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October 10, 2007



I am an alumnus of ECU, and I was a student when Logan was in his final years as head coach. He is a good offensive coach, but he isn't the best leader in my opinion (and I wouldn't want him calling the shots in my offense). When I was at ECU, he had teams that were loaded with talent, but they constantly underachieved. Toward the end of his tenure, he seemed to give up on the team. It seemed like he wanted to get fired so he could sit at home and collect the remaining 3 years of his contract (which is what happened). It's taken ECU over 5 years to recover from the mess Steve Logan left behind. It also took a head coach with ties to ND to turn it around as well... Skip Holtz - son of Lou. I think BC can keep Logan. I think Coach Lewis and Brown will have a game plan to rattle the BC offense. GO IRISH!!!

jim masterson

Michael; Re: Coach Logan. He wants on his tombstone: Here lies a "Coach" that scored 60 against UMiami and lost!

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