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September 30, 2007



Not sure if you aware of this but South Carolina defeated Georgia and you have them 5 spots lower...although thats better than the coaches poll which has them 7 spots higher. Gotta love it when actual on the field results takes a backseat to preseason rankings and what week you lose in.

Also, Texas ahead of K-State...might want to check the box score on that one as well btw.

Last question...Va Tech? Really? Have you seen them play? They aren't very good.

Other than that...agreed on most of the other ranks?

You think anyone goes undefeated (not including Hawaii). I thought Oklahoma or WVU were the best threats given USC (@Oregon, @ Cal) and LSU (vs Fla, SEC Title Game, other crazy SEC games) schedules. BC may have the best chance to go undefeated at this point but not really sure if they are even that good.

Should be interesting.

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