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July 31, 2007


John Ittenbach

Nice article. Could you pass this on to Jeremy? It sounds like he could help me.


DECEMBER 29, 2008



John W Ittenbach, one of the current owners of “J Willy’s Barbeque House”, a restaurant recently featured on Chef Gordon Ramsay’s show “Kitchen Nightmares”, has notified the real estate agent holding the listing that J Willy’s BBQ House will no longer be up for sale. J Willy himself has requested additional time to pursue like-minded investors willing to keep J Willy’s BBQ alive rather than selling it off. If there is anyone out there who wants to be in the restaurant business, this is the “chance of a lifetime”, says Ittenbach. John’s partners are willing to give up their shares of the company (including both land and building) and all their rights to the commercially bottled BBQ sauce to the
right investor. John and his employees deeply believe in this restaurant and know that what Gordon gave them is a special gift. We have a viable product that if partnered up with the right person(s), we could easily take it to the next level. All I need is someone to assume my partners interest in J Willy’s with no additional costs. The restaurant sale listing will expire in about 30 days and J Willy’s partners have given him until June 1st, 2009 before they will re-list the restaurant for sale. John “ J Willy” Ittenbach can be contacted at J Willys BBQ House business number (574) 272-5478 or through email at john@jwillys.com

Paul Thurston

Please contact me if you are interested in selling the building and all equipment. I have a buyer that has been in the local resturant business since 1990 that is interested in purchasing

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