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August 31, 2007


brady quinn

u traitor


GO IRISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

robert t. gilleran


1. notre dame 42 gtech 7.

2.dd,jc,es, and zibby will all appear at qb at various times.

3. zibby will take both a punt return and a pick to the house.

4. aa and gt will cooperate in taking a kickoff to the house with several timely laterals.

5.toryan smith will shut down tashard choice with a few devastating hits.

6.the nd d will get at least 2 picks and 4 qb sacks.

7. gtech will get no sacks and no picks.

8. nd will unveil the era of the multiple qbs.

erin go braugh and schlanta,
bob gilleran


Didn't quite work out that way, right Bob?
#2 and #8, although redundant, were the only two that were right...

Kelley The  Kike Killer

ROFL @ This Jew writing for Michigan now

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What a great tutorial, Jerri!! Thank you for taking the time and effort to put this together!!

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