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October 21, 2007



I haven't read "Saturday Rules" yet, but thank you for the recommendation. I just finished "Sweet Season" last week and loved it. Austin has a very intelligent, witty, and candid writing style and he chronicled that season with St. John's very well. It was a fitting dedication to what college football is (was?) all about. Coach Gagliardi is a guy who gets it-- kudos to Austin for highlighting John and his team. If "Saturday Rules" is half is good as "Sweet Season", it will be a worthy read.

Have you read "Sweet Season" Mike?

Michael Rothstein

Nope, haven't gotten to Sweet Season yet, although I've only heard good things about it. In another incarnation (a.k.a. my last job), I covered Division III football so I know about the program. Plus, Mark LeVoir's brother played there. It's on my list. ... It's about three or four down on my list right now, after "Meat Market," "Bowls, Polls and Tattered Souls" and "Taking Shots."


Good stuff, thanks for the recommendations. I am going to add "Meat Market," but I don't care for Stewart Mandel.

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