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April 21, 2007



Good blog today. I'm stuck in NJ working for the weekend and couldn't make it to the B/G game. You were the only live contact I had with the game and you did a good job, particularly for your first go at it. Thanks!


Thanks for the post game blog. I am down in Florida. An I can not find nothing on the blue and gold game. A friend IM me with your sight. You were the only way I could read about the game. Thanks again an GO IRISH.

jim masterson

Mike; Thanks again. Were you the "Mike" that CW referred to in his post game comments. *giggles*

Terrence M.urphy

The offensive line was key at B-G game. All our running backs looked good. They all benefited from good blocking. If they perform well in the fall we'll have a solid runnning game,, an essential.

jim masterson

Michael; Another well informed ND fan made the observation that J. Clause, & Armondo the RB out of Fla. both distinguished themselves quite well.
The reasoning being, that both have been in the program 3 1/2 months & more than held their own.
With a summer of practice, 7 on 7's & training + summer school, they will be even more advanced come Sept.

Larry Keating

What did Chris Stwert look like?


MIKE,did the offense run any two back sets or full house sets. did asaph or schmidt play? and how did they do? coulod you see a pro set and a flanker (allen) like lou used to use the rocket?
great site, mike. thanks alot

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