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August 30, 2007



I think it's irresponsible to state this as fact. You can state it as speculation, but by no means is this a confirmed report. It's simply speculation from a high school coach giving his opinion. With that being said, I think Jones does get the nod Saturday, but again that's pure speculation, not a solid fact. I understand as journalists you want to break stories and be the first to report, but as Colin Cowherd has said, "Sometimes first information is not always the best information"


Ditto here. Speculation yes, fact...not yet. I was going with the idea of Sharpley, and Charlie has not even ruled out the idea of rotating QB's.

Michael Rothstein

Guys --
I would agree with you. Missed a word in there, but we fixed it. It has definitely been a long few weeks. Just want to get to Saturday already.

T Mart

Jones is definately starting. Not only does it show in his interviews, but he was also congradulated for winning the job on facebook. Add to the fact that his high school coach implicitly declares Jones is starting, and it is clear who the starter is. I'm pumped. I've wanted Jones to start since he was recruited.

robert t. gilleran

1. the answer to the qb question is still each of the 3, entering games situationally depeding on the opposing d's.
2. why do you think that sully is the guy identifying the d's mike lb and making the other calls for each play and not the qbs yet.
3. yes, double d is the starting qb, but so are es and jc.
4. no one believed that the foward pass or the shift would ever work or catch on.
5. charlie weis is the only person in the world who could have pulled off multiple situational qb system off and he has. each qb has had equal practice with each offensive personnel grouping so that each qb can step in seamlessly as the game situation requires.
erin go braugh and schlanta,
bob gilleran

Jenna Kunde

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