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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at [email protected].

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July 05, 2008



Wow Keli Corpse that high? He was a good player but not that good. I put Venedam over Corpse.

Hit Somebody!!!

Corpse was awesome the first couple of years in the UHL. He played the playoffs the one year with a torn ACL and nearly pulled off the magic trick as he was dominate. He was a slick player. Tough as nails for his size. Venedam did have the one year on the Chaulk and Goodwin line where he was out of this world. But Bobby Stewart could be higher up on the list too, heck he nearly had 50 goals the year of the previous cup and he was dominate that year. I pretty much agree with the list Justin has there. Bouchard keeps landing on all-time Komet lists...he was so quiet in my book on the ice. But I really am not sure who goes in his place on that list either...so good list all and all.


I am protesting Ice Chips till Kelly Miller gets on the Honorable mentions list!!!


Mario Larocque also did good here. His rocket shot from the point netted some great goals. Strange though, he never put up the numbers anywhere else he played. So he just needs to come back.


Boucher-but not Reiter??

Cat Eyes

Where is St Pierre now? Is he still playing anywhere? All I could find on Google was that he played in the CHL fr the Oilers last season, but nothing yet about this season. Also said he was injured and had to have wrist surgery...didn't sound good!


I was thinking maybe Justin put Boucher in there over Reiter because Boucher basically won us the championship... but then again St. Pierre never won a title here and he's in the top ten. However, St. Pierre's career numbers here make it impossible to leave him off the list, championship or not. Maybe it was a brain cramp on Justin's part? Good list though, should be fun to see what everyone else thinks!


Ok I re-read my post and I think I had a brain cramp too. I meant to say maybe it was a brain cramp leaving Reiter off the list... I think the lack of sleep from my redneck neighbors blowing stuff up until 3am the last three nights is getting to me!


You can thank our city councilman didier & co. for that one/Tom Nelson kind of dominated while here also.


Lawdog should be on that list. And Massie should be higher. That dude was a true Komet in my opinion. He did it all.

Justin Cohn

I'm not even sure what this guy's gripe is about anymore, but for your interest: http://www.mlive.com/generals/index.ssf/2008/07/hockey_season_in_july_please_s.html


It's obvious, JC. He's JEALOUS!


not jealous, demented!! only list id put kelly corpse on is slacker.


I'm on one day of the strike and going strong...


Take a look at this article about all of the CHL defections to Europe. It includes Bruce Richardson, only after one year in the CHL...hmmmm? Wonder if that will have a trickle down effect to IHL talent from this past year heading over to CHL...

Cat Eyes

Justin, that article ya posted...A)this guy thinks hockey in summer is a nightmare?? He is SO not a fan...I'd be there year-round if it was offered...is it October yet?? and B)has he been reading this blog for the last 2 weeks or so? We've been talking about hockey dreams and Pokey Reddick, and so he writes his article about that?? Wow...must've been a slow day for him mentally...been there myself, but still...thanks for the Monday morning laugh!!


some of the "defections" could be going home....


Cat Eyes, He is just mad at the world since Tiger isn't going to play at the Buick Open and that is the only good thing that happens in Flint, or close to Flint. He looks foward to it like a kid looking foward to Christmas, and he is mad that "Santa" had his knee repaired!

Cat Eyes

Hoss...oh...well, that explains a lot...watching golf to me is like watching paint dry...I'm way too hyper for that sport!! Too much of an adrenaline junkie myself. I'm a hockey and motocross chick who also loves a good game of baseball once in a while. I appreciate Tiger's talent, tho...but this writer needs to get a grip! LOL!!


You can add David Beauregard to the list of CHL players to leave for Europe. He played last season with Tulsa and is headed to England.


That's Mr.Savage throwing a little bait to see who will nibble.

Cat Eyes

Oh my gosh...a St. Chris sighting!! How's the team doing? I had to post a comment to Mr. Savage's article...it was a polite one, though...nothing rude from me! I invited him to the home opener here at the Jungle and wished him more pleasant dreams!! :) So I nibbled, but lightly...with little kitten teeth...



Make that 4 returnees for 08-09...



Charlie I


hockey questions today

Hit Somebody!!!

Savage has had no traffic in months. He needs some early month numbers to report so he can re-new his blog subscription. Whenever he needs numbers, he throws out a grenade with Fort Wayne written all over it and everyone goes crazy. He does this at least once a month. He knows that this blog has tons of readers, and this blog normally reacts to his crap. I am sure that his lame-arse dream is being talked about on the ITB blog too. There...now he has his numbers, he can now continue to be a jackarse in cyberspace. Must suck for him covering a crappy team in Flint year after year....that has no following.

Hit Somebody!!!

Shaf and Bert back...good I think...

Not really a surprise or really that exciting.

Shaf started slow, and ended fast and good.

Bert started fast and tough, and ended slow and beat to death.

I just hope both are still able to skate at their advance ages.

I am interested in seeing some of the younger players signed, I am sure those won't happen until the last weeks of summer before camps open...or later even. Anyone young and who has talent will shoot higher on the league list and on the money list too. Guys like Drouin, Bert, and Shaf...no offense, but where else were they going to play this coming year? Guy will be next to sign...a no brainer of course...he lives here.

It will be interesting when you see names like Woods, Curadeau, Saidachev, Legault, etc.

Who will be in net is the biggy? Anyone have a good guess? I say offers are probably out to Boucher and Reiter, and Reiter is most likely looking elsewhere, unless Boucher is not coming back, and then Reiter will sign here. We will not have both this year, guaranteed.

Cat Eyes

Hit Somebody...thanks for the info...I won't fall for that one again!! Oh well, at least I was nice to him and did not give the Jungle a bad name :)! BTW, I am not the only one named Cat Eyes on that blog...I had to add a 13 after mine, so don't be fooled by imposters! LOL And I was one of only two people who posted, so if that's all he needed, that's pretty sad too. I feel bad for him...but not that bad!!

Hey, Gnasher, are you Santa's backup, bad boy reindeer? Just wondering...thanks for the Bert/Shaf info!! Yay! 4 down, a few more to go...who will be the other 3 vets...? Rumors may now commence to fly, much like our good buddy Gnasher! Sorry, I'm just a little too hyper today!! I'll try to settle down a bit...

Mightbite, who would you like for a goon?? I'm hoping I'm right in thinking that that's an enforcer-type of guy? If so, I beg for Woods...I'm deathly afraid of losing him!!


Mike Sgori or Jon Mirasty or someone like that

Hit Somebody!!!

With the roster changes...I would bet anything that the Frankes go back to the "We need to fill the roster with guys who can play hockey and fill and position, if they can add toughness and fill a position, then we will sign them..." They will not sign a guy who fights only.

Woody and Legault would both be fine by me. Both can definitely play a position, both can throw 'em with the best of them, and both are either rookies or tweeners. I bet that Woody is getting looks in higher leagues. Doesn't mean he will stick there, he might be back. Legault, I would think he would be back, will improve his hockey play a ton, and then next year will be getting looks in higher leagues.

Cat Eyes

Hmmm...true...I had almost forgotten that Legault was still a definite possibility for us. He's a keeper for sure on my list! Especially if we lose Henley, God forbid...I only saw Legault play a couple times last season before they took him off the roster, so I hope they do re-sign him so I can see him this season more. He was awesome! Of course, I'm more referring to the boxing matches, but he could definitely play the game as well, so yeah, I see that being a good thing! Woods...I think he should be here another year...not just because I want him to be (not ready to let him go just yet...), but I think one more year here to polish his skills would see him ready to move up. I think he's great, but not quite ready yet, ya know? He was getting there, but just a little more time would really be good for him. Maybe that's just me wanting what's best for us, though...hard to say!


Looking back at last years information on Woods, I saw that he had tried out for the AHL's Bridgeport Sound Tigers and then the ECHL's Utah Grizzlies -- both affiliates of the New York Islanders. Only when he didn't find a place with those teams did he join the Komets belatedly. Since they said he is "trying for the AHL", I would guess he intends to do something similar this year. It certainly seems doubtful that he would rejoin the Komets, in any case.

As for Olivier Legault -- I must admit that I was surprised to see he had been a 4th round pick by the Florida Panthers in 2005. As I recall, only Guy Dupuis had a higher NHL draft # then that.


Chuckitt... we're gonna need a bus:

Karla Stranger

O.K. I will more than likely get lambasted on this one BUT have to add my 2 cents worth.

I have no idea why St.Pierre would get the nod and Lawson did not. UMMMMMMMMM...Did Kevin win a championship for us? NO! Did Tommy? YES! And in stellar fashion I may add. Kevin is no where close to Tommy as far as I am concerned.

In my opinion there have been only 2 goalie gods for the Komets and those are Reddick and Lawson. Reddick 12-0. Lawson 11-1 and thank god for that loss. Both gave us championships. St.Pierre did not.

Karla Stranger

Geronimo.....why will we need a bus? What I read there wasnt anything earth shattering to warrant a bus. Article didnt mention they signed Hodgman, so why the bus? Im confused.

Cat Eyes

Wendy...don't break my heart...really? He tried out for both teams? But I still think he's not ready...he did miss a lot of passes last season that I think he should have had, and he just seems like he's almost, but not quite, ready to move up. Another year here would do him a world of good. Again, maybe just my wanting him to stay another year clouding my opinion (and probably is), but I think he needs just one more year with us. No one else. With us. :) He really seemed to work well with Chaulk, too, and learned a lot from him, just like Hodgeman, so that could not hurt him any.

Geronimo...I've been to Wrigley a dozen times or so to see Cubs games, and I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around a hockey game there...how does that work exactly? Sounds like fun! And wouldn't that be great if the Wild decided to keep our little Hodgie and we got to see him there?

Karla..how did your weekend go? I really did think about you and your daughter. Hope all is well with you guys.

karla Stranger

My weekend went very good. I went to Bloomington to be with my husband for a few days. My daughter was with her father and did well. So I am hopeful that soon I can be with my husband and soon.BUT wont leave till I know 100% she is ok. So both did real good. Thanks Cat Eyes. I am glad we have good people thinking about us.

Cat Eyes

Karla...they are all Blackhawk fans, and that's who is playing then...

Geronimo...I read that story wrong...for a moment there I thought the Blackhawks were playing the Wild, now I see it is the RedWings...so Hodgeman would not be there if the Wild signed him...duh...that's what I get for reading that too fast! My bad!!

Cat Eyes

Awww...Karla...you think I'm good people...shucks...glad it went well for ya!!

Karla Stranger

Blackhawks? I wanna hurl.


Chuckitt...Maybe we'll need 2 buses:)

Karla... though you can't stand the Blackhawks, I still wish your daughter well.

Karla Stranger

THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANKs Geronimo.....Im a diehard Ducks fan.

BTW....Stupid quiz.


Ducks are cool. My son HAD to have the black and gold jersey when they first came out a couple of years ago. I throw it on at the games every once in a while. Was great when they won the cup, too.

Karla Stranger

Im going out on a limb here.....

If anyone remembers the now defunct River City Rhinos in the Mid-Continental football league and has a 2000 program they would be willing to sell OR give away please let me know. It would be of a great momento for my daughter and I.

Charlie I

not a stupid quiz. Challenging quiz.

Karla Stranger

Here is the developmental camp roster for the Minnesota Wild. Justins # is 54.



Karla...I'm kind of with you on the St. Piere debate. Of course KSP put up some monster numbers while here in FW...but his career numbers elsewhere have been less than stellar. His GAA is above 3.00 everywhere else he played. He definitely benefited from great defensive teams while here. Plus, look at him...he's a huge goalie (6'-3" 220lbs)...then add all the pads (which are grossly oversized anyways)...and there is nowhere to put the puck! Heck...at one point I said that the K's should have traded/waived KSP when Sylvain Daigle became available because he seemed to be a money goalie plus he had won the Cup a few times in Muskegon. But you are right...KSP couldn't bring home the Cup while here and Lawson did...and that's what they play for.

Cat Eyes

Wow...I did bad on the trivia game...not surprising considering I know nothing about hockey!! :) And lots of the questions were about things from the past, and I just started as a fan of this sport in the last year. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it...oh well, it was fun to try anyway!

Karla Stranger

Harbz....There was almost no difference in size KSP vs. Lawson...Tommy was an inch taller and weighed 5 lbs more, so not much of a difference.

The goalie equipment size has been a debate for the last few years. I for 1 think the equipment is adequate. Some want more scoring in a game...I for 1 like the close low scoring games....2-1.3-2,1-0 types. To me blowouts become boring and not fun to watch. I like games that can keep my adrenalin pumping and at the edge of my seat.

Plus it shows more scoring skill IF an opponent can score on a goaltender pads and all. NOW..should the equipment be proportionate to the goaltender? Yes!

With that said....what does everyone else think?

Cat Eyes

Karla...you know, I'm divided on the whole blowout thing...I love the close ones, too, but every now and then a blowout is great. If a team has beaten us the night before or done something really dirty to us or something, a good, old-fashioned blowout is always good to see (only if it is in our favor, of course!). But in general, I like 'em close, too, because it can really highlight the teams' skills and keep the crowd involved. If they are blowouts, a lot of times, the crowd sorta loses interest, and then they are not as much fun sometimes.

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