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November 22, 2007


bob drake


Holtz might make a good start.

Perhaps, Weis might also want to listen more to his coaches and players.

michael Ahern

You know next to nothing about football- you write for a small town hick paper and you presume to offer Charlie Weis advice about whom he should seek out?
Get over yourself!

Mike Holmes

Weis needs to talk to college. Pro style practices and all that do not work in college. There is a reason why pro coaches don't do well in college. Belichick should let him know why he failed at the brown's and tell him to let the coaches coach at ND instead of Weis trying to do everything himself.

Moose Krause

I think the key point is that the Patriot coaches know Charlie well enough to offer criticism. Strangers, esp. other college coaches, will be too polite.

I hope you have thick skin. Some people don't understand that part of your job is to offer opinions on Charlie's. I don't always agree with you but you have been honest and fair. Keep up the good work.

The Genuis

unfortunately, "moose," mr. rothstein has been less than "fair" in his coverage of ND this year. you have to understand something first; sportswriters generally write for other sportswriters and to a lesser extent, editors. they do NOT write "for" the fans. so, consequentially, they will bend over backwards to *appear* non-biased to the team they are covering. but what they truly means in the *real* world is to be as negative as possible and not to mention to many good things because then you can claim you're "telling it like it is."

look, the fact is that mr. rothstein is young and looking for a bigger job at a bigger paper. he's not gonna take any chances with his career, hence he, as most sportswriters will do, will err on the side of being anti-ND rather pro-ND just to be safe. that's the way the game is played today in sportswriting, so you *really* can't blame him.


How exactly did Weis win 9 games in 2005 and 10 in 2006? Was it because Willingham and his staff did such a wonderful job of teaching people like Brady, Jeff, and Maurice the fundamentals? Look at the numbers- Weis took essentially the same team that was 6-6 in 2004 and went 9-3 in 2005- 2 of the losses were by 3 points. Brady magically went from a 50% passer in his first 2 years to a 60%+ passer in his third and fourth. Jeff S. went from a no-name receiver to one of the best in college football overnight. Surely, Weis couldn't be responsible for this. Willingham was such a great coach that his influence lasted an additional 2 years and is just now wearing off!

Weis is a NFL guy- in the pros, you don't need to block and tackle. We need a college coach like Ty! If we can't get him back, maybe we could hire you (Michael) as a consultant.

Michael, when are you going to write an article comparing Tyrone's masterful recruiting with Charlie's? That's another area where Charlie has failed- maybe you can help!

Craig Ehlo

"We believe Weis should take a few more trips to meet with others, those in the college game, to help refine his coaching"

Did you eat paint chips as a kid?

John Doe

Didn't Weis go out to West Virginia this past off season?????

A lot of good that did...


If CW can't figure out why we s___k, then we should hire Bill....Since we are top school in net revenue...


At New England, Weis didn't have to teach fundamentals, he just had to look at the other team and try to out-fox them intellectually. At ND he's having to teach fundamentals, call plays and out-fox the other team. Since he's never played the game, how is he going to teach? If he hired assistants that are the best in the game, why aren't they winning? Maybe because Weis is all intellect and no game.

Joe L.

Getting NFL coaches perspective is not going to help in this situation. Wies needs to get Holtz involved with things. It would be great to have Holtz involved once again. Weis has potential to be a great coach but he can't go to the NFL for advice on the college game, it is two different styles with different approaches

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