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September 24, 2007


bob drake


That is correct regarding #78 during the first half, but isolate his performance during the second half.

Quoting UHND's Frank V's, "First Impressions on Michigan State":


"John Sullivan is the most experienced OL, but he made as many mistakes as the young guys out there today. The biggest, in my opinion, was not keeping his block on the failed Robert Hughes 4th and 1 in the third quarter. Sully had a linebacker on that play, but he couldn’t keep him engaged and the LB slid off and was in on the tackle."

Do you have any idea why the OL still isn't helping up Clausen after he gets sacked? That hasn't happened all year


Have any writers brought up the issue that Clausen holds onto the ball too long? I haven't read that. It's always mentioned in your column, but I never hear Weis mention it being a problem.

jeff moreno

Okay! Lots of improvement in places as stated BUT what does that amount to.Please lets hear from the O-coordinator and D -Coordinator! I would like for them to assure the recruits that they are on top of things.It sure does not bode well when all about you appears up in the air and not a sound from the Coaches responsible for getting offensive linemen to stay with their blocks.Has anyone besides the fullback made a pancake block.Why is he still getting the call on short yardage he is not the guy.Why is Thomas still seeing the field after 3 penalties in 3 games all crucial.This is all about motivation and discipline.Yeah quick feet are important and speed is important but you gotta know that HEART and FOCUS is just as important.You may not win with just those two qualities but you sure won't be embarrassed.Coach Weis can not any longer offer vague explainations for what is going on here any more than Willinghams look of concern was fooling anyone.I will that this young team has played some very good football teams and that is part of it BUT that said, there needs to be an airing out of the real problems here.Failure to do so could possibly lead to more defections and decommitments.

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