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September 22, 2007



The only thing to do is keep on practicing until achieving success...regardless of anything else. If the coaches cannot lift the funk during the complete season, then the University will have to step in with larger answers. But this season must be taken to its conclusion riding on the present coaches.

robert t. gilleran


1.fortunately, you are ready to go into the tank, but the nd players and coaches are not.

2. the problem, bringing the players into the gtech game having practiced flag and touch football, with none of the hard tackling and hitting that allowed joe moore to produce so many excellent offensive and defensive lines, has been identified and is being workd on.

3. that mistake will never be repeated by this coaching staff or by the nd players.

4. if you want to know who is at fault for all of this, look no further than lazy bob davie who let notre dame's recruiting network die on the vine while he sat in south bend waiting for players to show up.

that period includes the last few years of holtz, when lou was attending to his wife's illness and the recruiting was left in bob davie's lazy hands.

5. bob davie is also the guy who drove joe moore away from nd and exposede nd to that lawsuit which joe moore won.

6. being completely unfamiliar with the nd recruiting network's death, tyrone benefitted from a fine player driven year in 2002 and a fine recruiting class in 2003, but not anything in 2004 and 2005.

7. charlie and his staff performed miracles with that very thin layer of talent from the 2003 and a few players from other years in 2005 and 2006.

8. yes, they had to be one the road recruiting for 2008 instead of personnally preparing this nd team for the 2007 season.

9. charlie and his staff are the right people for nd now and in the future.

10. a very competitive 1st half and the 1st 2 tds against a veteran michigan state team were a fine improvement ove the 1st 3 games and this team will continue to get much better this year.

11. they have a few more injuries than they would if they had been properly prepared for the 2007 season, but they are not going into the tank.

12. there are plenty of big games yet to be won and this team will surprise you pessimists.

13. we already know the mistake that was made. however, if charlie and his staff had not spent all of the time that they did recruiting for 2008, instead of staying at nd, just imagine how this 0-4 start would have killed recruiting.

when the 2008 class comes in, that will give nd 3 excellent recruiting classes in a row, with both talent and depth at all positions for the 1st time since the holtz years and the option to run real physical practices the way that joe moore did, along with some really battle hardened veterans.
14. lazy bob davie put charlie and his staff and these nd players in this predicament and made a season start like this virtually inevitable.

15. beyond that, i really do not see the point of any more analysis of the reasons for the 0-4 start.

16. we already know the simple problem and so do the coaches and players. fixing that problem during the season is very difficult, but charlie and his staff and these nd players have our complete confidence and support and they should have yours.

17. in case you failed to notice, nd did establish the running game against michigan state. against purdue, the passing game can be opened up much more. with respect to d, purdue does not have the type of running game that nd's other opponents have had. the secondary will get a chance to show how good they really are when they do not have to cover both the run and the pass.

18. negative thinking and coach and player bashing will not achieve anything at this point.

have a great day and get out of the tank,

robert t. gilleran

bob drake

I recognize that this year's class was lean in its Senior and Junior classes.

Also there were mistakes made during fall practice that will not be repeated.

Given those two factors, this ND team has far more talent than to be performing at the level it is currently at. The team was flat during the second half. That isn't just a talent issue.

This team has problems. It certainly doesn't appear to be together. There are reasons for this. If Weis doesn't know those reasons, he needs to start asking questions to find them out.

Edward Estlin Cummings


thank you

for the unconventional


e e c

north conway, nh


Charlie and Corwin have recruited well this year, but I still have concerns at/the WR position. I'm surprised that more WR's aren't jumping on board, especially w/Weis' coaching style/past production. I hope Michael Floyd makes the right decision and chooses ND.


"4. if you want to know who is at fault for all of this, look no further than lazy bob davie who let notre dame's recruiting network die on the vine while he sat in south bend waiting for players to show up." - bob

you're blaming bob davie for this 0-4 start? the coach that was fired almost six years ago? wow, and i thought i heard it all.

get a clue.

Irish T

I think it is getting old blaming Coach Bob Davie and Coach Tye Willingham for Notre Dames present problems.

When Ara came in did he blame the previous regime for his success or a loss. NO

Did Dan Devine do the same in 1975? When he had more losses than Ara ever did in a season? NO

Did Lou Holtz blame the lack of talent on Jerry Faust when he went 5-6 his first seaon in 1986? No

Charlie Weis is a rich big boy with a big mouth. He said when he came to us he would never be out schemed nor would ND be under his direction.
Tell that to a lousy Michigan, average Georgia Tech and an average MSU
I watched last night UNLV beat Utah 27-0 . The same Utah team that beat 11th ranked UCLA last week 44-6. UNLV lost last week 49-14 to Hawaii.

The reason they won is Coaching.

I am afraid UNLV would beat us down right now.

It is the Coaching Folks.

I love ND like no other but this is Coaching. The talent is there but like the great Coaches of NDs past. No more Excuses. It is the Coaches. We have the best OT prospect in the country from two years ago in Sam Young,The best Recruit in the country in Jimmy Clausen. Three big time backs in Allen Aldredge and Hughes.

The best Corner back in his class too.

It is the Coaching. That hte team has not been hitting full time in practice gives the players a cocky never have to work hard attititude. Football is a voilent game. Play and practice it that way Coach Weis. It is not for the faint of heart.

Please lets get back to smaoush mouth fighting Irish Football.


bob drake


Keep on telling it as it is.

ND is 114th in the Jeff Sagarin NCAA football ratings. Check out the URL below:


There are reasons for our 0-4 start this year.

The one aspect that hasn't been sufficiently covered is that this team certainly doesn't appear to be together. There are reasons for this. If Weis doesn't know those reasons, he needs to start asking questions to find them out.

For example, how come the OL hasn't tried all season to help out Clausen up after he is sacked?

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