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September 24, 2007


tom s

i understand he was pretty deep on the charts but the 3rd top 100 recruit gone? what's going inside the dome? I'm a little concerned


What's going on is that ND is getting even better talent the year after these guys come in, and they see the writing on the wall. When you're a sophomore and there is a freshman who plays over you, the prospect of being a backup for three years is not pleasant. I understand it completely - just hope those scholarships go to some top O-line prospects.


A true sign of outstanding recruiting when there is so much talent at each position that top talent can't break the 3 deep depth charts. This is NOT a negative!


Best of luck to both Reuland and Jones. They both saw the writing on the wall and decided to make their moves asap, which in the long run is the smart thing to do. All us old farts should keep in mind the simple fact that they are just kids - probably no more than 19 or 20 years old, and that they are going through some turmoil in their young lives, while we sit back and cluck cluck. Kyle Rudolph was even mentioned in SI a few weeks back, as were the two defenders from Chicago coming next year, and Dane Crist was mentioned ion NBC when they were discussing the Demetrius Jones situation.

Getting back to the old farts' outlook - this should free up another scholarship for next year's class, so it should be up to 27. If we can add some more quality (O-LINE!!!) to the group and fight off raids, probably from Illinois and Florida and possibly USC we should be fine.

The freshman LBs looked good against Moo U.

This too shall pass. Patience, and some consideration for what those KIDS are going through.


This is absolutely NOT negative. The current situation (losing) probably had 10% to do with the decision. 90% was the depth at TE. The problem is the ND hating sports analysts out there, who are doing there best to destroy ND #1 ranked recruiting coming in, will say "ND is soooo bad right now and Charlie is such a bad coach that they are losing all their talent". Sad but true. I just hope ND uses their media power to fight it and tell the truth about the situation.


Dont forget about Fauria coming in next year too

Bill V

Reuland was just not going to be able to compete with all of the talent next year. As a former top 100- he has to believe he has a chance to play on sundays some day. It's a career move.
Fraser and Jones were in exactly the same position. The only difference is with Jones, whom Weis led to believe was competing for the permanent starting QB position when he never really was. It appears he may have been strung along for depth reasons.
The steadiest, and best passer of the group so far by game and interview evidence seems to me to be Sharpley. A certain level of "rebuilding" thinking must be going on here for Sharpley not to be handed the ball. At this stage of development he's the best QB the Dome has.


Bill, you need to get your eyes checked if you think Sharpley is anything but a career backup. His arm is suspect and he's kind of a bonehead. He realizes fully that he lacks the talent to execute and excel at this level--according to kids at ND who know him well, he's just excited when he gets to play. Clausen is hands down the best quarterback on the team--it isn't close.

Bill V

maybe you're right. I'm no expert on football. My only play was in the backyard and with local kids because I was a farmer's son who didn't allow his son to skip work. I just love the game and like to watch and have followed ND since I was 7. I don't know people who know the players. I'm just remarking on what I've seen-which is extremely limited.
My son "dreams" of playing for the Irish some day. He's only in the 7th grade now- but he's 5'11 and 210 and strong as an ox. Every game it takes 3 linemen to slow him down. But I tell him he's just the biggest fish in a very small pond out here.
I just want you and anyone else out there to know that my comment was not to demean Clausen or anyone else and I am truly aware I know next to nothing about the situation there. I coach kids teams and I guess I stated things too assertively here because as a dad and a coach you have to do that. Perhaps it was out of place here, perhaps not. I'll think about that.
Go ND! Go Weis!

Stephen Cutney

ND will be just fine in the future. Coach Weis has helped resurrect the love of ND football around the country. The support for our team last Saturday was wonderful to behold. It is not hard to see the talent that is arriving and what it will mean to ND in the years ahead. I predict Mark May and all the media Irish haters out there will be crying in their tea in the future. GO IRISH!

Bill V

just for fun- I'd like to take a crack at the future look of the backfield. Two years from now, i'll say Dayne Crist is going to be the QB with Allen, Hughes and Aldridge (in that order) being their backs.


need to get rid of the dead weight. You're either in or your out. These guys want to think in selfish terms, the best of luck. Irish need a 'team' right now to play a team sport. You want guys that'll say 'I'll play 5th sting if it'll make the team better'.

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