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November 23, 2007



"Coaching, we're going with the spunky former Indianapolis Colts quarterback." To how many BCS games did Harbaugh bring his teams? How many Superbowls did Harbaugh win as a coordinator? Based on what evidence is Harbaugh a better coach. And who is "we?"


I think Mr. Leahy needs to get some thicker skin. All I see him do is complain about people who pick against ND. Face it Mr. Leahy, this ND team sucks in every facet of the game. And the coach is not all that good.


One upset does not a great coach make. I do agree that it will be a competitive game but ultimately ND prevails.

ND 27 STAN 17

The Genuis

wrong again, mr. rothstein. you're comment on coaching proves again your anti-ND bias.

one also wonders if you'll have the intestinal fortitude to call the officiating in this game for what is was, a TRAVESTY either in print or here on your blog?

again, i wait with bated breath...


Mr. Jabowski,

I find it interesting that "all you see [me] do is complain about people who pick against ND." What people have you seen me complain about? I'm not complaining about Michael- I've commented here many times before and sometimes I agree with Michael. In fact, I have no argument against his pick. I thought the game would be close. What I was questioning was the comment that Harbaugh gets the coaching edge- on what basis? I agree that ND stinks this year- so does Stanford. That does not change the fact that Weis took a crappy 6-6 team and brought them to 2 BCS bowls. The jury is still out on Weis, but the jury isn't even in on Harbaugh- he hasn't coached enough games to say that he's a better coach than Weis- that is all. And, by the way, Jabowski, are you actually the BC coach and you just misspelled your name?

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