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March 27, 2008



thats odd. you would think they would want athletes to help each other out. and it builds comradery.

michael Ahern

Why even run a non- story like this with the women in the Sweet Sixteen?
It's jsut filler- don't you have anything better to do-like look for a new job?


Maybe they could have practiced against you and your sorry journalistic friends.


Guys - I'm gonna stick up for Mike here... he is just giving us the info he has.. If you don't like his writing, than DONT read it.. Seems like common sense to me?? I like reading his stuff because he is right there on campus trying to give us the inside scoop.. Don't give him a hard time for giving us info!


hey mike. did you see SDH ran out of waffle fried yesterday and because some football players had thirds? better get on it!


hey mike. did you see SDH ran out of waffle fries yesterday because some football players had thirds? better get on it!


You are a tool. Stop covering ND.


Mike, I have voiced my concerns about your coverage of ND Athletics before. If this story was so important, why are the other newspapers and media covering this earth shaking development. Oh, wait we haven't heard from Mark May. Perhaps you should correspond with him.


Interesting. Other "universities" continue to graduate less than 50% of their atheletes, continue to frequent the BCS bowl games, rake in the dough, continue to get the same amount of scholarships, continue to recruit players that use college as a stepping stone, having to intentions of actually graduating, having tons of free time to practice because they don't have to go to class, yada, yada, yada. The NCAA is a joke. Being a division 1 COLLEGE and the number of scholarships a school gets should be based on the percentage of atheletes that graduate. That will even out the talent. Screw ESPN too.


You are an awful journalist. You have one of the best jobs in the world, covering ND sports, and you continue to make an ass of yourself. Please either stop covering ND or write about relevant topics.

p.s You are an asshat

Mike Dickeson

Michael, after reading your articles for the better part of two years - it is evident you are not a neutral, unbised reporter. I will no longer visit your site. It's the same day in and day out. Keep working on your singing - - -


I will now stop reading your articles you are a --------------------------------sorry I can't say what I want to because I was raised to to nice, anyone who reads your artices must be desperate.


I know Pat Summitt's Tennessee women's basketball team practices against a bigger men's team. So, I guess that means none of them are scholarship athletes ... or that the NCAA rules are different for men's and women's sports. Do you know?


Mike you keep writting your stories. You're so much better than Wally, now that's a tool. And yes the ncaa is loaded with stupid rules and its run by one of the biggest tools in the shed. Maybe I'm biased though. I blame all that is wrong in the world on 3 men, George Bush, Mitch Daniels, & Miles Brand. but then again the ncaa isn't too bright picking a guy who has a wanton disregard for athletics run the show. anywho keep up the good work.


Call me crazy, but I don't understand the animosity in the other comments here. I doubt that Mike is the one who heard that the men practiced with the women and determined that it was a violation -- I'm a bit of a rules lawyer, but even I don't read NCAA regs unless I'm looking something up.

Anyway, I'm fairly certain that the men that the UT women practice against are not scholarship athletes. I remember SI doing a story about them a few years back.


Why the hell are you guys getting all bent out of shape about Mike writing this article? He's not trying to be scandalous, and he's not trying to ruin ND's reputation. Oh, and by the way, he didn't make it up either.

"How dare you write anything that even might even imply that everything about our school isn't absolutely perfect (even if you're just reporting something that actually happened)!! You're a traitor and your writing sucks!"

Loosen up a little, you d-bags.

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