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July 01, 2008



hhhhmmm....still pretty bored....that back fired


I've been told that Huk is not coming back, but I don't know for sure...


It looks like more bad news for the SteelHounds. http://www.vindy.com/news/2008/jul/03/ssrqhounds8217-kaminski-will-coach-riverkings/

Bubb Rubb



Everclear (aka jet fuel) and Kool-aid................wow the alcohol and the 16 cups of sugar to make Kool-aid mixed together makes one potent concotion....lol


this is going to be a long summer

Cat Eyes

Wow...losing Huk would sure hurt badly...hope that is just a nasty rumor you heard, Hoss!! Keep us posted when you know more. Preferably when you know more good news, but whatever you know will do...

JR...yep, it was a pretty potent concoction back in the day...from what I remember! Others seem to have clearer memories about than I do, so you'll have to ask Deuce...he was a willing participant in aiding and abetting the Turbo Twins in their escapades back then.

Too bad about the Steelhounds. When I had not heard a single word for weeks, I had that feeling, though...oh well, maybe they will get it together for next year? Hope so...all I can think of is their fans, and put myself in their place. Right about now, their blog is probably full of expletives!! And I'm guessing no one thinks anyone high up in that organization is cute in any way, shape, or form! LOL! Not that it seems to be entirely all their fault, but still...blame enough to go around on both sides, as they say. What a blow to that city, though. Makes me appreciate my hockey team a heck of a lot more right about now!! Even if we don't know who's gonna be on it yet...we still have one!


I've heard Huck is holding out for more money but I think in the end he'll be back. Its either play in FW or retire.


Call me stupid, but what does chl behind Hansen mean?


chl= central hockey league


any word on Hodgeman yet?


I can neither confirm nor deny any story relating to any past actions by some on Turbo Charged Kool Aid. But, I do have a price for such info. Lol. Have a great and safe 4th everyone.


Hodgeman is going to be in the pre-camp for the Wild. I hope he catches on there, but I don't think he will. I bet he goes back to the OHL.


See website for Hodgeman with Wild.



Detroit Redguins should go far this year:)
Hodgy should just come back. Nothing like 7400 screaming fans on your side EVERY GAME. But I suppose if you can get 18000 or so every game, that wouldn't be so bad either.


vets were druin,shaf,marchant,chaulk,dupuis,hansen. i think hukalo,bertrram and maybe henley are close if not over the limit. have to check farther.


Port Huron has also signed center Jeff Bateman. He looks to be a decent set-up man that played a couple of years in the AHL.


Good opportunity for Bateman. His numbers aren't too impressive in the "bigs", though.
Maybe he'll pan out, unlike some of the Durdin types. Perhaps familiarity and respect for his coach will make the difference.


07-08 vets were: Shafranov, Dupuis, Chaulk, Drouin, Marchant, Hansen & Henley.
Bertram & Hukalo were technically "tweeners". Bertram will be a vet. Is Hukalo still under 300 games?

I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!


Hey Cat... have the "goalie" feast his eyes on this one:
I was at this game and it happened right in front of me. A lot of good save clips out there, but this was the most incredible to me (slightly partial).
Need Shaf and Guy back and all will be under control;]
Let's kick this pig and get some signings!
Wish list:
Huckalo, Morency, Woods and Chaulk on PK. And you thought the other teams SOG were low before!

Hit Somebody!!!

Ruid coming back? Hope not. Lazy. Mouthy. Too big for his helmet.

Who will be in the pipes? That is the only thing we haven't heard anything about at all. Does Reiter and Boucher try to land big contracts in other leagues...or does one or both come back. I would venture a guess that if Nick is back, Kevin is not. Kevin doesn't like being #2....or co-#1. If Kevin comes back, you will see a Rookie as the back-up would be my guess.

We need Woody back. I would like to see a guy like Saidachev back again too. He would be a good rookie for another year. Hustles, hits, can score, chippy at times.

We will have another nice team for sure this coming year. Chaulker, Sims, and Co. will bring in some studs once again. Looks like Muskegon is bringing in the Senior Citizen All-Stars. Wonder if Brant Blackned will come out of the "home" to play this season in black and teal also. Heck, Rammer ought to lace 'em up too. LOL

Drop the puck. Can't wait until the season opener.


I think Ruid would be nice to have back since he wouldn't feel the need to be a leader on the team with both Chaulk and Guy. He could just be the guy that plays his game, but he would also take up a vet spot, wouldn't he?

Cat Eyes

HitSomebody...I was just saying that at the family BBQ yesterday...we have not heard word one about a goalie signing...hope we get Boucher back at the very least. He was my personal fave. Reiter was not bad, just that I felt like tying him to the crossbars with a bungee cord every game, he made me so nervous...he always seems to venture so far out there. I know it works for some, just makes me nervous to watch him play!!

From everything that has been reported in the papers anyway, the Frankes seem to really want Saidachev back and are making it a priority, so I think that's a good sign! I'll keep my fingers crossed for him back too...I really liked him. What was his injury last year that kept him off, or was it just a "keep him under the game limit" sort of "injury"? I remember him not playing a lot and being on IR, but I also know they wanted to keep him on rookie status, so I wondered if that was why they just said he was injured. Hope so...want him healthy and back here in October!!


I think Saidachev had a knee injury and that it was a "legit" injury...


I want list=Sgori-Mirasty-Morencey-Woods-Legault-Henley-


finally! If you read the paper slowly you could see that they wanted to get rid of him. LOL (he sucked anyway.)

Cat Eyes

Geronimo...thanks for the clip! "The Goalie" and I watched it about 10 times today (you know kids have to do everything over and over at this age!), and he loved it! It was an awesome save...was that St Pierre? I was trying to read the number on the back as he flips over, and could not quite get it. I still need to get the boy up on the skates this summer...hope the soccer goalie skills translate into hockey...he sure loves the game enough to really want to learn!! Hey, how's your team been doing, btw?

JR...thanks...I was never sure about the injury. Good to know! Sure hope it gets time to rest over the summer.


Yep, that's St. Pierre making that save, I could watch that clip over and over again too!


Cat.. you need to watch it over and over again because it happened so fast. Didn't even have time to think that we were about to get burned on a turnover. The crowd went nuts after that one.
Team is not doing to great. Had to forfeit last game becuase most of the team was out of town for a convention. Plex was closed last weekend for the holiday, so three weeks w/o hockey (I skated on the tennis court a few times, but I blew out a front wheel:()
I was at Wright State University last weekend, and as I was strolling through the upper corridor, one section of a wall had pictures of former Bombers players that made it to the NHL. My favorite Eric Boguenecki's picture was there, but I had to crack up when I saw Dave VanDrunens too. Couldn't believe the were even on the same wall:)

Cat Eyes

Geronimo...that's what I love about this game...it is quick!! Sorry your team is not faring so well...I would say I'll come out and cheer ya on, but that was not such a good thing last time for you all either :( Plus now that it is really hot, there really could be a fire in the bleachers, I might spontaneously combust with no air conditioning! LOL! Any word yet on Van Drunen re-signing with Muskegon? I have not been on there page for a while...boss is gone today, might have to surf... Did you go to school at Wright State, is that why you were there?

Sid the Kid

Reiter and Boucher are both coming back...very high source....don't worry about the pipes!

Cat Eyes

Yay!!! I'll get the bungee cord ready for Reiter......I'll make it an orange one so as to be in team colors and all :)


Someone on another site is saying that Van Drunen, Plante, and Moyer all d-men for the Fury last year are signing with a team in the CHL...


Komets goalies didnt see too many shots last year so I could really care less what a goalie does to "stay" in the game mentally... As long as he's there when it counts and gives us a chance to win most nights(which both goalies did), then do jumping jacks or cart wheels if need be...lol

Cat Eyes

JR...I know, Reiter was great for us, it just made me nervous, and in one of the playoff games, I did see him let one though when he wandered out, which just reinforced in my own head that he needed to be back in the net farther like Boucher normally is. Personal style of play means nothing to me when I am chewing off my nails during the game! LOL! Poor guy...he really is great, had many shutouts (do they call them that in hockey too? baseball term...) during the season, and lots of great saves, so I should not complain at all. I just love to watch Boucher, comparatively speaking, is all. He just makes it look safer...hard to explain...makes me sound all girly!! Sorry! I'd be happy if both or either came back, though, to be honest. I hope both, because I am greedy! :)


Nope, never did college. Was attending a Bible convention there. Half of my team was there. The other half went to a convention in Toledo, same weekend, hence, the forfeit. But we'll be back in "action" (hah!)this Friday at 5:30. Will definitely be freezing the water bottles for this game. Should weigh myself before and after a game. Have NEVER sweated so much in my life! It's gonna be HOT!

Cat Eyes

Geronimo...good luck Friday! I'll think of you guys and wish ya luck from afar...I'll be heading out early Saturday AM to go to a wedding in Ohio (a cousin of mine). I'm taking Friday off work and the goalie and I are gonna hit the zoo and hang out for a while, just us. Maybe I can talk him into watching Game 7 with me inside if it is too hot outside to play street hockey in the afternoon...try to stay as cool as ya can there, and have fun!

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