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July 13, 2008



I just heard this about an hour ago...My thoughts and prayers are with his family.My husband liked Guinner even before he got to FW. Rest in peace...


Very sad news, I am sorry to hear it and am very sorry for his family.


My thoughts and prayers go out to the Guinn family. He made one of the most memorable passes to Jonathan Goodwin for the game winner in game 7 vs Rockford in ot..


dude wow. thats sucks, I always had respect for him and wanted him to play for us last season.


To the Guinn family and friends, and Bloomington and Tulsa fans: I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I enjoyed watching Rob play in Fort Wayne, and he must have made quite an impression here. Last season, I would sometimes walk by the visitor's locker room, and I noticed Rob talking to fans and friends from here. I'll be thinking of him next time Bloomington comes to town. He will be missed by fans everywhere.

Job 14:14,15

Adam Craig

My heart and prayers are with the Guinn Family, I am deeply sorry to hear about his passing. Guinner was a great hockey player i really enjoyed watching him during his time in Fort Wayne. May He Rest In Peace.


Terrible news.... My thoughts and prayers go out to the Guinn family. It breaks my heart knowing there's a little girl who will have to grow up without her daddy. As a parent myself this absolutely breaks my heart....


What a horrible tragedy. I never saw him play, but this breaks my heart. I know that life isn't fair, but its time like this that seem especially cruel. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.


My prayers are with the Guinn family. It was such sad news that at a young age had to leave this world. He was such a great player. I remember him playing for Bloomington and everytime they would announce him a lot of the komet fans would yell for him. Let Rob rest in peace. Give his wife and family at this time love understanding from all of his fans.


May Rob's family find comfort that he is now with the Lord. They have my deepest and most heartfelt sympathy in this time of sorrow. Rest in peace Rob...

Pat Hoffmann

One of the nicest and classiest players I've ever interviewed. I remember talking to him live after he assisted on Goodwin's clincher in game 7 against Rockford. He was as calm as could be. Great guy. Great teamate. Sad loss for his family.


Mark, It wasn't just the pass to Goodwin for the OT goal to complete the comeback from down 3 games to 1 against Rockford. If you recall, Chaulk won the draw high in the offensive zone and Guinn made a terrific play right at the blue line just to keep the puck in the zone before driving it deep along the boards drawing the defense and the goalie to his side, then throwing a perfect pass to Goodwin who had a wide open net to win the game. It was a great all-around play by Rob. I know Rob played hurt almost all his time in Fort Wayne and the way he was bashed in our own rink and on this blog by some major contributors to this blog sickened me. They think they know so much about hockey and they might but that is debatable. What is not debatable is they have little humanity and this sad event points it out so much. Rob was truly a class act. He played hurt, practiced, also attended classes (at IPFW I believe), and continued to play through the pain and all due to his love for the game. God bless Rob, his wife, his little girl, and his entire family. This is very sad news.


My family's thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Guinn family. We are deeply saddened by your loss.


My family became season ticket holders because of Rob and have Brooke, Olivia and his parents in our prayers. Our 8 year old daughter was the biggest Rob Guinn fan in the world and this guy treated her like his own kid. After every single game she would run up to him and he would lift her up (bad shoulders and all) and he would ask her how he did that night. He came to her house on her birthday and was willing to play anything with her she wanted. And when he went away to play she would watch his games and try to catch up with him every chance she got. Whe he came back to the IHL he looked for her in the stands and winked like hw always would and she waited by the visitors locker room to see him and hear all the news about his new baby girl. We read all the blogs bashing him and heard the boos in the stands and still to this day have no idea who those so called fans think they are because Rob gave 200% for every game he played. He was a dedicated hockey player, family man and most of all he was our friend. So when you see the girl in section 220 wearing her Rob Guinn jersey on opening night for the last time please take a moment to say a prayer for his family. He will always be apart of our family. God bless you Rob, we know you will be in heaven when the rest of us get there.


sad news and a tragic end to a young life. while i didnt like robs style of play he was a great guy off the ice and he should be remembered as a guy who gave it his all despite being hurt. now he and skate can have hockey arguments in the big barn in the sky! blesss the guinn family.


I too would like to add my thoughts and prayers to Rob's family on his tragic passing.

Karla Stranger

My daughters and my condolences go out to Rob, wife Brook and daughter Olivia. Rob was such a nice guy and will be greatly missed. Whether he played for other teams or not * Once a Komet, Always a Komet* he is and always will be in our hearts and prayers. Rest in peace.

Psalms 23.

Danny Stewart

One of the best and most genuine guys i played with in my time with Fort wayne and my prayers are with Brooke,his little girl olivia and the whole family. Ive spoken to alot of guys that played with him and it has def hit us hard due to everyone having so much respect for Rob as a player and a person. We will miss you Guinner. God bless


Awful news, I always liked him when he played here. God Bless and prayers to his family.


I am very sad to hear about Rob's tragic death. Guinn was a class act both on and off the ice. He always conducted himself with grace and dignity despite some of the harsh comments that certain people made about him.

We will be praying for Brooke and Olivia.


I was deeply shocked/saddened when I heard this yesterday. I always enjoyed watching him play and thoughts and prayers go out to his family.


It is a tragic loss and my thoughts are prayers are with Rob's wife and daughter, as well as the rest of their families.

Charlie Crawford

I too am sadden by this news. He was always a nice guy, willing to stop and talk no matter where I saw him at. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.


very sad news this had to happen.

the IHL's website has a brief and memorial to him.


With the loss of Guinner, I sent an e-mail to the Komets staff asking to 1. put up a memorial on our website .. "once a Komet ..always a Komet" ..and 2. to retire his number. Guinner played his heart out for us here in Fort Wayne!!! Anybody else want to join me in sending requests to Komet Staff? [email protected]


I always thought Rob stuck every situation out to the end. He had so many bumps, bruises, and injuries, and yet he never missed a game. He put his heart into it all. I enjoyed seeing him here last year with Bloomington. He will be missed!


Rob was a great person. So saddened to hear of this tragedy. Rob played for us here back in Elmira and he was indeed a fan favorite. He was my favorite player and always will be. Rest in peace. Thoughts and prayers to his wife, daughter Mom Dad and sister.

Hit Somebody!!!

I am deeply saddened by the loss of Rob. Today has been a very tough day trying to put his loss into perspective. Life is so short and so unpredictable. I feel for his family, friends, and fans alike. Truly a sad day for those who knew him, watched him, and loved him.

joe and sarah jarvis

i first met rob in his second year in fort wayne .he was away from his family so we would have him over for dinner at our house .his positive attitude was very refreshing.he made me a trade if i walked his dog on away games he gave me tickets for the home games.he was so generous with my family .being around rob improved my attitude and my life .once i asked him to hit em hard for me .save the details but he shook the glass all the way around the corner of the rink.it was awesome to know rob and incredible to watch him play hockey.growing up here watching the komets i never thought i would be friends with a player .thank you rob we will always remember you.

Greg Olsen

I played with Guinner in Elmira. What a character he was! I know i can speak for the room of the 20 or so guys that played with him during those years! Guinner was a great man, a real team player. He new what kind of sacrifice it took to be a winner and took it upon himself to lead by example. I have some good memories of some real good times with Guinner that i will hold dear. To his family my thoughts and prayers go out to you. I know there are no words that can describe what you are feeling or what you are going through. I hope that one day soon you can look back and smile and think of the wonderful life he lived and celebrate it. I am so sorry!!!!


andrew noland

i watched rob when he played with the texas wildcatters back in 03-04 he was a great player i just never realized how kind he was i know he will be truly missed my prayers go out to the guinn family

A. Speck

Rob was a good friend and classmate of my wife in the IPFW nursing program. She was fortunate enough to get to know Rob as a person not just a Komet while he was here, and kept in contact with him and Brooke in the two years since he left. I am happy that my wife had such a great friend, and in the handful of times that i met him in person i can say it is easy to see why so many people liked him both on and off the ice. Our prayers go out to Brooke, Olivia, and the rest of the Guinn Family.

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