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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at [email protected].

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July 07, 2008


Cat Eyes

Only question left is...when is Guy gonna put pen to paper??


Already done, just waiting for the right time to put it out...

Cat Eyes

Oh yeah? Good! From what all were saying, it was a no brainer anyway, but still will be good to have him back anyway. Hey, Hoss, how goes the strike? LOL :) Glad you changed your mind!


Phew ... glad to hear that since I just got shaf put on my jersey!


Oh yeah, I'm still on strike. I just came over here to see if I could get anyone to come over to my side.



Anyone else want to join in?

Cat Eyes

Hoss...I'm too much of a new girl...well, I used to go to games back in the 90's then sort of quit, now I'm back again, so I really don't know who a lot of these guys are, so I can't really throw in for this dude honestly...but I hope someone helps ya out, Hoss, I really do!! :) Anyone who takes on Larry Sterling and his runaway car is A-OK with me!!


If the rumors about Guy coming back are true, which I am sure they are, that means the Komets have 5 vets in the fold for next season. That may not be a good thing for Hukalo. I feel he is a player the Komets need on their team, but with him being a vet he may have to wait out a long summer to see if there is room for him on the team.

It almost also guarantees that Marchant, Hanson, and Henley will not be back next season.


Woo-hoo! Glad to see Shaf and Bert are coming back! :)
Ok Hoss, I'll join your crusade to get Miller on the list. But I'm not going on strike or anything, I'm bored and don't have much else to do right now but check the blogs. I could make signs or something...


Looks like Woods is trying to go to greener pastures... Can't blame him, but wish he woulda stayed one more year


Woods needs to learn discipline. Sims isn't that tough..

Cat Eyes

And sometimes that grass just looks greener...been there, done that. Jumped ship, only to find that the water really was pretty darn cold outside the boat!


5 vets.=who is #6????? Ruid-Henley-Mario L.-??



The Komets are NOT talking to Ruid, Morency or Mario L. according to David Franke in a recently released article.


Plus, Henley may not be back as well as Marchant or Hansen. My guess is they'll wait a while before filling those vet spots.


So...when do the Komets actually sign someone and not re-sign? Every other team is starting to stack up and we've still got nothing in the goal scoring department


For what it's worth, the word from a co-worker of his is that Hansen is retiring.


Nothing in the goal scoring department?? Chaulker, PC, and Shaf are good for starters. Who are you thinking we need to sign? I havent seen any stacking up more than what the Komets have. It's still early...


Let me remind everyone when last season's players were signed. We should be happy that we actually have players under contract before Three Rivers Festival.

Aquino - October 4th
Curadeau - October 4th
Legault - September 19th
Durdin - September 13th
Sessa - September 10th
Shafranov - August 28th
Saidachev - August 28th
Marchant - August 22nd
Reiter - August 16th
Reynolds - August 16th
Warner - August 16th
Pence - August 16th
Hansen - July 31st
Chaulk - July 25th
Hukalo - July 18th
Bertram - July 18th
Dupuis - July 10th


I didn't know this = you can have 7 vets./about Ruid-Mario L.-Morencey=I read on here from others.


Good point Shawn, I think we're all just getting antsy. Myself included... is it October yet?!? :)


I'm not anstsy, but I will say that I have a bad feeling about things. Maybe I'm wrong. From what I've heard, a lot of people had their doubts last year, too. We'll see.

As for Woods, this is the time for ladder climbing, I suppose -- when you're young. I just didn't think he was that type, but it does seem like that's what he was after all along. Oh well. If he wants to run off and join the ECHL, I say, "Don't let the penalty box door hit your rump on the way out."


the first 5 signings of last season was resigns, and then 4 tryouts, a resign, and then a resign and a tryout and then 5 more tryouts. which all signed. Did Komets ever put Sessa on the cup? Can they do that like NHL can? He def. deserved it. That guy could play. Sad he retired but at leas he is doing something good with his life and working at the NYFD, like most hockey players do when they retire from hockey. become a firefighter.


all of you better relax cause theres almost zero chance that next season will be as exciting or as successful as last. i just dont want to hear a bunch of whinners if we (god forbid) dont win the huber cup!!


Way to stay possitive!!!


After his return last year, I look for better things to come from Bertram. Still "got it", man.
Just don't get into it with our goalie, OK?
Shaf will always be Shaf - consistent, hard working and un rattled. Need his name on the Kup one more time.

Karla Stranger

Hanson signed in the CHL
Marchant retired

Just FYI.

Melissa Sarrazin



that is positive and realistic. just dont get overly positive is what im saying. people are already crying about not signing this person and that person or the numbers of people signed ect ect. everybody needs to chill and not let their heads swell up like weve been acused of by other cities fans! we need to chill and have a little class!

Karla Stranger

Remove Gretzky
Add Miller

Gretzky is a whiner and if he didnt get his way he made life he double hockey sticks in the locker room.Kinda makes you wonder the only year he played for the Komets we didnt even make the play-offs. Then he didnt last a whole year the next year before we got rid of him.

Karla Stranger

According to David Franke during a news channel 15 interview tonight,its unlikely Hodgy will be back.


Why would the Komets want to put Sessa's name on the Cup?? He only played 11 games for us at the START of the season and had a whopping total of 5 points. He did nothing to contribute to the success of season as a whole. Not deserving of having his name on the Cup in my opinion.

As far as the Stanley Cup goes...I think you have to play in at least half of your teams games during the regular season OR at least one game in the Finals. Of course there are exceptions...I believe that the Redwings put Vladamir Konstantinov's name on the Cup the when they won in '98...the year after he was paralyzed in the limousine accident after their '97 victory.

Cat Eyes

Hey Chuckitt...no one's crying about anyone not signing...as far as I can see, people are just saying who they WANT to be back on the team. Nothing wrong with that, is there? We all have our wish lists, as I am sure you do...you might just not post yours. Please don't call us un-classy for having dreams!! If we did not care about this team at all, then what is the point?? And why not hope to have another successful and exciting year? Maybe it will be just as good, maybe not...either way, it's still Komets hockey, and that's what I love, so I'm into it. I won't let you bring me down anyway!! I'll still be excited either way it goes...if Woods comes back or not, if we get Henley back or not...whatever...I'll get my heart broken no matter what because it won't be the same team, but I'll still be there October 18th anyway!!


Karla, what team is Kevin going to sign with? I was on the CHL website where they list all of the off-season activity. Kevin Hanson was not on the list, and the list was updated yesterday.


Way to cool down Chuckitt, Cat Eyes. If any Komet fan needs to relax...it's him. No offense, Chuckitt, but let the fans discuss. No one is displaying a lack of "class" IMO.

Not excited about the Bert signing. I wouldn't mind seeing a younger core back there.


Here is some information I found on Hodgeman...thought I would share with all of you.



Good news on the signings. But has everyone forgot that we had 2 of the best goalies last season, and they have signed NEITHER of them as of yet? Forget about the other guys, the goalie is the single most important player on the ice, we need to get a good one, or two! 3 of the other teams all ready have at least one signed. Good ones don't grow on trees!

Cat Eyes

Johnny12572...an article I read in last night's "dark side" paper said that the Frankes are hoping to have an answer from Reiter by the end of this week...also said they would love to have both Reiter and Boucher back as a tandem but don't think the team can afford both those goalies this year...I sure hope they work it out!!

IcyKometsFan84...thanks for the Justin link! Hope the Wild likes his stuff and keeps him...he's a great kid and deserves a shot.

DGF...thanks...had to stick up for my fellow fans who are excited about this year...Chuckitt, I got nothin' but love for ya, but you need to take some happy pills or have your morning java...;) it'll be okay, really, it will!!


Daniel Goneau to Austria


No problem cat eyes but i would much rather see him in a NJ Devils jersey

Cat Eyes

BTW, meant to say thank you to Shawn for posting that list of who signed when...I called Deuce last night and asked him if it was always this nerve racking every year. This list proves that, yep, it sure must be...I'll just need to call my doc and get some chill pills every June or July and try to calm myself, or just hit the liquor store or something...if these guys are gonna make me wait until October (some of 'em, anyway), then I better settle in!! I'm gonna go outta town this weekend, then 3 Rivers Festival is next week, then we have the Allen County Fair...then I'll hafta start in watching the hockey movies everyone has suggested!!


I can find no confirmation of Kevin Hansen's signing or Terry Marchant's retirement. I'm all for chatter and rumors and what not, but I would love to see links or at least some 'proof' when supposed "facts" are stated on here.

As for Sessa, I totally agree that his name should NOT be on the cup. He participated in only about 10% of the season, and we didn't really start doing better until AFTER he left. I personally thought he was over-sold and over-rated and never thought he fit really well into our scheme.

I too, hope to see the re-signing of Boucher and/or Reiter. Having either one of them back gives us a good foundation to build on.


I personally would love to see Hodgman catch on with the Wild. They're a younger team that I think is a little more offensive minded...as where the Devils are a little older and more defensive minded. Though Justin has proven that he is responsible at both ends of the ice. The other thing too is that the Devils already have a really solid core of players, some of which have been there for a number of years...as where the Wild is a younger team still looking for it's core and identity a bit. It might be a little easier for Justin to crack the Wild's lineup. He'd be a good fit in Minnesota. The Wild has a very solid fan base that sells out every game...I"m sure that if Justin busted his tail in Minny like he did here, he would be a fan favorite in a hurry. All that being said...I don't think he'll be in the NHL this year. He might sign an NHL contract and play in the AHL though.


I agree with Harbz, I think the Wild are one of the teams in the NHL that would work for Justin. I also do not see him in the NHL for at least two seasons. There is a good change he will be in the OHL next season and that AHL the season after that. I look forward to following his career during that time span.

Charlie I


Baseball Questions today. Make sure you play!!


Some CHL news...maybe it's already been talked about..maybe not...

Lance Galbraith signed with the Texas Brahamas.

Andrew Lackner re-signed with the Tulsa Oilers.

Dave Van Drunen (formerly with Muskegon) signed with the Odessa Jackalopes...too bad we won't get to harass him next season.


Cat Eyes...7pm tonite,McMillen. Cohny is predicting a Gordie Howe hat trick.

Karla Stranger

Luciano Aquino is an UFA in the Islanders camp.



I'll miss Van Drunen, dude was a riot even though he played for Musky.


That will sadden Shaw's heart.


Thanks for the news about Aquino and Hodgman. I do like the Wild, though purely for superficial reasons. I just like Minnesota as a state, in part because it was the home of MST3K. :D And the team colors and logo are cool. So sue me.

Van Drunen... He's a mouth breather, that one. I hope he keeps his helmet on down there.

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