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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at [email protected].

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July 01, 2008



That's to bad he was a cutie
.....haha sorry had to do it. wish the best for him but I think we got the better end out of the deal


Well Muskegon and Port Huron are out of the gates fast with their signings. Littlejohn is a good signing in Muskegon and I believe they will be signing Chad Woolard aslo.


Nice to know the JG is finally up to speed on the latest. :D

Seriously, though, thank you for the story, even if it is belated. Funny how they can't confirm the team he's joining. The Foxes are certainly going to be surprised if he doesn't show considering that they have his picture up on their website.


Bertam resigned this morning. Should be announced soon!


Good for Muskegon! Hopefully they hire more former QC players. Maybe they can be as mediocre as the Mallards were the past three or so seasons in the U.


Don't tell anyone but Warner will be back, deal is done just have to put it on paper.

Cat Eyes

thanks, deuce...been waiting for that reveal!! i was a good girl and kept quiet all weekend!

the jg story seemed to show a little behind the scenes animosity toward durdin...they must not have been too impressed with something they saw in him either, on or off the ice, i guess! that italian article said something about not being able to reach an accord...gotta wonder what that was about? oh well, we will never know, i am sure!


Hey Insider, do you mean re-signed as in he'll be back next year or resigned as in retired? I'm hoping for the former... *crosses fingers*


Hope that is true about Bertram+Warner=also hear rumors about Legault returning.


I'm sure Shaf and Guy will be along someday soon.

Karla Stranger

Legault was already signed at the end of the year,so thats no big news. He was put on the non-playing roster because of player #s during the play-offs.


legault still has to sign. once he was off the playoff roster he was a free agent.


FiveMinuteMajor: I got on someone's case about that before. I think it is safe to say they mean re-sign.

And deuce? Cat Eyes? You've been holding out on us? Frankly, I'm shocked. No really. I'm shocked! How is it that you have access to inside info?

Well, I look forward to the official announcements. All are most welcome and appreciated, of course.


Oh and... If anyone is interested in reading my capsule review for the Mike Myers film "The Love Guru" (which deals, in part, with hockey), here is a link. LG is second from the bottom.


Karla Stranger

NO chuckitt.....He was placed on the non-roster spot. He was already under contract. There is no resigning needed for him. Since he was hurt and you cant put them on IR, they put him on non-playing roster. BUT still part of the team. Did you notice he was on the ice in uniform when the celebration began? Where was Shirikov? Trust me I have friends in high places that gave me the information at the start of the play-offs.

Karla Stranger

Here is the listing for the 2008 Free Agent signings for the NHL for anyone whos interested.



I talked to Warner last week and that's what he said.


Karla Stranger you are right for the playoffs, but once the season and playoffs end. He becomes a free agent. Then they have to resign him for the next season.


Speaking of "The Love Guru", Leo Thomas (Bloomington Prarie Thunder) was the stunt double for one of the main characters.

Karla Stranger

*Bangs head against a wall* nooooooooody listens.....what part of *Legault was already under contract* dont you understand. He signed a 2 year deal when they signed him the 1st time.Last year was year 1. *Bangs harder*


Karla....sorry to tell you, but I think chuckitt and lovelost are correct....Legault is NOT under contract for this coming season yet. Read the presser from the Komets when they signed Drouin and take note where it says:

"Drouin joins Fort Wayne head coach Al Sims and veteran center Colin Chaulk as Komet returnees for 2008-09. Sims and Chaulk will each be serving the second year of their current agreements with the Komets."


Nowhere does it mention Legault. If this were to be the 2nd year of a 2 year deal, I'm sure that they would have mentioned it.

If you have something that says that he is under contract, I'm sure that a lot of us would like to see it. I really like Legault and definitely want to see him back.

I'm not trying to stir the pot or anything...I just would hate to see you hurt yourself by continuing to bang your head on the wall :-)


Chase let the cat out of the bag at the season ending party. I don't think he intended to, but he did all the same... It would make a lot of sense that Legs was under two year deal, that made it a lot easier to sit him at playoff time. I think Karla is onto something....


And why wouldn't you hold off on a press release until you need to stir some excitement in the dead time at the end of August? K.O. Legualt would give fans something to talk about for a week or so...


legalt is a free agent. he wants to play here and they want him to play here. if you are going to pat yourself on the back for having somekind of inside info then dont embaras yourself with inacurate info. we are all looking for the same thing here, success!

Karla Stranger

After exhaustingly searching this is what I found....Have to type it verbatim since wont let me copy and paste the section in question...

Komets elected to not place Maxim Shirikov on the final roster making the defenseman eligible for the IHL waiver draft which will take place Tuesday. Winger Olivier Legault was placed on *unable to perform* spot on the final roster and the Komets will retain his rights for next season.

Charlie I

Since everyone is bored...why not do trivia. I finally have had to time to update (thanks to those who have played througout the season even though i didn't change much). For you ladies and others new to the blog or have forgotten this is my trivia game that has diffrent categories each day of trivia questions. It is free so come try and see if you are smarter then your fellow blogger. here is the link.


Karla Stranger

Here is the link read it yourself.



Retain His Rights... Doesnt equal having **Signed to Play**

Karla Stranger

HOTTTTT!!!off the rumor mill....Komets are talking to J.C.Ruid.


enufalready is correct...just because the Komets "retain the rights" of a player does not mean that they are under contractual obligation to play for the Komets. It simply prevents another team in the league from signing him to a contract. He could go and sign in some other league though. For example, since the Komets extended a qualifying offer to Durdin, he could not have signed with another team in the IHL for 90 days, however he was able to sign a contract to play with a team in Italy. Also, the Komets owned the rights to Jim Duhart for some time a few years back and he never played for the K's.


Sounds like Musky and Port Huron are off to a solid start this offseason... Cant wait until we have some signings to announce. Hopefully we announce some soon.

Cat Eyes

wendy...after reading your less-than-stellar review of love guru...might want to just skip that one, i am guessing? or at least wait till it hits the dollar theatre? bummer...i like mike myers and hockey, and hoped together they might be okay...oh well!

sorry to hold out on ya...deuce made me promise not to tell what warner told him! i have no inside info other than what i get from him! he sees people all the time...he's just a friendly guy and gets out a lot, and unlike me running into mr dupuis, deuce just busts out and asks these guys what's going on with them! guess i should be taking lessons...i'm just not quite as bold as i once was, am i deuce?

karla, how's it going over there in the land of the prairie thunder? are you adjusting well?


Not as bold as I once was but bold as I ever was ? Karla any where close to finding that Ewasko jersey?

Karla Stranger

*SIGHS* I am NOT in Bloomington yet.Have to stay till I can get my daughters health issues under control.She diabetic and has epileptic seizures. Lately BOTH have been unstable. She is now sporting a HUGE bruise on her knee from having a seizure and falling yesterday.

Been 5 weeks since Ive saw my husband. It sucks, but she comes 1st. Cant have him here because it stresses her out and her blood sugar plummets.

Going for the weekend and will see how she does. If she does well, it will be soon and I will move.

NO! I am NOT looking for an Ewasko jersey.


Just find some of that world famous turbo charged Kool Aid of yours Cat, that ought to get you bold again!

Cat Eyes

karla...gosh...good luck with your daughter's health issues! that sounds scary! i hope the weekend goes well for you all. know what you mean about the kid coming first...but that is hard for you, poor girl!! i'll be thinkin' about ya this weekend!

Cat Eyes

hmmm...had not thought of that solution, deuce...might have to try that for the next end of season party...you drive, okay? look out, komets! lol!


good luck karla!!


So, if the K's are talking to Ruid, what vets are they not talking to.... Because unless I am mistaken, Hukalo will be a vet this coming year and I would think they will bring him back. Chaulk, Drouin, Dupuis/Shafranov(if rumors prove true), Hukalo... Thats 5 of 7 vet spots taken... Who's not coming back???


Turbo charged kool-aid??????


Ruid? Didn't we learn the first time around?


Ruid can score 40 goals, but he does not play any D. I would rather have 3 Chaulk/Hukalo type two way players than 1 J.C.Ruid

Charlie I

Durdin was one vet. Henley is the other not coming back I beleive. That is I believe he won't be back. Bert maybe considered a vet though this year if he comes back. Marchant would have to not come back. If Hansen was a vet he may not return.


Since Harbz mention Duhart, how 'bout a top ten list of the least liked opposing players in the last ten years. Work on that one, Cohny.
K's need to get cracken' on some signings - that'll get everyone going.


Hey Cat Eyes. :) Yeah, I like Mike Myers too. I knew the reviews had been brutal, but I wanted to see it anyway because it is about hockey -- sort of. So I would say that it depends on how desperate you are. If you really need a hockey fix and don't mind if the movie is only so-so at best, then go for it. There isn't much actual hockey in it, though. That is, there is even less than what one might expect. For a more hockey-centric perspective on the film, I recommend this review:


Well, I get out, too. To the grocery, movie theater, post office, and such. But I never seem to run into any players in those places. Drat. I must be on the wrong end of town.


GOD BLESS your daughter-Karla=maybe Ewasko will come to the K's.


I thought Ruid killed penalties & had a few shorthand goals??

Cat Eyes

JR...in my younger, MUCH wilder days, my beverage of choice was Everclear and KoolAid...I was known as one half of the Turbo Twins...my best friend was the other one! Have not done that for many years! Please tell me I did not just reveal my secret identity...:)

Someone (can't remember who now) on this blog told me that Durdin was not considered a vet...and I did not think he had been playing professionally long enough to be one anyway? He's only been on the scene for like 3 or 4 years, right? How long before they are considered a vet?

Great topic idea, Geronimo...I have my list all ready for ya!! I'll wait to see if Justin posts the topic, if not we can run it ourselves! :)

I'll have to try the trivia link that someone posted earlier on here...it sounds like something to do!

Everyone be safe for the 4th!

Thanks for the second review, Wendy...I may check it out anyway...we'll see...but I may still wait for the dollar theatre! And I'm with you...I never run into any players on my end of town either!! And I even hang out with Deuce and never run into them when I am with him...just never with him at the right times!



I am super bored at work and would really like some signings to brighten my day.



Shaf - in
Bert - in
Hansen - chl
Marchant - retires

....more to come soon!

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