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October 17, 2007



Weis needs to get Golden Tate and Armando Allen more involved in the offensive scheme. Keep throwing long to Tate and slants/screens to Allen where he can use his speed and agility. I dont see why there isnt more of this: 4 wide- David Grimes, Duvall Kamara, Golden Tate, Robby Parris and single back Allen. I know the line wont hold for long so pump fake the short drop and hit the speed guys (Tate, Grimes) long. At least give it a shot. At this point, what is there to lose? The defense is playing great and with future recruits such as Fleming, Slaughter and Ethan Johnson we're looking at a top ten defense. One more thing, why can't we get more 5 star WR recruits to even look at ND anymore? You have 2 of the best recent QB recruits in the country (Claussen, Crist) taking the next 5 years worth of snaps, a few good O-Line recruits adding to a young bunch that will likely get better and a super bowl winning OC calling the plays. With the chance to start as a freshman at a great university, on national television these WRs should be lining up!!


Charlie addressed the question of why we didn't see more of Tate vs. BC in the Sunday press conference. He was definitely in the game for the long pass to Kamara that was intercepted, possibly as a decoy.


The biggest problem with the green uniforms is that the QB is not used to looking for the "green" players on the field and thows to the white (SC) player. Any chance anyone can get the uniforms into practive this week?

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