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January 30, 2008


Moose Krause


Good work. Are you going to turn this into an article?


ND Rockne

You are the worst writer or ND sports period. A constant pessimist, I wish your name was listed after the article links so I would know not to open the link and end up disappointed again. When are you going to join team Mark May? I'm not sure if you have friends or pride, but obviously you have to put down others in your writing to make yourself feel better. That’s pretty pathetic.


Dude, REALLY?? Alot of ramblings for no reason. Yes Weis is compared to Belichick. Newsflash hero, Belichick taught Weis how to run a team, talk to media and how to coach. It really is no suprise Im not the first one to rip on you.


You're a toolbox and your blog sucks nuts. Probably the worst "reporter" on the ND beat, but that's splitting hairs really because you all suck pretty bad. Jeff Carrol, Mike frank, Ryan O'Leary... I often wonder what the ND media relations people are thinking to let any of you jackstains have access to the team.

Media in general are usually a bunch of ego driven, sensationalist morons.... but you my friend take the cake.

kill yourself.


People. Get a life.


This sums it up you realy are an IDIOT Michael get a life you MORON!!!

mike sheridan

how does mark may use a pen-name and get on these irish web sites?
really michael, weak.
a word of advice? use a characature on your by line and not a picture.


What's everybody's problem with this article? I failed to see any pessimism or criticism in it, Michael was just pointing out the similarities between Weis and Belichick's styles of handling the media, and Belichick is one of the best in the game.

To whoever thinks someone should kill themself over an article on a game, you really need to get some perspective. That's absolutely pathetic.

Finally, this blog's one of the few 'local' blogs on ND sports I read--I usually find Michael's insights interesting and reasonable, even when I don't agree with them.


Oh hey everybody.... this is one of the only "local" blogs Tony reads...

Okay, never mind then. I didn't realize that Tony endorsed this blog.

I mean, if this is the only blog Tony reads... then, I mean come on. It must be good. After all, Tony reads it...

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