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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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July 07, 2008


Cat Eyes

St Chris...last time Cohny predicted the hat trick and I came out to watch, you guys got beat...you sure ya want me there again??? And he said this AM on the Bear that it was the "dreaded" black team...that does not sound like a good time for Cat the jinx to come out and mess ya up...I might have to send my good luck to ya from afar and hope that does ya more good than me being there in person...how many more games do you have this season? I want to see another one soon...need another fix!


We play up to August 20. Tonight's the night though... got a good feeling.


Does anyone know what's going on with Morency? I've heard rumors about him wanting to play in the Fort again, but have seen no news about it. I for one think it's doubtful he'll return, but it would be amazing if he did!


Yes, I saw the mention that they were hoping to have an answer form Reiter by the weekend, but I know for a fact that he is currently out of town (he does goalie coaching for our minor team), so there is no way they can meet him as was said in the paper. Personally, if they can only afford to sign one of the two from last season, I would take Boucher. He won us the cup under pressure in 3 straight elimination games, while Reiter struggled in his starts in the final. What do you guys think about the situation?

Cat Eyes

OK...St Chris, if you're ok with it, I'll be there...I'll bring my good luck charm, "the goalie", to help ya out...the K's have only ever lost one game when he has been there...seriously!! Plus, he's dying for some hockey too...he about hit the ceiling when I told him, so it'll be impossible to leave him at home tonight!!

Johnny, I'm with ya...I love both our goalies, but I'd have to pick Boucher if I had to choose only one...but that would seriously be a hard decision. And that's mostly because Reiter makes me nervous...don't laugh at me, JR!! I just like it better when the goaltender stays IN the net, that's all...but Reiter posted some impressive numbers last year, so I'm just a worrier, as JR reminded me on another thread...

Go, Cohny, score a goal, Cohny...go St Chris, score a goal, St Chris...hat tricks not needed, just a W-I-N!! That black team is not so scary...they won't know what hit 'em!! There, that's my locker room speech (since I can't really be in there or anything...:) )!!


Hey-I would like to know if the signs are going up for the 3rf.=for the mayor

Karla Stranger

Jamie VanderVeeken-CHL-Rapid City Rush

Cat Eyes

Hey all...straight from the defenseman's mouth...I just ran into Guy Dupuis at McMillan Ice Arena (again, Wendy, although not literally this time), and this time I was bold enough to ask him when he was gonna sign (no, no Turbo Kool Aid). He laughed and said "soon!" No hedging from him about anything, so I'm guessing he's a definite like all the rumors have said. He was also real cool with "the goalie", who was wearing his Turner Cup champs t-shirt...told him he liked the shirt! So, that's my Komets insider info, little though it might be...

And yes, the Blue team played VERY well, but lost 4-2...would have been 3-2, a really great, close game like we have been talking about on here, except for a long goal by the dreaded Black team at the last, what, 5 seconds? They were good, darn them...nice of you all to lend them a goaltender... Great job, guys!! I think I've figured out that Justin is #19, yes?? And who is #3? He is a friendly guy, always waves and says hi...hope he's a fellow blogger...still have not figured out who St Chris is. Oh well, we had fun, "the goalie" and I...he loves your goalie, btw...some great saves there on his part!!


Does anyone know? If Jordan Little (D) Kalamazoo is a Vet. or still a rookie? Would not mind seeing him in a Komets Uniform, Big D-Man, clears the net & skates well for his size, also hung in there with Bertram in a fight early in the year.

Karla Stranger

According to Kent Hormann BOTH Reiter and Bouchet will be back this year.


Reiter's bad starts in the playoffs came as a result of turnovers and bad clears. Both of these guys did great all season. Would be awesome to have them both back, using the same strategy as last year (rotate). Probably helped get the shutouts. Sure he ventured out a little too far at times. Just hold your breath when he does it :)


No way both goalies sign next season....at least, I'd be surprised.

I would figure that Guy would come back, and he'd be a welcome addition. I had a link on Morency doing some "good works" for the AHL community that he's in, so I'd doubt that. But, ya never know...the AHL is a different bird.

Crazy to see Woods wanting an ECHL contract, thought he'd be back for sure. I still would love to see him back.

My predictions for returning players that have yet to sign:

Boucher/Reiter (but not both)

Huk's on the fence, ya gotta pay the guy, he deserves it.

And I have to ask, why would Franke only want 20 players in camp, when you have 21 on the roster. We have 4 vet's taken, w/ Guy's on the way, we have just 2 more vet spots to fill.


Junior...I have to agree with you on your predictions for returning players. It's probably a pretty safe bet that we can/will get all of those. And yeah, the K's have to pony up some money to keep Hukalo here...otherwise he'll be shutting our guys down when he's playing for the opposition. And as far as Morency goes...personally I would pass...but I can see why some fans would like him back.

Justin/St. Chris...do you guys have any interest/need for a late season addition to your team?? I've been itching to get back on the ice for some time now and hearing all of this talk about you guys playing has really put me over the top. Please let me know. Thanks!

Wendy...that's funny that you mentioned that you liked the colors and logo for the Minnesota Wild. Before you mentioned that, I thought it would be an interesting topic to discuss the colors/logos/jerseys of teams. I don't know about all of you out there, and I might take some heat for this, but I think the K's need to change to road jersey. The plain black with the flames just doesn't do it for me. I would like to see them wear the orange jerseys with Kaptain Komet on the chest...a throwback of sorts. What do you think?


Huckalo is a must - git 'r done!

Karla Stranger

Captain Komet needs to stay wayyyyyyy in the past....KEEP the black and flames.

Cat Eyes

I love the black and flames...although after last night's loss to the Black team who wears the EXACT same jersey, I might have to change my mind...nah, love the black and flames!! Just not on them, only on our Komets!! Save Kaptain Komet for a throwback jersey night, though, that would be kool...

Junior...I'd add Saidachev to your list of returning players. Just a guess, no insider info or anything!

Geronimo...if I hold my breath while Reiter plays, won't I pass out?? :) I'll try to get over it...I'm sure he'll be back, so I need to deal with it...although I still like my idea of the bungee cord better!! I'm sure he could get used to it, right??


Actucally, I do not believe the above link says Aquino is in a camp. It says that his contract has expired and is now an unrestricted free agent.

Cat Eyes

Hey all...for anyone who might be interested...I found out that Mayor Henry will in Springfield neighborhood tonight from 5:30 - 7 pm tonight. It is on the Northeast side of Fort Wayne, off Saint Joe Center Road, close to Saint Joe Elementary School. Just in case anyone would be interested in talking to him about the lack of recognition given to the Komets or anything...not that Cat will be headed there or anything...I'll do my best!! I have tentative plans, but if those fall thru, ya might see me on the news...hopefully not in the back of a police cruiser or anything...LOL!! No, I'll be polite (he is my former employer, after all), but I plan (if I get there) to make the point that the stupid fake dinosaurs got their day, the high school kids got theirs, the Komets got...? Exactly. Just thought I'd share with anyone who is similarly-minded and who feels up to coming out to chat with the mayor about how they feel about this important issue!! Anyone know any journalists? :)


I'm telling ya... Hansen is retiring. He's accepting a higher full-time position for the company he works for and he's hanging up his skates. Don't believe me? That's ok....I wasn't believed when I posted about the return of PC Druin a number of days before the announcement either.(go back and check) :-)

Cat Eyes

BTW...don't mention my name if you do venture out to meet the Mayor...I work with someone who lives in Springfield, so I don't want to have to hear about the onslaught of Komets fans overrunning her neighborhood!! Of course, if I do get to go, then she'll see me, and I'll be busted, but oh well...just tell him a little...uh...birdie told you!


I am arranging my mowing schedule so I can see him tonight. I live in Springfield and will make sure the kids and I wear our jerseys. I will mention this fact to him.


Flames jersey = Not good. Sorry.

The K's could do a different throw back jersey every year for the next 30. They should incorporate some of the great history of the K's into some new roadies.

LOVE the Capt. K jersey. Wonder why they didn't wear it as a 3rd jersey this season. Maybe use that as the road, or go back to the all black w/ the classic K's symbol.


Oops and yes, I forgot to add Sadiachev to the list of probably returning players.


Hark, Quote the Raven nevermore.

Karla Stranger

Why do you think they call them*throw back jerseys*? They werent keepers. Take them off the hook and throw them all back. We finally have a keeper.....leave it alone.

Cat Eyes

Jungle Monkey...I get the feeling you are a very well-read sort of fellow!! Old Edgar Allen would be proud...be still my telltale heart!! :)

Yeah, Jonndfi!!! Go get him!! The grass can wait!! If I get there, I'll be wearing my orange K's tshirt. Probably have "the goalie" with me too, wearing an Icy the Eagle tshirt or another Ks tshirt...I guess it's never too early to introduce the kiddos to politics, right?


jonndfi...we're neighbors,I live in Wedgewood place, missed the mayor, but I think we are having him over for breakfast at the fire station in a few weeks, I'll hit him up then.


No more referee Langdon, he became head ref in the MAHL.


I love the old school sweaters bring'em back, especially Kapt.Komet, but update the sweater to the new reebok edge style.

Cat Eyes

Karla...change is inevitable, so the jerseys we have now won't remain forever, much like the players...sorry!!


Hansen to the CHL not retiring - not taking the promotion


the flamer jerseys are ugly


100 days + 4 hours +15 min.= drop the puck + DROP THE GLOVES!!!!!GOON IT UP!!!!!


The Flame jersey's were cool to start out, but now im getting kinda tired of them. I would really like to see a Black version of the current home jerseys take the place of the flame jerseys on the road. However, the Flame jerseys are a nice change so i'd still keep them as a 3rd/alternate jersey....

Cat Eyes

Just think, Mightbite...after tomorrow, it'll be in the single digits for days till the opener.....it's getting there......tick-tock.......sigh....

Carrie Jeanne

Alright..when do all these games with the black and blue teams go down I keep reading about? I miss my hockey and if you guys are playing don't let a poor girl miss out on what makes her happy most...HOCKEY!



Muskegon has now lost two players to the CHL, both to Odessa.

Cat Eyes

7 pm Wednesdays at McMillan Ice Arena...but you gotta root for the Blue Team...that's St Chris and Justin Cohn's team, OK? And some of the Scoops guys, too...you guys should tell me who is what # so we can see when someone scores a goal. Or that often-promised hat trick... :)


If Woodsy doesn't come back, the Komets need to get Morency! If neither of them, the Frankes better find a guy who can fill that role!

Carrie Jeanne

Sounds like a plan. Count me..and probably my sis in to be there Wednesday. She says she wants to try on the "goalie suit". Ha.


I've shown that Kaptain Komet logo to a number of people. We all agreed that it's kind of creepy. :D I actually liked the flames, myself. But... um... shouldn't we be talking about this is a beauty parlor? I doubt certain posters would approve of any discussion that doesn't involve cut and dry stats. :P

Cat Eyes: Whoa... You saw Guy again? He must hang out down there or something. And you actually asked him that? I was kidding! But thanks for insider report. Also -- I think you mean "double digits" not "single digits". Just FYI.


JM, that would be quoth the raven not quote. I'm afraid old Edgar Allan would be rolling (his eyes) in his grave, Cat Eyes.

Insider, you may be correct. I guess time will tell.

Cat Eyes

Oops...Wendy, ya got me...I did mean double digits there...I was in a hurry to leave work, and also in a hurry to get October here, I guess. My bad!!

And, yeah, poor Guy is gonna think I am stalking him...crazy redheaded woman...but I felt like being bold and just asking what I was thinking, like my normal old self would have done, so I thought, why not?? He was cool about it, so no harm, no foul...oh wait, that's a basketball saying, isn't it?? Better steer back to hockey...

You ought to come out to the Mac, too, Wendy...two redheads in the stands are better than one! If that's not a saying, it ought to be...at any rate, we'd certainly have a good time!!

RaVen...I think JungleMonkey may have been making a pun, if I am not mistaken...but I was mistaken just a bit ago, so take that for what it's worth :)!! You are right about one thing for sure...time will tell on all these guys.

Carrie Jeanne...I won't be there this next Wednesday...I'll be at a motocross race. Getting my adrenaline fix that way next week. Got a couple BIG dogs in this fight, so I gotta be there! Maybe the following week, though!


19 hours=until I'm floating in the pool with beer #1 on the way to 13-cause the more I drink,the more I drink./K's may not get Woods or Morencey=may be getting someone better!!


Maybe Cats Eyes is going to stalk Guy & put him in her cage?HA-HA.

Cat Eyes

Mightbite...now that's what I call positive thinking!! Way to go!! I am on vacation tomorrow, so I already have started...have a Mike's Hard Lemonade already cracked open and going...yum, yum!! I can't do too much tonight because I gotta get up early manana and go to the zoo with the goalie, but I can drink a little...and so I will!! Maybe Deuce will bring me over a hockey movie to watch...if not, MVP is on at 11, Wendy, channel 143 on Verizon, don't forget!

Cat Eyes

HEY! Ha ha!! Remember, that was all Five Minute Major's idea...although I did take it and run with it when it was Durdin, didn't I? Poor Guy...he's safe from Cat!! I'll leave the Canadians alone!!


Have fun at the zoo Cat, just please stay out of the cages! Sorry... too easy! 100 days 'til opening day? Wake me up in October, I'm on vacation too!

Cat Eyes

5MM...funny girl you are...I'll do my best...hey, I might run into Jungle Monkey there!! LOL!! If so, I'll let him out and bring him over to my cage...way better at my place! At least he'd be the only monkey there...now that Durdin's gone he would not have to share the cage. Wow, I need to slow down on these Mike's...I'm getting silly real quick!! :) Better leave now...hard to type!


Karla, do you just make rumors up or what are your sources...last week you said they were close to signing Morency and Larocque. David Franke then said they haven't even talked to those guys. Now you're saying Hansen to the CHL...which I'm 99% sure is not happening.

Where are you getting this info?

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