is pretty much the scum of the earth and does not represent Notre Dame in any way shape or form. Or maybe that's because I'm an actual graduate of Notre Dame, not a wannabe poser, and also a reporter who can spot good journalism when he sees it and knows the difference between a blog and an actual article.


In response to the comments by Christopher Loh, I agree with everything you said, except that you slid into name calling like the others. Please remember that Notre Dame is much bigger than the students and graduates. There's no need to throw stones at the people who've been loyal and devoted fans their entire lives by calling us "wanna be posers." One doesn't have to attend or graduate from an institution to be apart of it!

Chris Loh

Just in response, I agree with you completely and I'm sorry for the "wannabe poser" remark. It was more intended for gag, who posted the remark above mine. I became self-conscious that they were an actual representation of the university we both love, grad or non-grad.

John J.


Did you hear or see anything about a fight at practice? I saw a mention of it on NDNation and would assume that it took place (if it did at all) after the media portion of practice.

Michael Rothstein

I saw the same report on the message boards. Haven't heard much about it and certainly didn't see it during the media portion of practice.
We'll ask some people about it tomorrow.
-Michael Rothstein

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