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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at [email protected].

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July 26, 2008


Cat Eyes

This Savage guy is an...well, I won't get myself censored over this loser...anyway, he calls US witless, and his 5th sentence has a huge typo. Hmmm. Somehow, that makes me feel less offended! :)

And as far as your idea of having tryouts for backup Komets, I think it's awesome! Having watched the blue team in action at McMillen, and having seen your opponents as well, I agree that there are definitely some players there who are not too far off from the Komets' skill level. A little coaching and they'd be there. Like I mentioned on another thread, Wade Stuckey's shot rivals PC's, so get him there, if he has time with his new job and all. I'm dead serious about that! I like the idea, really. Couldn't hurt, might help!


i think that would be a great suggestion for the Komets there justin, because you dont know what kind of talent is out there. i say there would be couple would try out from McMillen Ice Arena where you guys play at


Don't you have to be listed with PHPA=profesional hockey players assc.?

Cat Eyes

Well, darn, mightbite, that leaves out me and all the other "beer league" goons...oh well, I'll just watch instead. Hey, I got my Sharks jersey today...it's pretty big, I'm swimming in it (bad pun, sorry), but it's awesome!! Can't wait for October for another reason now...as if I needed another reason.

Justin A. Cohn

On the latter question first, no, because it's not a unionized league. At least, off the top of my head, that's my understanding. But you could get that done easy, if need be, anyway. ... As for Cat Eyes' comments, first of all, that's a C-level league, though there are a few A-players. In other words, the league I play in doesn't scratch the surface of the best of the best in town. As for Stuckey, yes, he's got skill. But as a former official, and a guy who's had more than a few injuries, well, I was thinking of some younger guys. lol.


There just need's to be a solid A league around the area, and from all accounts, the MWHL looks to be legit (at least pre-1st season).

I think the Komet's could offer the local talent a shot at training camp, isn't that what it's for?


Is Flint really that boring during the summer?


You don't blame it on Flint, you look at the person that's writing the column/blog.

He doesn't care either way if there is an All-Star game (since he's been more then vocal that he's not a fan of hockey or the Gens), he just want's to put something out there to attach a couple blurbs about the K's and get a rise out of people.

He's looking for entertainment w/ out committing the 5 bucks a month for HBO. Period.


CatsEyes-when I came here in 88 I tried to tryout with Komets & D.Welker would not let me because of insurance & PHPA-I didn't know cats swim with sharks?I could not help myself.-road jersey or home?

Hit Somebody!!!

Savage...hmmmm....end of the month again. He needs hits on his site to continue to show his sponsers that he is worthy of keeping his site going. He puts the hook and bait out....always about Fort Wayne and the Komets, and he gets Justin to paste a link on Ice Chips, and we all bite and read his poorly written BS. This guy is nothing but a hack. He knocks the Komets because he is jealous that there is a team in the IHL that actually runs a first class organization and does things the right way, instead, he has a team in the Generals that play in a dump of an arena and has a team that has trouble by year-end to even pay their players...several years they didn't even employ a trainer for the team. Players would get injured and lay on the ice and the Flint bench would beg the opposing team's trainer to assist them. Stop posting his links on this site, and he will go away once and for all.

No offense Justin. Savage is a [DELETED BY COHN].

Karla Stranger

Savage has lost it...Must be off his prozac.


I'd say that it is a very good idea. I was reading about how Cincinnati has an open tryout scheduled later this summer. If they are doing it, other teams probably are too. So why not?

And I'm very sorry to hear the news about Debbie. My heart goes out to her entire family -- especially her daughter, but also to her dear mother. How terrible to have lost her husband, sons, and now her daughter. :(

As for Savage, it's just so obvious that he's trying to get a rise out of us. I doubt he seriously believes the nonsense he spouts about Fort Wayne. And if does, he's an idiot whose dribble isn't worth our time anyway. I'm not going to knock the Flint team, though. They can't help it that they have this clown writing about them.

Cat Eyes

Yeah, Justin, I know...most of the guys aren't A level, but there are a few...just a few...poor Wade, he can't be older than Guy Dupuis! Oh wait, you said injuries, not age...oh, well...can't help the guy there. Sorry, Wade!

mightbite...this Cat swims with the Sharks!! LOL I don't know if it's road or home...it's the blue one with the regular logo on the front...is it like football where white is home? Never have paid attention to that...


Open Tryouts? Are we gonna pay them with beer too?

Justin A. Cohn

If there's something newsworthy, I will continue to link to Brendan's site. But just for the daily Fort Wayne-sucks rant, I don't think we need to see it.


I agree with open tryouts, I know of a guy here in town that is the grandson of a Hall of Fame Komet player, and he has some serious skills. He has been working so hard hoping he gets a shot to tryout for the Komets. Everytime he walks into the Coliseum and sees his grandfathers name hangin from the rafters it makes him want it that much more. GO POTSY!!


an open tryout would be a great community thing for the komets. even tho savage is [DELETED BY COHN], his idea for an all star game is a pretty good thought. go potsy! good kid good family!

Justin A. Cohn

Let's watch it with the profane insults directed at Mr. Savage, please, we don't need to stoop to his level.

Cat Eyes

Et tu, Jungle Monkey? LOL!!


I don't mind the hockey talk, especially IHL talk.

The only thing I would change about his idea is that the IHL stars play the current points leader.


I love the idea of tryouts. You just never know who's out there. It would be really nice if they could find someone who would be a capable emergency goaltender who's nearby.


Cat, from what I've seen, they wear the white on the road in the NHL. I took note of that because it seemed odd.


Go potsy!!


CatEyes-Nfl football home teams wear dark jerseys/lemon chello=Italian liquor-pealed lemons zest& put with 750 lt.vodka & freeze=find receipt on line.

Cat Eyes

Well...I guess either way, when I see the Sharks play at Columbus next Feb, I'll be wearing the blue jersey...if I'm wearing the road or home, it just won't matter to me! LOL!! Either way, hope I don't get harassed too much by the BlueJacket fans...are there any of those? At least the jersey is not pink...of course, that could have been awkward since I ordered a man's jersey...LOL!!

Karla Stranger

At least that pesky Kyle Busch didnt win today. Darn Jimmie Johnson did though....Wanted Jeff Gordon....


That race was a bigger mess than Kevin Holliday's teeth. What a disaster. Way to put on a show Nascar..


no joke. yet hendrick still wins. Hendrick, Red Bull, and Haas all got to test with goodyear and the COT at Indy and nobody else did. So they at least get to work longer on a setup and work with the tire. Thats why everyone else wasn't as good as Hendrick.

Karla Stranger

Cant stand the COT cars. Way too slow...Toyotas stink...Everyone know that track except maybe the rookies. So cant blame Hendrick. Blame Goodyear...their tires are awful. Way too soft and wear out like water.Somehow NASCAR needs to get out from underneath the Goodyear contract and sign with a better tire company. All there is to it.

Karla Stranger

ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read this....you'll die laughing and yes its about hockey.



those goodyear tires were an absolute joke... slap some hoosiers on those bad boys !!!


This major signing by k-zoo on wed. or thur. must be someone great 107.7 WRKR is really talking this guy up.


Karla... some of the replys in the link need soapy mouth. Awesome team name, though. Funny as all can be!


Can anyone tell me where I can find some information on the Mcmillan mens hockey league? I was interested in playing and can not find anything about it... Thanks


It's got to be a publicity stunt, much like when the old Indy Ice signed former NBA player Manute Bol to a one game contract.


Here is a website for the MAC http://www.fortwayneparks.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=156&Itemid=175 It mostly has junior hockey information on it. I am there a couple times a week with my son who plays squirt. There is a sign there for a new league for 18 and over. Call the main office or Wade Stucky he would know all the scoop on all hockey that goes on there.


Brandon Warner and 3 other rookies have signed!!


wow nice rookies they have lined up 106 goal between the 2 of them.


Those boys are SMALL. 149lbs??? Where is the beef? Those small wingers will need some protection in this league.


Only 1 guy tips the scales at 149#...the rest are your average IHL forward size...@6'0" 200#....


Most hockey players that weigh 150 pounds are 5'5"-5'6"...this guy is 5'10". That's pretty crazy


The other blog says hes actually about 170 lbs. now... Hopefully they can keep their offensive production up for us this year...


I didn't have a problem with his first shot at Fort Wayne. It was at the fans. Many Komet fans here post emotion first, arrogance second, and leave the intellect elsewhere. Having a good discussion here about topics that are out of the range of "THe Komets are the best, who-hoo!" are difficult to accomplish.

His second comment about the Komets joining the NHL was just stupid and had no creativity at all and to me really undid his article. Cohn is always professional about the way he handles himself...class all the way as do the other writers in town...like 'em or hate 'em. BS could learn something from him. Though I'll take BS over that guy in Peoria any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Cat Eyes

Karla...thanks for the hilarious link...I nearly fell off my chair reading that!! I agree with Geronimo, gotta be a publicity stunt...funny stuff there! And hockey-related...LOL!

Cat Eyes

I'm making an effort to not fly off the handle in reaction to DGF's post...so I'll just meditate...:)

Be proud of me, HitSomebody!! LOL! After our nice, intelligent convo on here about the Midwest Hockey League yesterday and everything...


And DGF, I am sure that your comments concerning the team you follow are always calm, and well thought out....

We, as humble K's fans, can only strive to one day hopefully obtain the level of perfect fandom you have obviously reached and be at one with the hockey universe..... I feel peace and tranquility flowing thru me already.....

Cat Eyes

JR...LOL!! Very funny...I always try to remain calm, and it nearly never works, as was evidenced by my rant at Hit the other night...but I am good tonight! No alcohol involved, either!


I am so shocked to hear the news of Debbie McDougall's death. My condolences to Terry and Melissa. Although I never met her, we had corresponded by e-mail over the past year or so. I know she will be dearly missed by all who knew her.


Yeah Rose-Hulman! Woot! Welcome to my hometown away from hometown, Justin. How is the Colts camp going? I haven't had a chance to walk down to watch a practice yet, but maybe I'll see you there this week?


And my point was made.

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