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September 26, 2007



Is there an available mission for Bionic Woman there?

bob drake

As an aside, DL Trevor Laws has been very effecive this year and playing with a lot of passion.

It is a shame that he wasn't named as a captain.

J Ladna

Do you think the prostitutes in South Bend are Catholic?


Hand...what an idiot!


Michael, do you remember if Chris Stewart was at practice yesterday (or today, for that matter)? There are some rumors that he may be transferring, and the decision to move Nuss to the offensive line could have been either a cause or an effect of that ...

Social Anxiety Disorder

hey Derrell you look good with those glasses!!! you need that change of look!!!!

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"I think I survived it pretty well" and all we are proud of you kid... we always know you are a good kid... a little bit confused but good one....

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I have to say Derrell Hand know waht to say.

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