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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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July 22, 2008



Be glad you are not in Houston=87 degrees but feels like 99 & Mrs.Mightbite wants to move there!!!!


Mightbite....those three my only choices?


Cohn...you're awake? thought the true papparazi come out at night? Zappa!


Yes the double post are back!!!!

I don't have that problem with my blackberry...which i am looking foward to using this komets season


Problem solved again. Yo Icy. Make sure java script is off when posting or you will have what I have, and you don't want that. You get made fun of a lot.


It also burns when you pee....


I am not making fun of you i just get bummed out when i get all excited cause there are 20 new post when there are really only 10...haha i'll do a test


Test test test


Conley...when we make fun of you, your double posting is at the very bottom of that list


Aw. Its nice to know at least one family accepts me.

Cat Eyes

St Chris...thanks for the puck! Yeah, the boy took it to daycare today for show and tell...you were a celeb...I was pretty sure that was you. Although I forgot to check the skates when you walked by! We had a great time, as always...great game, too...good close one! Oh, and you can tell your player #3 he has a new nickname from us...we now call him PC (as in Drouin)..he's got quite a power shot!!

Hey, yeah, count me in on this team if I can learn to skate...I'm not a little tiny girl, and I'll drop the gloves...done it before, only minus the equipment...put me and mightbite on the same line and we'll have some serious goon time out there! LOL!! Plus, I'm decent at street hockey...just don't make me the goalie...my kid scores on me all the time!!

Oh yeah, and I'll most definitely play for alcohol as well...but I'd need a Jeep GUY, no offense to Carrie...:)

Cat Eyes

Bruce...you're right...our kids together might make a decent goalie...mine already is missing his front teeth, so he's got that going for him!! Was nice to hang out with you and "the girls" last night...you guys are great! We'll have to do that again next week, or soon, anyway.


Pleasure was all mine.#3 is Wade Stuckey the new midwest league president...yes, he has a killer shot, got a knot on my left thigh the size of a tennis ball from one of his shots last night...no lie, still hurts! I love screening for his shot but sometimes my timing is off and I take the shrapnel. We're not pro but still play some good hockey.

Cat Eyes

Could you hear our chanting? Cohny asked, so we delivered...but with two people chanting, it's not exactly rockin' the Mac, ya know? His wife and daughter heard and gave us strange looks...I would have explained but the little one started to wail, so she was escorted out, so I did not get the chance...I'm sure she is used to people doing strange things around her hubby by now!! LOL! Oh, hi Cohny!! How's the burning mecca of Indy? Found Payton yet? If he tries to get away, you can always grab a crutch...wow, I am so cruel! Ya gotta ask Dungy where he got his MD...he's predicting a full recovery for Manning by the start of the season, and I was just wondering where he went to med school...kinda late in the off-season for that surgery, isn't it? But I'm not a doctor either, nor do I play one on tv...so what do I know?? Have fun and be safe! Don't strain the wrist typing or anything...LOL!!


All right, throw me in for a power forward role.....over 12 years experience of pond hockey.

I cheat, stick's to the back leg, clutching, grabbing, you name it, I do it.


I'm gonna guard the beer cart so nothing goes, ya know, "missing"! I'll take my pay in suds also!


welcome aboard junior.


Hey, Justin. So you're in Terre Haute? I lived there for several years. My condolences. Aw, I kid. :D

And in case you are wondering, I WAS at the game last night. I was just invisible. Bet you didn't know I had that power, did you? :P Sadly, no... I was snowed under as usual. It does sound like it was quite a game, though. Don't worry. I'll get there.


St.Chris=no just my choice=but I'll share/CatsEyes-Please leave Peyton alone=no cages.port huron signed a tough young guy-may not have snowball?


Labatt Blue... my brother of the mightbite tribe.


I'm not really a beer drinker... would it be OK if I was trying to skate while not spilling my margarita on the ice? That'd be a sight. %}

Mrs. Mightbite

How about a lemoncello?

Cat Eyes

mightbite...will I ever get away from that darn cage??? I really am a nice girl...unless ya make me mad...LOL!! There is no cage...I promise!! No wonder no one wants to meet me...Peyton is safe...not from my sister, maybe, she'd tackle him for sure!! Oops, better not talk about that, though.

Wendy, you have super powers? Me, too! I have the power to alienate bloggers with a single post!! Isn't that impressive?? LOL! Just kidding (I hope...)! I have other super powers too, but we won't discuss them on here, because they aren't hockey-related...they are alcohol-related, however..and belching is involved...I am SO not a girl sometimes...LOL!!

Uh-oh, Deuce, I have seen you down the suds many a time...if we are paying you in suds, we might have to negotiate a better contract...or you might have to be part-time or something...you could be quite expensive for the team...watch out, guys, I'm tellin' ya...love ya, Deuce!!


You had to go and ruin it for me didn't you Cat? What a pal you are!

Cat Eyes

That's what ya get for revealing a girl's age on a blog, Deuce, my man...insert evil laugh here...speaking of all these drinks, I'm thirsty, where is my Mike's hard lemonade?? Better get off my butt and get me one!! Or a vodka and cranberry...hmmm....

FiveMinuteMajor, a margarita is already almost ice anyway, so I think it would be within league rules, right? I say go for it!! :)

Mrs. Mightbite!! My favorite Mrs. on the blog!! What the heck is a lemoncello? Never had one, but I'd like to...

Hit Somebody!!!

I,....(Insert Blogger Name Here).. am an alcoholic.

I don't mean to damper your fun and games on the blog, but gheesh people!

Wade Stuckey president of a "A" hockey league....wow. I bet all the other leagues are shivering in their boots as Wade puts together his beer league. I doubt another team in INDY will block a possible IHL team there...at least I would hope not. Who the heck will pay to watch that garbage? I doubt it works. Those towns listed really aren't hockey hot-beds if you know what I mean. Drop the puck Stuckey!!!

Cat Eyes

Ummm...ever heard of fun, HitSomebody????? And crack on Wade all you want to...what league are YOU putting together, exactly? Ohhh...none? OK. And, did you just call hockey garbage? Wow...bummer. Have a nice night!!

Cat Eyes

Besides, it's not nice to call people names...no one on here sounds like an alcoholic...you are not qualified to make that determination based on a few posts, so don't even go there. Like Justin always says, healthy discussion is encouraged, personal attacks are not ok...I'd say calling someone an alcoholic sounds like borderline personal attack to me...you've honestly offended me with that one. You don't know me.


hit somebody didn't i c ya sittin on blake "da super fan" sebring shoulders watchin the trf parade? had to be a good view for someone of ur stature.

Cat Eyes

Hey! Anyone who, like me, might be sorta new to this sport or might just need a refresher to this terminology, I found this great page...it's on the Cincinnati Cyclone's site (Mitch Woods's new team)...


It's pretty cool, at least to a newbie like me! I found some things on there that I had never heard before (not too surprising...). I now have homework!! And sadly, lots of time to do it before October...but I can watch the blue team on some of this stuff!! LOL!

Jerad Shaw

Simma down ladies and gentlemen. Keep it fun and hearty! Since Justin isn't here, I have apointed myself as the Blog Police. It's a pretty obvious choice. I'm by far the most level head and quiet person on the blog.


Level-headed and quiet? What is your career average for getting "Shawed" during a season? (for Cat, that means getting tossed out of the arena)
SHAW RULES!!! - at least until Cohny gets back;)


Cat... here is another good link for beginners:

Hit Somebody!!!

I was joking...ummmm...since like every post on this page mentioned beer or the likes. Take it easy there cat eyes. I was not personally attacking anyone. Joking yes. There is a slight difference.

I was simply stating also that the league Wade is putting together will not harm the likes of the IHL and the future expansion possibilities of the IHL into markets like those of INDY. No, I am not putting together a league...that was not the point. The point was, INDY is a big opportunity for the future of expansion in the IHL. I don't think that Wade's league will threaten that chance. Wow. Way to fly off the handle though.

Buttermilk? Where did you come up with that one? Wasn't at the TRF parade. Nice try though.

Karla Stranger

Bethany Bairds journal entry for today.

THURSDAY, JULY 24, 2008 08:47 PM, CDT

Hello again,

Today was a good day. Jason rested as I played Tragically Hip for him (thanks Joey) and his vitals stayed stable all day. He of course reacts when they move him to help continue in his daily recovery routine but for the most part he stayed rested today. His breathing is still very strong which respiratory tell me that is wonderful because once he comes off the ventilator it will be easier for him to adjust to breathing fully on his own. He is looking better each and every day and though this road is a long one he seems to be jogging rather than walking down it! Not that you could expect anything less from Jason. We have his third surgery scheduled for late tomorrow afternoon on his back and will also find out the results of his right arm. So tomorrow is a big day!

For those of you who are worried about me, please don't be :) Jason is doing well each day which means I am doing well. He is my other half who makes me whole. He needs me the way I need him so yes I am eating and I actually take vitamins daily. I am no good to him if I don't take care of myself. Thank you for all your concerns though. I know it is because you care.

On another note, I have to put this out there because it is soooo very important! On surgery days Jason recieves alot of blood. And today actually he recieved even more. Which this is normal so don't be alarmed by this. But my point for this subject is I cannot stress how important it is to replace what is taken each day. Every time you donate blood you literally save someone's life. Someone has helped save my husbands almost every other day. So please when you see that your community is putting the opportunity out there, it only takes twenty minutes or so to save someone's life. Today six people donated blood on Jason's behalf. Thank you.

Well tomorrow I will update early again so that you all know the results sooner rather than later. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the cards, flowers and prayers!! Like I have said before and will keep saying, you guys are so wonderful and we really appreciate everything. Jason and I are really going to have alot of thank you cards to write when all this is over ;) So with all said, goodbye for now.




CatsEyes its frozen vodka + lemons & left in freezer-


Shaw as Blog Police?

That's like naming Shafranov enforcer....

Cat, you've dashed my dreams with this "no cage" business.... =(

Cat Eyes

HitSomebody...flying off the handle is one of my strong points...I am an Irish redhead...sure sounded like an attack on us drinkers to me...sorry if I jumped the proverbial gun there. Peace?

Ya gotta admit, though, you DID call Wade's league "garbage"...he's a pretty big dude, and seems very cool...not sure I'd make him mad...plus, it IS hockey, and one thing we all have in common on this blog is that we love hockey, so can we at least not call it garbage? That would be really cool...I'd stay grounded, less flying off handles then, too! :) Plus, I don't think anyone on here is really thinking this league will threaten the IHL...but we can always dream, right? LOL!! It's ok, though, we're good...

Cat Eyes

Uh-oh...I better watch myself, or Shaw's gonna put ME in the cage...:0

Thanks, Geronimo...your site is great too! I printed that one also and will add to the homework list. Good stuff on there!

Thanks for the "recipe", mightbite...I'll go to the store later!

JungleMonkey...don't ever give up on dreams!! And you know what they say about us women...we always reserve the right to change our minds...that's just how we are, you know! ;) Besides, I thought monkeys did not like cages?? Only because you can't get out to see Komet games, of course...LOL!


1 one the way to 13=the more I drink the more I drink/I don't like fruity little drinks cause I shoot whiskey.

Justin Cohn

Wait, there were people chanting my name and my wife gave dirty looks? I doubt it. She was just frantic, chasing my daugther throughout the stands. Tabitha tried to kiss me through the glass though; that was adorable.


I'm not a nice girl. ;)

I guess Hit Somebody and Cat have made up, but I would point out that it really isn't in very good taste even to joke about someone being an alcoholic. I know a former alcoholic, and it is very serious business. I'm sure you all know that. I'm not one to make a big deal out of things like that. I'm just saying that the lady has a point.

As for me, I don't drink. At least I never have. I'm just waiting for Vladimir Kulich to ask me to have some vodka with him. I want my first time to be special. :D

And yeah, we could go round and round about leagues. If you watch an NHL game, you'll think the Komets stink. If you watch the Komets, any amateur game will stink. You know what? I don't care. Just play. That's what it’s all about.

And speaking of hockey terminology, I came up with a few definitions last winter for the hockey illiterate who read my blog. Naturally, they were clueless. Maybe I'll get a better reaction here:
Penalty Kill: The murder of a referee who makes a lot of questionable calls.

Power Play: A 120 mph slapshot.

Icing: Winning a regular season game after your team has already secured a playoff position.

PIMs: An acronym for “Players Intentionally Mauled”

Cat Eyes

Cohny...no, no, not dirty looks, just funny ones...probably trying to figure out why we were chanting when you guys did not have the puck, maybe! :) And yes, the poor lady was running herself ragged...your tiny girl is adorable, and energetic!! I remember when "the goalie" was that age...I tried to rein him in, but it never worked for me, either! He fell off some softball bleachers once...was fine, turned around and climbed right back up. The kid's gonna kill me!

Um, Wendy, did you just call me a lady?? LOL!! And I like your definitions also...I'm sure I'd get more than a few odd looks, possibly even dirty ones, from fellow Komet fans if I started using your definitions, but they are darn funny!! Bruce on this blog liked my sister's reaction to the icing calls out at the Mac game she attended with me...she got all excited and thought there would be cake!! I almost fell off the bleachers myself...

mightbite...enjoy yourself!! Just remember...don't shoot yourself on accident while shooting the whiskey, ok? LOL!!

Karla Stranger

WHOA!!!!!!!!!!Did anyone hear about the basebrawl they had in Dayton last night? 15 players ejected (then overturned, due to 2 pitchers would have had to play in the outfield)and BOTH managers. Arrested the pitcher of the Peoria Chiefs for felony battery for throwing a ball into the stands hitting a fan and sending him to the hospital,and currently is being held on 500,000 bond and his passport taken away.

Oh WONDERFUL! The Wizards play The Peoria Chiefs tomorrow night in the Castle. May just go and see what ensues.

They say hockey is dangerous....GEESH!


I heard that was all a misunderstanding. He was trying to hit the players in the dugout. :P Naturally my first reaction was, "Oh. The dugout. Well THAT's different." My second thought was, "Hmmmm... Not much of a pitcher, is he? He completely missed the dugout."


So now it's not ok to tell a joke about people talking way too much about drinking on the Ice Chips blog, but it's OK to make light of a woman watching a baseball game and getting knocked out by a hot head pitcher? Classy!!!

Oh, and how dare you Hit!

Katla Stranger

Good news on Jason today.

FRIDAY, JULY 25, 2008 05:22 PM, CDT
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Ok I am updating early because I am so excited and happy to pass on the great news! They just completed Jason's third surgery and it was a success!!!!!They were able to complete his back. Also, it is confirmed Jason's right arm took to the graft 100%!!! So amazing! Thank you GOD! AND to give even more great news, my husband opened his eyes today and looked at me! I was talking to him this morning and I could see his mouth moving as if he was trying to tell me something. So I began to tell him that everything was ok and that I was right next to him and he opened his eyes and looked at me and blinked! It took my breath away. I saw his beautiful eyes! So great news all around and I just couldn't wait to share it! Thank you everyone for your prayers! We have the next surgery scheduled Monday so Jason has the weekend to rest.

I never thought that seeing my husband's eyes would make me feel so full of joy the way it did today. Makes me realize how much is taken for granted on a daily basis. Keep us in your prayers and we will keep pushing forward. I will update again tomorrow night. Sorry tonight is short but I want to get back to my husband. Plus I am so excited I can't concentrate. :) So with all good said...goodbye for now.



Jerad Shaw

Hockey Talk????? Just curious. I am the police of the blog. Conley and I have spoken. Hockey talk is what we need right now.

Jerad Shaw

I wasn't making light about the Baird situation, just was stating that we need to stay on this blog about hockey is all!!!!!! KOMET HOCKEY THAT IS!!!


HOCKEY predictions by mightbite=NHL Champions=Calgary Flames/IHL Champions=K's/Komets have three players with 300+ PIMS.

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