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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at [email protected].

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June 02, 2008



I like the Halloween night game, that should be fun! I'll have an excuse to wear the K's jersey to work.

Cat Eyes

Crap...Halloween night game...I have a kid who will now be torn between going trick or treating as a Komet player or going to the game!! At least I know where I'll be!! I'll have to be sure I have someone to take him trick or treating so I can be at the jungle! And I only work half days Friday, so no need for me to wear a costume to work...I wear Komets stuff half the time anyway, so no one would know the difference anyway! lol Five Minute Major...let's trick or treat at the jungle!! I plan to see how many adult beverages I can con outta people...you in??


I wonder if the IHL has a backup schedule ready with Youngstown in it?

"Two franchises from last season, the Austin Ice Bats and Corpus Christi Rayz, have each suspended operations for the upcoming season and the Youngstown SteelHounds are no longer participating in the league."




Justin Cohn

Cmon Wings get er done.


Hmmm. I think I'm having a little bit of déjà vu here. Come on ref!! What's with this crap! Reminds me of the Komets with Lang-thorn officiating.

Karla Stranger

Like the energizer bunny....keeps going and going and going.....GO PENS!


Power play at the end of the 2nd OT? This is just too weird. Do I have the K's game 7 DVD in again?

Karla Stranger

Be looking for 19:37.


A close one at about 19:37!


penguins win 4-3 in 3rd overtime


Hey, what do you know. A "ricochet off the referee". They always seem to be in the way during extremely crucial points in the game. Hmm, isn't that exactly how Port Huron got possession of the puck just before the goal that forced us into OT in the first place?


I ask fot $1.00 beer night on Halloween./I'm getting too old for this O.T hockey=at least my teams won.


Hi kometfan737- do you have any extra DVDs? Please email me. [email protected] Thanks!

Cat Eyes

Yay!! Everyone thought the Pens would just roll over and die last night...at least they are making this fun!! I am enjoying the hockey as long as it will last! And good God...some serious injuries to play thru too for Gonchar and Malone (at least Gonchar's, maybe Malone's was just a broken nose but it sure looked bad at first!!)...way to go Pens!!
Yeah, the resemblance to the the K's game 7 was bizarre wasn't it?? Gotta love hockey!!

Cat Eyes

btw, was it just me, or did anyone else think that the announcer named Pierre came close to death a few times last night for comments he made to and near players?? i had to laugh at that!! is this guy just a talking head or is he a former player or what? (sorry to sound ignorant, i'm new to this sport...) he's not makin' any friends with these two teams!

Goalie Girl

Justin, Just wanted to let someone know this. I was sitting by the IceHawks bench during the final game. It is really a great place to sit if you want to really see Komets fans in all their glory. But at the end of the game (We were all going nuts) I was hugging a Fellow K's fan I had no clue who he was. But he was nice enough to celebrate the win with a crazy old lady. Anyway the coolest thing happened. As "Larry" Sterling was coming off the ice into the dressing room he handed his goalie stick to a little boy through the plexaglass. The look on the kids face was priceless . The kid had a K's jersey on. And their was Larry, just weary from all the pucks he'd stopped, pushed that stick through the glass and made that kid a memory that he will carry forever. I don't care. I yelled Lar-ry just as loud as everyone else. But the man is a class act in my book and a hell of a goalie too. Just wanted someone to know that. I wish I had a camera at that moment.


Trick or treating for adult beverages? Love it! I may have to share mine though, one drink and I'm under the table...so to speak. I'm sure there aren't any bloggers willing to help a girl out?
I missed Larry giving his goalie stick to the kid, that would've been cool to see. Guess I was too busy taking pictures!

Go Pens! I went to bed during the third period. I'm also getting too old for these hockey all-nighters.

Karla Stranger

Cincinnati is up 2 -3. Matt S. got a goal in the game.

Karla Stranger

Cincinnati is up 3-2 in the series. Matt S. scored a goal in the game.


Dupuis, Shaf, Drouin, Hansen, Henley, Hukalo, Warner, Reiter Boucher, Marchant, Legault and Bertram will all be back again. I do see Komets resigning Durdin, Pence, Saidachev and Reynolds all back to the team though.

Cat Eyes

lovelost, are you speculating, or do you have inside info??? I sure hope all the ones you mentioned will be back, and i'd add Mitch Woods to that list...he might not have added a heck of a lot to the playoffs goal scoring wise, but he was a great regular season player, and let's all admit it, we loved to watch him fight!! he is young, but he does have tons of potential...he's on my wish list for next season for sure. Saidachev for sure, and Durdin absolutely!! Henley's knee should be good to go, and if Legault comes back, who can beat a pair of over 6'5" guys on your team?? sure makes the shorties like crybaby margettie think twice about starting something with 'em...he'll still do it, but he'll at least think twice!
I have a Larry story too...game 4 (?)i think, we sat right behind the icehawks bench in lower 217 and harrassed 'em all night long, and Larry smiled at us all thru it! he was in a good mood that night and took it really well, even waved at my son, who was then king of the jungle! he is great with little fans...cool guy! margettie just glared at us...hmmm...wonder why?? maybe because we kept calling him vanilla ice??


That list...plus with Chaulker already on board...wouldn't that be way too many vets? Not sure where Huk & Henley fall as far as vet/tweener status, but Chaulk, Shaf, Dupuis, Drouin, Durdin, Marchant, Bertram & Hansen are all vets, right?


More on Youngstown. I hope they choose the IHL. http://www.vindy.com/news/2008/jun/03/chl-says-steelhounds-out-of-league-for-2008-09/


That Halloween game would be sweet. Like I said, we've already got the right color scheme going. :D Bring on the witching hour! Black cats are optional.

And yes, that was some big time déjà vu last night. I did stay up and watch until the end. What can I say? I'm a night owl anyway. I was hoping to see the cup, but I suppose this is better. They SHOULD make a series of it. Now we get to see if the Red Wings have the character to dig down and fight back. I suspect that they do.

And I agree. Resigning Mitch is hopefully a priority. But of course, I wish everyone could come back. I know that isn't how it works, though. :(


Oh and... Cat Eyes, I know what you mean about the announcer. I had to laugh. Then I started to think that maybe he wasn't really there. Maybe he was just being inserted into that space via special effects -- kind of like the first down line is painted on the football fields. At least I hoped that was the case, because who wants to listen to some obnoxious announcer talking about you in the third person just a few inches away? :D

As for Lar-rrrry... I'm not surprised. Towards the end of the series, I did get the impression that all the talk about him was mostly just that -- talk -- and that chanting his name to mock him wasn't actually accomplishing much. But it made the fans happy. :D I made a point to refrain from that during the final game, though, just out of respect. I just thought it was wiser to focus on winning. It is difficult to do that if you don't give your opponent the proper respect.

Jerad Shaw

You think chanting his name wasn't out of respect?? Numourous times through the year, he showed how much class he has. Now giving that kid a stick is a good show of class, but there were plenty of other circumstances that proved otherwise. Chanting his name was an attempt to get a goalie off of their game while he was playing so well. I am glad you stayed focused on winning though. I'm not sure Hodgman would have been able to play so well if you hadn't been 100% focused on winning!!! :)


Hey KrazyKometFan, yeah I still have some copies of the game 7 DVD. I've been offering them at cost to anyone who has asked. Right now, I'm just waiting for more DVD cases to come in before I can send more copies out. It should be pretty soon though. Just drop me an email with Komet Game 7 DVD as the subject (because, I've been getting completely hammered by spam lately) or leave a message on here. I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can to get the specifics.

Also, does anyone remember when Larry tried to mow down a group of Komet fans with his car in the Port Huron parking lot or yelling obscenities out of his car window while giving the bird to another group? Maybe he is good with the little kids, but I don't think that I can forgive for doing that. That was uncalled for and completely ridiculous. He could have killed someone!

Cat Eyes

Wow...Laaa-rry tried to mow someone down with his car??? Yikes! That is so not the same goalie with the killer smile that was here in the jungle!! Wow...maybe he is bipolar? Or just having a reeeallly bad night?? Or possessed??? lol Either way, definitely not cool, like you said kometfan737!! Maybe he is a Gemini like me, eh Wendy??

Wendy, I tried to pretend that Pierre was not there, but it so did not work...I'll try again tonight...maybe with enough alcohol this time...or maybe if I paint a line over his face on my tv...lol! Seriously, I'm not a sports broadcaster not do I play one on tv, but do they not teach these guys or ladies in broadcast school that these hockey players can hear them and that they are already jacked up on adrenaline?? Hello!! Oh well, I guess it entertained me, didn't it?

Cat Eyes

AJ...what's wrong with vets?? I think ours are pretty darn good...I'd take any of the vets mentioned!! Every one of them was pretty darn invaluable in the playoffs AND in the regular season, if I am not mistaken...Shaf and Dupuis might be a little up there in years comparatively speaking, but Dupuis scored one of the Game 7 goals, so I wouldn't count him down and out yet, dude! And Shaf was right up there all thru the playoff series, so he ain't out to pasture either. And those are just the "graybeards"...the others are still pretty darn young, so what's the bias against vets? Would you rather have a bunch of kids who are brand new who don't know what they are doing? They can't all be Hodgies!!


Hey, I'm always happy to help. :D Gotta send those positive vibes or who knows what could happen! he-he.

And no, when I was chanting his name in Game 3, it was DEFINITELY not out of respect. It was more like, "I hate you and want to kick you someplace that will leave you curled up in agony." But of course, being a girl, that's how I think.

To Cat Eyes -- Yeah, that should be interesting to see. I keep expecting someone to turn and yell at him. "These guys are getting really tired..." HEY! I am NOT!" :D


Cat my dear, it's because of the limit of vets we're allowed to have on the team. How many and who to use a vet spot on.

Cat Eyes

deuce...ohhh...got it...my bad, aj! forgive my rant! but if we can't keep our good guys, we have to get a bunch of newbies?? that seems like a bunch of crap to me! who the heck makes these rules anyway? lol (i know, the league, not fans like me who don't know what the heck is going on) hmmm...well that certainly puts a different spin on things then...really, all those guys are considered vets? how many spots do we get to fill with vets?

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