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July 18, 2008



I found some more news on Baird.


also it looks like a no on the SteelHounds playing in the IHL this season.


Jerad Shaw

Boucher is obviously a class act. I think that was one big thing about last year's team. They played as a team while out on the ice. ( Minus Betram's 4 right crosses to Boucher's face), but even that was cleared up quickly. Bring back the base of last year's team will continue that. Game 7 viewing on my new tv tomorrow afternoon. Giddyness!


Terrible news about Jason Baird. And what a bizarre accident, as well. I will keep him and his family in my thoughts and prayers, of course.

As for the Steelhounds, I don't know if it was a case of chronic procastination or what, but I had the distinct impression that they were "holding their nose" so to speak whenever they mentioned the IHL. And we're better than that. I hoped they would see the light and join us, but I'd rather they stay away if all they really wanted to do was keep themselves busy until 2009-2010 when they could run off to the ECHL.

Karla Stranger

Ok folks I am NOT an editorialist nor a writer.BUT today I had such an urge to add to my blog in NHL Connect(which I hadnt been there since the Komets won the Cup). After this news on Baird,I need to share with you all what I wrote. I feel its appropriate and very timely.

Friday July 18, 2008 @ 01:48 PM EDT

You know its through tragedy that you think about what is most important. This summer we have lost 2 in the hockey world at such short lives. One in the NHL and the other in the IHL. Bourdon and Quinn. Both due to automobile accidents.
We collectively as hockey fans have our favorite teams and players. We cheer when they score and win and groan and are unhappy when they miss or lose. As fans that is just what we do and who we are.
What is more important is we treat each other with respect and care even if we don’t know one another. Don’t get into fights or name call with one another as opposing fans. We are ALL here for one thing…be hockey fans.
Remember what is important…family,friends, and fellow human beings. Be gracious fans and most of all be gracious losers. You never know when your time is up. Live each day as it may be your last.


Karla, it's Guinn, not Quinn.

Karla Stranger

Thank you Nikki for showing me my typo. I edited my blog and made the correction.


Karla, It's Nicki not Nikki.

Karla Stranger

Oh brother....I DO really need to wear my glasses even at the PC like I am supposed to. Cant see worth a darn. Sorry Nicki. Thank you topshelf.


There is def. not a rift between those two guys. I saw them tonight at Buckets with their wives and they were having a great time by the look of it. How many guys go out to have a great time with the wives and have a few beers if they have a "rift"?


If the wives want to go, plenty! Not saying there is a rift, just saying I'm married...

Karla Stranger

Here is an uplifting story on heroism. Its about Adam Rivet a player for the Laredo Bucks in the CHL. He played 2 playoff games for Knoxville Speed in the UHL in 2001.



Wow-to save 2 people.thats great!!!Sad news about Jason Baird.My best wishes to Donnie Margette becoming a firefighter.I know he was a pest on the ice,but if he can help one person that would be great.

Karla Stranger

mightbite...I agree with you on Margette. I wish him good luck in his new endevor. Such an admirable profession, and extremely dangerous. Anyone who would put their lives on the line for someone elses, no matter who you are, is a hero in my book.

Cat Eyes

Wow! Sounds like Adam Rivet needs to become a lifeguard after hanging up the skates, not a firefighter like so many others...pretty impressive, no matter how he downplays it!

Yeah, much as I hated Margettie on the ice, I have to admit I wish him well off it...gotta love the people who keep us safe, and he seems like he's trying to be a good family man now too. Good luck Donnie! Deuce, you know how hard that was for me to say...I think I'll go have a drink now...just kidding! I'm sure he'll do well in his new job!

And Hoss, you are hilarious...so true...no rift, I'm quite sure they are fast friends and all, but yep, the wives do go out and drag the guys along...been there, done that more than a few times...just funny to hear a guy say that! We women think you guys don't have us figured out...we better work on that some more, huh? LOL!!


Karla...thanks for the compliment,much appreciated.

Karla Stranger

You are welcome St.Chris.

Karla Stranger

Well.....I'll be darned. Chris Busby retired.


Karla Stranger

Latest on Jason Baird.



Thanks for the update link, Karla. That's good news that the burn percentage was lowered. And it is wonderful to hear that the team has pulled together and is planning a benefit game. It is really great that his family has people to lean on like that. As before, they are all in my thoughts in prayers.


92 days=2208 hours=K's HOCKEY.

Cat Eyes

Akron Burn Unit is a great place to be if you need attention...they will help him immensely! That is cool about the benefit...wonder if the IHL will do anything to help? I'd go to the benefit if it was close enough and fairly convenient in my schedule...I'll have to keep an eye out for it. Different team or not, this guy could just as easily have come to our side, ya know?

I watched Miracle last night..."the goalie" found it for $10 at Meijer and begged, so I bought it. We loved it! Thanks for all who recommended it on this blog! And just fyi, our new defenseman, Danko Mironovic, looks an awful lot like a USA team member (can't remember which one now)..."the goalie" looked at his (Danko's) pic this morning in the little article we clipped last week and said, "Hey, this guy was from the movie last night!" Wow, he sure looks like one of them...freaky! At the end when they roll the credits with the players' names and show what they do for a living now...wow. Those guys have some impressive jobs! Made me feel a little, uh, slacker-like!! :) Great hockey movie!! Re-invigorated my desire to learn Russian...

BTW, that was me who wrote Go Komets and Is it October yet on the womens's bathroom chalkboard in El Azteca yesterday!! :) LOL!!


Crash = closet bar comes crashing down=Mrs.Mightbite says time to sell some jerseys.Lots to go=Gruhl-Ratushny-Richard-Bawa-Henley-etc.


Dang Cat, I just put the movie out by my keys to remember to drop it off for you today! Oh well, doesn't hurt to have your own copy of it!


I saw it at Meijer, but I only buy full screen films by accident. I ordered a widescreen one from Amazon. :D I was able to get a widescreen "Mystery, Alaska" there last Christmas. If you don't have it, and they still offer it, you should get that one too!

Karla Stranger

Hey mightbite.....How much for the Bawa jersey? Im interested. Too bad about the closet bar. LOL.

Jerad Shaw

Komets up 2-1 at the end of the 2nd period. Port Huron has some momentum though. This game 7 is just as fun to watch now as it was the night of.

Karla Stranger

JS....watching on a DVD or TV?

Jerad Shaw


Cat Eyes

Sorry about your closet, mightbite...I never got to see it in all its glory!! LOL!! Not to be un-helpful, but couldn't you rent a storage unit or something rather than sell them? :) I'm bidding on a Sharks jersey on ebay for me right now...not any player's or a gameworn one, just a plain one, but I'll NEED it for the Sharks game in February. Next up is getting one for "the goalie"...none in his size on ebay right now, so I'll have to watch.

Thanks, Deuce...I thought you were gonna loan me Slapshot, though...do you have that one? If ya do, call me and I'll borrow that one, when "the goalie" is sleeping, so I hear...he's gonna want to see that one too, so I'll have to sneak that one in! Wendy, is "Mystery, Alaska" a 7-yr old friendly movie, or not so much?

Cat Eyes

Jerad...people think I'm crazy when I tell them that my kid and I have watched that dvd of Game 7 about 5 times since the game...and we still high five each other at each goal and yell at the refs for the no-calls, etc...just like we did when we were there!! Only thing missing sometimes is the vodka and cranberry and about 10,600 or so other people...and my good buddy Deuce...LOL!! Oh yeah, and the TV cameras, the news crews...we were a pretty popular bunch that week, weren't we, Deuce??

Cat Eyes

OK, one more comment, then I'm gone for the night, I swear...last night watching Miracle, I was yelling at their goalie to get back in the net (yes, I know, he could not hear me, AND that it was a movie...)...and my "goalie" turned and said to me, "We need to put a bungee cord on him like we need to do for Reiter, right, Mom?" I about fell off the couch laughing!! Just made my night...and it was so true!! Dude was an awesome goalie, though, just like Reiter is! Made me nervous, just like Reiter does, but he won...LOL!! Sweet dreams, everyone!!


Cat, you're not the only one who has watched it several times... Once when it was first broadcast, once when I copied my DVD for my mom, once when I copied it for a co-worker, once when I copied it for a friend, and again when it was re-broadcast a few weeks ago. I still get giddy watching the end of the game and the post-game celebration! So how's that new TV, Jared?
Did anyone happen to record the Muskegon games when Channel 57 replayed the games a few weeks ago? I tried to record them but my DVR decided to act up. Grrrrr...

Karla Stranger

Latest on Jason.



FiveMinuteMajor, I recorded all the home playoff games, including the Muskegon games, when they were first broadcast, but it was on VCR tapes. I even recorded the first PH game, as painful as it was to watch. :D

Cat Eyes: I checked the rating. It was an "R". I do remember it having some adult themes, but nothing outrageous. So I looked it up. The rating was for "language and sexuality". I think there was a PG-13 worthy rear-end shot, but no other nudity. It isn't that bad, but it is an adult film. It does have some great actors like Russell Crowe and Burt Reynolds. Here's a short sample clip. As a hockey fan, I know you'll love it. :)



Thanks for the new update, Karla! That's fantastic that his condition has been upgraded to stable. It sounds like he is responding well -- very good news indeed. I figured there would be more surgeries and such to come, but you have to take that day by day. It won't be easy, but the road is a lot clearer now.

Jerad Shaw

I really need to move to Ft. Wayne just go get this games taped. Expecially the Muskegon games. Those were near and dear to my heart last year! I will never get to see my buddy Van Druden on skates again, and that hurts me deeply.

The new tv is fantastic. I'm more of a homebody now then what I used to be if that is possible. I think the gf is pretty jealous that I watch it all of the time now. There are two pictures of her below it so that should be enough, shouldn't it?

Karla Stranger

Jerad.....you are a dead man.

Karla Stranger

Hey guys and gals,here is the website that Bethany Baird made to keep all posted on Jasons progress.



Karla-the Bawa is a K-zoo jersey when he played there-#20 black w/s.b patch &75yr.patch-93-94 season=$300/CatsEyes-I have a Jason More preseason#4 white Sharks jersey=$150/If I figure out this ebay stuff I'll be putting them on there.


I saw Reiter and Boucher with their girlfriends at the Festival this weekend. Thought that comment fit this blog.


Hukalo just signed.


That's a good birthday present for Huk! I had to stifle the "Woo-Hoo!" or else my boss would be back here catching me blogging on company time... :)


Why could you get fired for that???

If so CRAP!!! They have pictures of me holding my daughter and me at the computer and you can clearly see that I am on the Blog

Cat Eyes

Boucher has a girlfriend??? His wife is gonna be mad.........LOL!! And I thought Reiter was married too? Oh well, these things do happen...pretty bold to just stroll around the 3 Rivers Festival with 'em, right out in the open and all...

Karla Stranger

Now if Saidy could sign today would e a doubly good birthdays.

Lets Go Komets

Five Minute Major
Were do you sit? I just got season tickets in 217 row 10 seats 14 – 13. I thought I saw a long time ago that you sit in 217 but not positive? Is there anyone else on here that sits in 217?


Aw, nuts. The clip got pulled. Ah well. You get the idea, Cat. I'm sure you'd enjoy it, but it may be a bit mature for the little one. That being said, my parents took me to see "Jaws" when I was 4, so...


Nah, I wouldn't get fired, just lectured... They can't run the place without me!
Lets Go Komets- yes I do sit in 217. I'm down by the glass, promise me you won't throw things at me, OK? :) I have enough problems with the opposing players throwing water bottles. You'd think they'd realize there's glass between them and me but oh well. Just makes it hard to see with water dots all over the glass!

Cat Eyes

Wendy...thanks anyway...I tried to view it, but saw it got yanked. I'll just have to watch and make that parental judgment for myself, I guess. He's a pretty mature almost-8, so we will see.

FiveMinuteMajor...We sat in lower 217 once, very much right behind the visitor's bench...I was gonna bring a pacifier and throw it in and try to hit Margettie with it, but I chickened out at the last minute because I did not want to get tossed and have to take "the goalie" home too...he'd have killed me!! We were close enough that I'd have nailed him, no problem, so I probably saw you too! I was with Deuce that night, I'm sure, if I was in seats that good...I was also gonna bring a set of those plastic baby car keys with a note and throw 'em in for Laaa-rrry...the note said "Start the bus, Larry"...think he woulda liked me much?? LOL!! I drove my Saturn SUV around for two weeks with that written in orange paint on the back window, and Lord, did I get the chatter at the stoplights!! It was great! People either got it, or thought I was a madwoman (more of the latter than the former). Of course, it helped when Deuce would ride with me and yell with his big orange Komets bullhorn out my car window...no one noticed us then, eh, Deuce?? LOL!!

That reminds me, I better stock up on the orange car paint before October...

Cat Eyes

Oh yeah...happy birthday, Evgeny and David!! I'd sing, but I can't, and you couldn't hear me anyway, which is a good thing...really...LOL!!

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