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November 23, 2007


The Genuis

hahaha! mr. rothstein posts two articles about the truly unfortunate situation surrounding robert hughes as "proof" he's not trashing ND! haha! hilarious!

mr. rothstein, in case you don't understand, when some says you "trash" ND they generally mean the football team and it's performance and coach! i always assumed you were smart, if misguided but after this latest debacle, i will seriously have to reconsider...

oh, and btw, looks like i was RIGHT in that at least in the short-term, something good for ND HAS come out of the carr retirement and that is recruit j. baldwin ( a VERY highly touted WR, which is a position of need for ND, in case you haven't noticed ) has dropped UM from consideration and is now down to pitt and ND. this is what i was referring to in my earlier post, you nitwit. it's clear to anyone with a brain that recruiting, IN THE SHORT-TERM, may be helped by the uncertainty at UM! yet, you wrote of nothing being a positive for ND in regards to carr's retirement. so far you are wrong.

i will wait for your mea culpa with baited breath...

Michael Rothstein

Just want to point out one thing, since you brought up Jonathan Baldwin.
Baldwin dropped Notre Dame from consideration as well. So I wouldn't be talking things up all that much.
According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Baldwin is down to Pitt, Miami (Fla.) and Florida.

And FYI, the two articles I posted -- one was on Hughes, the other on Darrin Walls.
-Michael Rothstein


Mr. Rothstein,

Of course the mailbag seems to be a bit negative, but keep up the good work. I must say - I wouldn't have gone for the field goal either based on the situation/factors but hey agree to disagree. The practice observations are always interesting and I don't think you trash ND.

Keep writing and I will keep reading. Who knows, maybe you might become a fan in the process?....


The Genuis

btw, i made a spelling error. it should be spelled "bated," not "baited."

again, human interest stories are NOT applicable! that does not exonerate your ND-bashing in the least. what don't you get about that?

and i'll wait and see on baldwin. that "news" you posted was news to me, as it was just 3 days ago that baldwin announced that he was dropping UM AND was QUOTED as saying ND was still in the mix.


Grow up Michael

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