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July 28, 2008



great great great signings




Great to hear that Brandon will be back. I know he was excited to be playing for the Komets, and I think I speak for most fans when I say that the feeling was mutual. :) And, of course, welcome and good luck to all the rookies.

Justin Cohn

Ha, they score two guys who combined for like 225 points, and we need more fighters.


I like the signings..and I'm not worried about the toughness part..that will come...


Wayne " the great one" always had protection=even brought McSorley to NY. with Kocer-had Tony Twist + Kelly Chase in St.Louis.

Charlie Crawford

I really like the signings. Great news to start the week!

Hit Somebody!!!

Looks like promising young talent. The two teammates from Juniors appear to be natural scorers. You put those kind of numbers up on the same team, I don't care what league you are in, they should know how to score.

Glad to see Brandon back as well. He has a great shot and plays sound defense. He should have a really nice 2nd year here.


the only bad thing about this is they are in a Junior A hockey league. But they should adjust very well and become very skilled hockey players.


They just said Hanson has signed with Tulsa of the CHL.

Hit Somebody!!!

Good Luck Hanson. Always tough a player for the Komets.

Hit Somebody!!!

errr....a tough player....

Hit Somebody!!!

Sounds like Legault might be next in line. He has been or is going to the LA Kings rookie camp. I hope we get the big guy back soon. I will enjoy watching his overall development as a hockey player this season. He is a beast too.


With rookies, you never know until they get some time under thier belt as a pro.... I would like to see the K's add a lil size to the roster now and maybe a sniper. These rookie signings look very promising and I cant wait to see how these guys games translate to the pro game...

I was one who was afraid that the league not expanding past the original six teams for this year would hurt in recruiting for the league. So far I have been very wrong... This could be a very strong league from top to bottom this coming season. Really looking forward to a hard fought season.....

Cat Eyes

Glad married life did not change Brandon's mind...woo-hoo!! Thanks for the early tipoff Deuce... Good to have him back. Next up, yes, Legault, please, then Saidachev, I hope...

Voice of Reason

Where did you hear that Hansen has signed with Tulsa? First, he retired. Then, he signed in Europe? Are the sources credible?


Tulsa must be the place to go after you play for Fort Wayne. Why don't we form a affiliation.


Both TV stations said Hansen signed a 2 year deal in Tulsa. Good luck to Kevin, he was a very solid player for the Komets.


Hansen signing with Tulsa was on the news tonight... not surprising but I'm sorry to see him go. What is it with K's going to play in Tulsa, isn't he about the fifth one in recent seasons?
Glad to see Warner back- Woo-hoo! And I like the numbers that those rookies put up- sounds pretty good to me. Still not October yet...


Good luck to Kevin..... The K's should be ables to save on band-aids this coming year now.....


Looks like a lot of speed in the line-up. Will make for a fast paced game. Put those two rookies on the same line and they'll blow right past the "D". That's the way you put up numbers like that.

Cat Eyes

Bummer about losing Hansen...he was a good guy!! And yes, these rookies look like good scoring kids...I say kids...I'm revealing my age again! Just what we need, sorry mighbite, but it's true...we could get a fighter or two out of these boys though, ya never know...I'm still sad my redheaded counterpart Mitch is gone...we'll never replace him for me, but oh well...that's done and over now. I'll just have to get used to getting my heart broken each season when these guys leave!! Any word on Henley anywhere, speaking of heartbreak?? Hope to get him back, but I'm getting nervous about that one...


Thats a bummer about Kevin..good player...very personable guy..good luck kevin..


Henley wants a shot at a higher level this coming season, I guess I would be surprised if he comes back unless he signs a two-way contract...JMO....


Lackner, Kiyaga, and St. Pierre last year. Now Hansen so far this year.


Glad to hear Warner will be back on the blue line for another season. Another example of a hometown kid making his mark in orange and black. Way to go, Brandon!


It seems last year at this time everyone was asking "where is the toughness?" and everything turned out all right...it is still unbelievable how impatient everyone is and it isn't even August.

1-2 Punch

Thanks for the update on Legault, hope to see him back. I like the scoring @ from the earlier post possibly the speed, though I would like to see more size up front to screen the net or pick up garbage goals & if willing to drop the gloves that's an added bonus. Please keep the player updates & rumors coming, thanks, new guy.

Karla Stranger

Next time I tell ya'all something you'll believe me. Evgeny Sadachev has signed to play somewhere else...my daughter went to the Wizards game tonight and thats what the equipment manager told her.


Why is everyone saying it's a bummer to loose Hansen? First it opens up a veteran roster spot, not to mention the pay that he would want for playing for the Komets for two years. And Second it'll give guys like Warner more playing time to improve.


Hey everyone!! First time blogger here and new season ticket holder of the Komets. I bought all the playoff tickets last year and sat with John "Mr. Double Post" Conley and bought my season seats next to him. Just wanted to introduce myself and say that I sooooo look forward to the upcoming hockey season. Is it October yet????


Welcome Sloney!! You'll have a great time at the games and here on Ice Chips. Go Komets!!!


Rock it out Sloney...

I don't mind Hansen leaving. Awesome to have Warner come back and the rookies.

I'm surprised that Legualt is getting a look through the Kings system, maybe it was the former K and current Kings scout that gave him a shot??


The Komets didn't think enough of Legault to leave him on the playoff roster, but he's in Kings camp?


Sloney, let me be the first to ask, You couldn't find any better seats in the house than right next to Conley?

Just kidding, I hope his "double post" doesn't wear off on you. Welcome to the blog, just make sure you talk about many other items than hockey, like maybe drinking...


Did Legs maybe get an invite to the camp because of an connection from the Komets? Maybe it was a way of getting him back here by letting him get a sniff of the NHL?

Legault's Hawk Rocks!!

soo no legault ehh?
aww :*(
he was my mann...ill miss em


legault is getting a look. the kings want to know if hes a guy to look to down the road. being in camp doesnt mean he wont be back here. kings can sign him, or stay interested by having him scouted this year or just say thanks but no thanks. doesnt cost them a thing to check him out. im sure laird and or sims got him the camp. thats what its all about!


Points to ponder..

#1. The word is lose. The internet is full of people who have a loose grasp of the difference between the two words
#2. A new record is set as it actually took more than a week for fans to start whining about toughness and getting fighters.
#3. Henley belongs anywhere near the NHL as much as twister does.
#4 I really thought Turkeys could fly.



You are my kind of Komet fan.

People can't get their (ownership) vs. there (location) straight either.

Karla Stranger

Legault is NOT in Kings camp. Not on the roster.

Karla Stranger

Just like whoever it was that someone mentioned that was supposedly in Tampa Bays camp that is wrong also. The only one that was in a developmental or prospects camp is Justin Hodgman.


Just because they arent on the website roster doenst mean they arent at a rookie camp with an NHL team. I doubt Sims is lying about Legs in a rookie camp with the Kings, and I also doubt Franke would lie about Aquino in a camp with the Lightning.


fuddyduddy,hard to soar like an eagle when you're surrounded by turkeys, eh?


Sloney, welcome to section 211. By far the best in the barn. I bet we consume more alcohol and yell louder than the rest of the place!!


Karla, there are a lot of people that get invited to camp, but are never mentioned on a roster.


Rookie roster and pre-season roster are two entirely different animals...


The someone you are referring to was Aquino. He indeed is attending the Tampa Bay rookie camp. He has been offered a 2 way contract already but is hoping to impress in the camp. More to post later. BTW, I mentioned Hansen was going to the CHL a few weeks ago with no believers. More info in the next few days! Stay tuned


Yes, I'm sure Laird had a hand in it. Actually, the Kings showing interest in Legault does make sense. I don't know how the stats wound up, but I remember reading last fall that the Kings were the NHL's least penalized team. Maybe if they got more physical, they would do better. Hey, it couldn't hurt at this point. And, as I said recently, I was surprised to learn Legault had been picked by the Florida Panthers in the 4th round of the 2005 NHL entry draft -- with the exception of Guy, that's the highest of any Komet on last year's team. So he's certainly not new to all of this.

And fuddyduddy: Love the WKRP reference. That episode always makes me smile. :)

Cat Eyes

Karla..where did Evgeny Saidachev go? I hunted all over the place Sunday and could not find one mention of any recent news of any kind of a signing of him anywhere!! And I hunted hard high and low!! I'm not at all saying anyone is wrong, just asking ya...bummer to LOSE him too..and I sure hope I used the proper, fuddyduddy-approved version of that word. :) Goodness...I better mind my p's and q's on here...there certainly seem to be so many rules to follow on this blog all of a sudden...

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