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October 12, 2007



Is this Bob Gilleran guy for real? I see him on all these Notre Dame blogs with the same 1 through 10 numbered responses to articles. I swear everytime I see one of his posts it reminds me of the red stapler guy from Office Space. I love Notre Dame football but this guy needs to relax.

Jason D.

Is peyote gluten free?

Jason D.

Seriously though, Michael - Awesome response to the Bob Gilleran post. Absolutely hilarious responses to all 10. It is guys like him that make the rest of the ND universe cringe. What a wacko! Why do I have an image of the guy in a barren, one room apartment with the walls covered in photos of Bob Davie with all the eye balls poked out pacing back and forth muttering to himself about how vengence will be his???


How long ago did Davie leave? This is the 6th season without him. Plus he did get some good recruits in at ND. No where to the level that CW is getting, but better then the guy that replace Davie.

Michael Rothstein

As far as we know, Robert T. Gilleran is very, very for real.
-Mike Rothstein


God help us, god help us all.

True Irish Fan

Bob Gilleran is crazy. I think he lives in a group home and they unbutton the straight jacket for about an hour a day so he can play on the computer.

Bob, you are nuts, crazy, insane, loco, looney, certifiable, wacko, psycho, not playing with a full deck.

Have a nice day.

True Irish Fan

And Bob never attended Notre Dame. He's a disbarred lawyer - check the web. He's stewing over it and probably the alzheimers has set in. He's old enough. So yes, he's real. But he's not in control of all his mental faculties.

Mike Rothstein, you might want to block his posts. He'll end up pushing eveyone else away, if you give him credence and play time. He's definitely got a medical problem and someone's not watching what he does with his computer time or his meds.

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