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August 19, 2006



all this attention is likely really hampering your career right now huh? that's really too bad.

Spin this all you want. You created "news" from nothing and it's all a boon to you. No matter what happens next the ND image is tarnished and you get accolades. Must be nice to have a position where nothing you do can have negative ramifications for yourself.


michaelrothesteinispathetic: I can only hope you are not an Alumnus of Notre Dame.


You must be friends with Mickey Mouse and Goofey from the South Bend Tribune.


I've been a newspaper editor for the 17 years, and I am dismayed with the way half-baked stories like these increasingly find their way into print on onto blogs.

Your post suggested that the peope criticizing you do not understand what the role of a newspaper is. I would submit that it is you and your editors who do not know what your role is.

Your role is to report news. The fact that something "might" be a violation is not news. It's potential news.

I understand the pressure to break stories, and I understand the importance of trying to appear independent when covering an institution like Notre Dame in its home state. But if you want to have anyone respect you as a journalist, you need to apply journalistic rigor to your job. First rule: make sure it's a story first.

This stuff you reported may yet prove to be a violation. But this doesn't make your article right. You should have waited until you had something definitive to say before pulling the trigger. Now your just one more impatinet hack looking to ride the coattails of Notre Dame's popularity.

When I first saw your blog noted on Blue Gray Sky, I looked forward to reading it. Now I know not to bother.

Bush league, my friend.


Guess what? I heard the editor of your paper raped a little girl. The people in your paper's front office had no comment, but the cops are looking into it.

You should print that. It's a story.


.. and yeah, I noticed that this newspaper editor with 17 years of experience posted a "your" instead of a "you're."

So I need my copy desk. Shoot me.

Keep on doing it

I'm apallaed by the criticism you're getting here, Mike.

Here's why. I keep hearing people are saying it's wrong to report speculation. This isn't speculation. That would be if you simply heard these players might have been on TV and then reported that. This isn't the case. It seems you confirmed these players were doing things that were worth investigating and reported that. Obviously, you were right on, or the university wouldn't be looking into it.
So many people out there are boosters and fans who don't think objectively. Newspapers are watchdogs in many cases. If you sat on this story because it's not necessarily a violation, then ND -- or any other school -- would cover it up.
Keep doing what you're doing and don't listen to all the haters. Besides, it's your job to be ahead of the news.


All due respect, anonymous poster, but it's not his job to be AHEAD of the news. Nor is it his job to MANUFACTURE news. It's to report news when it happens.

Futher, in my opinion, what you should be appalled at is Mike's lack of professionalism.

I'm not a "booster" who can't think objectively. I happen to think ND is playing with fire with things like Zibby's MSG fight, and a column on such a subject would be welcomed and interesting to people like me.

But this report was supposed to be a news story. Not an editorial. Not a column. A news story. And that requires something very specific: news.

The reason Mike rushed this non-story into print is to make a name for himself. Well he's done it. His name is Mud. Or perhaps Hack.

You are correct that newspapers are watchdogs. But because of this they also have a responsibility to exercise good judgement when calling the public's attention to something. Mike and his editor did not exercize good judgement here, regardless of how this case turns out.

Keep on doing it

OK, explain this to me coherently. What was the poor judgement? This is a possible violation by the letter of the law. Have you read it? Leinart did a similar thing but was excused because it was deemed unintentional. The same thing may happen here but does that mean it's not worth asking the question? Plus, Leinart's words were hardly used as a regular in-show promo as these are. This is news. Period. And it is his job to be ahead of the news. That's how reporters get jobs -- by breaking news. Or should those guys out in Cali not have written about Bonds either because there were not specific rules in place about steroids?

Inside job

Ok, now I am absolutely appauled at The Journal Gazette. It is obvious here that we have fellow reporter supporting fellow reporter. Are these guys on the staff together?... Rothstein and this so-called "Keep doing it" who used a bogus e-mail address?

The thing here is that it appears Rothstein went out of his way to find something to dig up on Notre Dame to make a name for himself -- good or bad. As it is said, "bad publicity is still publicity." In the JG's case (and Rothestein's) it has obviously sparked attention and controversy, for now. Should the JG have thought how to approach this before editorializing on the subject? A question was asked, then the fact that this question was asked was reported and editorialized, as if to increase readership or something?

I have friends in South Bend who have told me stories about Rothstein and the way he handles himself, and the professionals are not impressed with this recent college graduate in how he presents himself as a journalist. The JG has obviously made a mistake in making him the Notre Dame writer, because I will definitely be reading other sources from now on to follow Notre Dame football.

Yes, I am a fan, but to compare Barry Bonds' alleged steroid use to this situation is not the same. We are talking (at most) a promo vs. STEROID (illegal drugs). Comon! Gimme a break!

I honestly think this blog could be the beginning of Mr. Rothstein's demise as a journalist.

Rothstein, you hack!

What a BS story! Get a life Rothstein. Your carrer in a down slide and in need of a " BUMP " .
So if you are interviewing a college athlete and he says "Hey I read the Fort Wayne Gazette" or " I am a big fan of ESPN " you going to call the NCAA and ask if its violation. You know what I mean. This is such a non story and you have to "ask the NCAA " if it"s a violation. Explain to me what the story is ? You are making the news, not reporting it.

A non-insane ND fan

For the love of God, fellow ND fans, stop posting on here and on message boards bashing this guy - you are making complete idiots of youselves and all ND fandom.

There was something here. He reported facts. He made the right calls. He did not, like the SBT, print speculation and one-sided opinion as "news". He got ND's side of the story. This is a potential violation. A small one, yes, but a potential violation. Many potential violations are reported before they become "official" violations. Reggie Bush's house, anyone?

If you expect him to report on tiny things like who the 4th sting WR or 5th string CB is, you can't pick on this for being a tiny thing too.

Michael is doing a great job. His reports are filled with stuff we'd never find out about otherwise. But now everyone has gone off the deep end because he reports a fact they don't like.

No wonder people think ND fans are lunatics.


1. My post above was nothing but coherent. You're asking some new questions which I'm happy to respond to.

2. The error in judgement is publishing a newspaper "news" article when there was no news -- just the possibility that there might be some news if some pieces fall into place down the line. It's true that the mere fact that an investigation is underway can sometimes justify a news article, but at any decent newspaper, such pieces hinge on some governing body confirming in strong words that they're looking into a matter because they smell something funny. There's nothing like that here. Just some quote from an NCAA source saying, essentially, "We'll look into just about anything."

3. Yes, I've read the article. Thrice, dude.

4. Yes, of course it's worth asking whether ND has done anything wrong -- particularly in light of the Leinart thing. But this question should not be asked in print and left to dangle, because that unfairly taints the accused. The reporter should write an article not about the question, but about the ANSWER. That takes work and patience and desire to put fairness ahead of self-interest.

5. I'm well aware of how reporters get jobs. I've hired over 50. And I'll tell you this: If this article were presented to me by a job applicant as an example of a scoop, I'd laugh the guy out of the interview room.

6. Are you seriously comparing those guys in Cali -- true investigative journalists -- to this hack? If so, there's no need to discuss this further, because you've told us all we need to know about YOUR judgement.

This article should not have been written. It was published because the paper and the reporter knew it'd get on ESPN in 10 mins. and then we'd have this shit storm we're having now.

I'm sorry to participate, but I cannot help myself.


Joey, you said "The fact that something "might" be a violation is not news."

By your standard, should Reggie Bush's possible situation with his parents' house have been reported? No violation has been proven. The NCAA has not ruled.

If one of your reporters found out Reggie's parents were living rent-free thanks to an agent, would you have told them not to report it, because there weren't any "answers" yet?

Keep on Doing It

This is why I hardly post on things. Puh-lease. Defend a guy and, oh yeah, naturally, there has to be some underhanded reason. I've said my piece. I'm not the one claiming to be an anonymous 17-year newspaper editor or whatever. He must work for a competing newspaper under this logic.


What bothers me is Rothstein's articles have been very informative, colorful, and unbiased. Readers' rude comments questioning his motivation or actions seem overly defensive and should not be considered representative of ND alumni or fans. The man is doing his job, and as a loyal ND fan I appreciate his work.


I'm removing my link to your site.

I'm sure there's a lot of folks in Fort Wayne who will still read your articles and I'm happy for you.

Notre Dame Fans, however, will judge that you are a member of the "Quinn could be ineligible" school of journalism - and that's
a stink that will stick.


not bad mike. you got balls.


Hey guys, do you want this story looked into now, in preseason when ND can do something about it, like not have Quinn or Walker or the Shark do a promo, or wait, keep the status quo, then just before the SC game somebody raises the issue, and some of our best players sit out pending the investigation? All of these blogs should say "thank you" for bringing it to everyone's attention now, so it can be resolved now and not cause a distraction during the season, or something worse.


Now let's just suppose that I write for the Indy Star, and let's suppose I am checking out of a hotel and see you checking out of a hotel with a 12 year old girl. I asked the front desk clerk they said you had checked in together but that you did not inform them who the young girl was, Now I call you at home to find out and you do not answer, and I let the police know what I saw, then I put a column in the paper that FW "Sports" Columnist in possible interlude with pre-teen Attempts to contact the journalist have been unanswered, but police are investigating, so what if it was you niece, I am just writing what I saw and I did attempt to check everything and informed the authorities. IS this any different than what you did. I think it might end up being newsworthy, but Why wait for the facts to come out, I can always write a retraction


To you who think he shouldn't have written the article, don't you realize ND would have probably released this saturday or sunday anyway? it wouldn't stay under raps for long. why shoudln't he write the article on the story he uncovered. yes it is a story. is there an investigation? it is a story. i agree with Jeff above: is bush not a story yet? was jarret not a story untill it was resolved, or was it in fact not a story at all since it was dismissed? i bleed blue and gold, but this is ridiculous. take this out of the context of Our Lady and ask yourself if you would honestly be reacting this way.


Mr. Indy-IRish, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.


Well thank you Mr NDalum, because that insanely idiotic thing I posed is true, my brother almost lost his job 15 years ago at the Puyallup Herald for checking out of a hotel with my 12 daughter because she was visiting him and he only had a studio apartment, and an up and coming flunkie with the newspaper saw him knowing he was single and wanting to make a name for himself wrote an article about it, called the police and he was investigated as a pedophile, so yes I DO HAVE A PROBLEM when people report garbage without all the facts like Rothenstein and holier than though little Urchins like yourself defend him for it


The Joeys, the Indy-Irish, the 17 year reporter, Bonnie, etc: take a breather. Mike did the right thing. And perhaps you should thank him now, before half the ND squad started down the path of doing these promo bumps. Your blame is misguided: direct it at the WSBT folks. Or even the players, to a degree. Indy-Irish: not apples to apples. What Zibby and the hoopsters did was a matter of public record.

If I didn't know better, you folks are posters from uscfootball.com


Mike: I think you are going to have to move to moderated comments.

All I can tell you is that all these screeching troglodytes are not alumni. Anyone who is not capable of understanding this simple situation simply could not have been admitted to Notre Dame. Then again, I guess it used to be much easier to get in…

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