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August 19, 2006



You question your critics' understanding of the proper role and nature of journalism, yet you fail to explain how the overwhelming majority of your fellow journalists in Michiana believe YOU to be misguided.

You have placed your judgment above Meg Sauer's, the WSBT News Director, who has dealt with all things Notre Dame for many years, and who has an excellent reputation within the SPJ. Yet YOU deign to lecture on the journalistic ethos here? Please provide your credentials, sir.

How many journalism professionals heard or saw the "promos" air? How many thought to accuse the players of aggrandizement? Only you.

Your defenders cite the Bush situation in defense of your utter lack of balance and proportion. If you accept this defense, you manage only to further your over-the-top notion of "news." The Bush (and Jarrett) situations, on their face, involved cash benefit to the player and/or the family. No such nexus exists, as your gumshoe efforts prove, in the WSBT incident.

You have stained your profession, your newspaper, and, to use a phrase one hears frequently at an ND football game, your "sacred honor."


"IS this any different than what you did. I think it might end up being newsworthy, but Why wait for the facts to come out, I can always write a retraction"

yes, it is much different. mike r he left mesages for the ncaa and nd. when nd called, he reported what he knew (which he had researched), when the ncaa called he asked, using hypotheticals, about the situation. only after nd was aware did he write the article. had the idioitc reporter who your family had issues with contacted your fam his question would have been answered.

nd cannot answer this question, only the ncaa can. would it have come out eventually? you can't say 100% but why take the chance. nd will be cleared, no harm no foul, but like many others are saying, better to happen before the season than during when zibby (and darius, and who knows who else) would have to sit while it was investigated.

Irish Coolerhead

What is wrong with some of you ostensibly well-educated people? Mr. Rothstein doesn't work for Notre Dame, he reports on the program. The reporter observed a promo made by some ND athletes and thought it smelled funny. He inquired about it, seeking ND's compliance department comments and NCAA input. This isn't someone speculating about child molestation based on rumor or innuendo. The promo happened. It's a fact. Is it a violation? I don't know, you don't know and Rothstein never implied that he knew. It is at least a close call, and as such I think it is a legitimate story. If a political reporter learns about a potential campaign violation concerning an elected official, should he submarine it, and just whisper in the ear of said official? The comments from people who can't take a little investigative journalism about ND are embarrassing to those of us ND fans who can tell the difference between the SBT hatchet job of a few weeks ago, and this story based upon personal observation and comments from people in the know. This "fan" overreaction tends to neutralize justified criticism of poorly reported articles like the aforementioned "Clausen series." It makes all ND fans who respond to any negative stories look like crackpots. This reporter made a legitimate comparison to a similar problem that arose last year in a different high profile program. If it turns out that the promo isn't an NCAA violation then I would anticipate a follow up story so reporting. If it is violation, and I am afraid it might be--stupid as such a rule is-- I can't believe it is a bigger deal than the one that hit USC last year which amounted to nothing more serious from the NCAA than a "Don't do that" admonishment. I suspect a lot of the writers above would laugh hysterically if they read comments such as their own from the keyboards of Trojan fans in response to the Leinhart-ESPN brouhaha from last year.


Seriously, people, your outlandish over-reaction is only making this worse. If you let the article be, and wait for a ruling and decision, you'll see that this blows over rather quickly. Instead, you all rant and rave and draw more attention to the issue than it ever deserved, whether it's a violation or not.

I'm an ND fan and alum, and I love the school as much as any of you. But if you just calm down a bit, sit back and see what happens, you'll see that things will be much easier on you, and on the school.

Take Chaz Weis' lead: let the people that know figure it out. Save all this energy for screaming during the 4th quarter.



Your comment is exactly WHY ND fans should be up in arms and WHY the hacks who wrote and published this garbage deserve our scorn and contempt. They CREATED a story out of nothing to generate publicity (successfully) for themselves. To the FWJG it is irrelevant to them or this sorry excuse for a reporter if the story is true or warranted. What matters to them is that they "broke" something that has been covered by the nation media all weekend....AT NOTRE DAME'S EXPENSE.

Rothstein is a punk and a hack....I'll be here frequently to remind you of that fact. Stop your pompus whining because any criticism you receive for this thinly veiled publicity stunt you've brought upon yourself.


Sports Journalism are usually the bottom feeders of any medium. The word ethics is a very loose term in their profession. I'm not really upset at this, it's just the name of the game. You will always find these snakes in the grass in this industry. I don't think this person has anything personal against ND he just saw it as an oppritunity to get noticed.

I'm confident nothing will come out of this and it's already yesterdays news. Sorry Michael, you whale will turn into a whimper. Back to covering the local womens High School LaCross team.


Give this reporter a break. The situation is clearly comparable to Leinart's SPORTSCENTER promo and no doubt will result in an NCAA slap-on-the wrist with no harm done to the ND program. If it means a bit of bad publicity for the boys, let's consider it a lesson cheaply learned. It would have been much worse as others suggest had this continued and been discovered later, or had these promo requests evolved into a real endorsement that the NCAA might have sanctioned more severely. Stop ripping this kid for doing his job and remember the two words Weis has on his mind: not 'Journal Gazette.'


I'd recommend a journalism 101 class for you but I'm hoping that you are instead transferred to the mail room instead.



Hey, ND1999:

I graduated from ND in the 80s, before the place was overrun with elitist pussies like you. And you know what? I'm not a troglodyte because I disagree with you.

But I love the way the more selective edition of our university taught you to insult others rather than refute them

This whole discussion is overdone. Agreed. It's a minor article, and it probably will come to nothing.

But the fact that this was published before the guy had a real story is worth noting -- particularly when Rothstein is inviting such comments on a blog.

That's what it's here for.

And by the way, there's no one here who embarrassed ND more than you, dude.


It is always more important to be aware of possible violations and to clear the air and fix things which may be unintentional before the powers that be determine those actions to be suspension worthy violations. If anything we should all be happy this is being looked into now as opposed to in November or January. This way the NCAA will be able to declare anyone retroactively ineligible for a week in June ala Dwayne Jarrett as opposed to ineligible in September when those violations become forfeiture of games played in. This seems like an obvious "Oops" situations that will no doubt result in no real punishment other than an extra long compliance meeting. If Sweatervest can keep supplying Escalades and Petey can hook up free housing, a bump won't be much of a problem.


I'm an ND alumnus and football addict, and I have no problem with the way you handled this, Michael. Sometimes, stories take some time to develop. I would rather know now that there's an investigation underway (albeit a barely necessary one) than never know it happened at all, which would be the result if you would have waited for an NCAA ruling on this.

An investigation or hearing is news. Here are some examples of things that are apparently not news, because the case is not complete or resolved:
-Barry Bonds' steroid use (see above)
-Floyd Landis' tour in jeopardy
-Saddam Hussein's trial

I like to keep tabs on my beloved alma mater, and I'm glad to know this now.


michaelrothsteinispathetic: Before you start ripping on sportswriters, perhaps you should consult a dictionary. Try again buddy...you now have a second "oppritunity". Of course, I'm not really upset about this. When it comes to paranoid, "everyone is out to get us" fans, I suppose dumbness is generally the name of the game.


Thank you, ND fans, for proving that there is no more stuck-up, self-absorbed, irrational fan base in the country. Tiger fans everywhere can rest easy knowing you set the standard.

I'm sure Mike has a thick enough skin to put up with you meatheads. You need one to cover a major college football program (or at least one that used to be major).

Sounds like the Bush administration

The reaction by many, sadly, is typical. Mike should not report "bad news" about ND until there is no choice -- like after the NCAA has imposed sanctions. Really, what alternative do you have? If you don't do a story, then you are burrying it because you're favoring ND. The "facts" are that these ND athletes appeared in these commercials. If the NCAA says that these are not a violation, that's fine. It's a story, perhaps not a huge one, but it's still news. If the NCAA says that it is a violation, obviously that's news. Either way, that's what reporting is all about, and that's what Mike's job is. What's particularly funny is that these ND fans who claim this isn't a story are those that want items in notes columns about the number of times ND wins wearing green jerseys and who is the third-string punter going to be. The various attacks are just like what we hear out of Washington -- if you report bad news, then you're anti-America b/c it helps the enemy. Well, no. You report bad news because, like good news, it is news. I didn't read every one of the posts above, but for the one who gave the example of: you're newspaper editor was accused of rape and it's being investigated. Uh, yeah, that would be news, and it would/should be reported.


hey man ur a freaking scum bag. how can u live with ur pathetic self? despite what u say to the contrary u r clearly anti Notre Dame. i really hope u and ur newspaper face serious repercussions for this. i personally also really hope that someone can see to it that ur career in the newspaper business is ended. trust me assh*le, we will never forget you!


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