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December 24, 2007


John Unchester

Regarding John Wooten questioning why there isn't more pressure on Charlie due to the 3-9 record in '07, the answer is obvious to anyone without an agenda.

There isn't more pressure on Charlie because he 'gets it', where Tyrone was clueless. CW has gone to two BCS bowls in his first two seasons; he has recruited relentlessy and successfully; he respects the University and it's high standards; he is headed in the right direction while TW floundered.

TW will be gone next year after one more season at Washington; Charlie will be heading to another big bowl game and by 2009 playing for all the marbles....that's why Mr. Wooten

Thomas M. Whalen

Ask John Wooten what he thinks of Charlie's longevity in his current position compared to Ty's next October after the game between the programs ? Please forward his answer. Thanks & Happy Holidays. Tom Whalen

jim harrigan RB/CA

Willngham's hiring by Stanford, Notre Dame and UW set the minority hiring program back for years. Not only should he not have been hired, based on his W-L record and recruiting "prowess", but the questions regarding a school's "racist" dismissal policies will stop many universities from hiring any minority. Willingham belongs at Sacramento State...where he belongs.

Jim Blase

One other important point: Weis really wants to improve his coaching. Witness the New England Patriots offseason trip, for example. Willingham, on the other hand. would never admit he could improve. Witness his failure to fire any coach, including his offensive coordinator. But I agree that the MAJOR difference, three years out, is where Charlie stands in recruiting now, versus where Ty stood at the end of this third season.

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