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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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June 21, 2008


Justin Cohn

I'm sure the kids would enjoy seeing my hat trick.

Justin Cohn

I'm sure the kids would enjoy seeing my hat trick in the late game.

Cat Eyes

justin...only one kid...i'm not THAT crazy...and he loves hockey...maybe i'll bring him. anything to see you score your hat trick! you've raised the bar for yourself now, ya know!!

just read on the ihl website that port huron signed zehr, lardner, and laaaa-rrryyy sterling back for the season!! yay!! it's not komet news, but it's news...and it means we can still chant and harrass larry in the jungle...that was fun last season...just hope he does not see me in the parking lot after the game or anything! psycho larry might try to run me over, from what i heard on this blog...

jungle monkey, you and i are gonna tangle during the regular season, i can guarantee it!! ha ha!! when we hear that we sign durdin, it is ON!! lol!! ya know, i was not even that big of a fan of his until someone put him in a cage in my garage, but now i'm his biggest supporter!


Cohny has got some wicked fast hands but to predict the "hat"...come on bro.

Cat Eyes

come on, st chris...he's still drunk from vaca...give him a break...lol!! oh wait, wasn't he only in cincinnati? not like the keys or someplace warm and tropical or anything...hmmm...oh well, i've gotten drunk in cincinnati too, justin...better sober up before 7, buddy!! lol

Cat Eyes

wendy...does zehr qualify as a player already IN a cage?? hmmm...interesting thought there...;)


I knew I would get a Worlton joke out of that video


The skating style are just too similar not to see the resemblance.

Cat Eyes... Is that a threat or a promise? =)

Cat Eyes

junglemonkey...hmmmmmmmm.........no comment.........i'll try to keep from "stepping in it", as wendy says.......lol!!


He-he. I suppose he does, Cat Eyes! Though in the case of Zehr, I'd throw him back. But hey! No fair! All these other teams have re-signing news and we've heard nothing about anyone except Drouin. Figures. Hey, Cat, better go check on Durdin out in the garage and see what the hold-up is! :D

Oh, Hoss sweetie. I'm not yelling at you. The exclamation mark was supposed to emphasize the fact that I agree with you. The ALL CAPS (along with a cold, hard stare) were directed at corporate America.

And St. Chris, not to be argumentative, but I think you are missing my point. Please allow me to illustrate. Let's say that I start a business making dog biscuits. Let's call it "WagTime Biscuits". And let's say that the business really takes off and the biscuits are selling like hot cakes from coast to coast. Pretty soon, I'm the richest woman in Indiana. Now, let's say that I find myself wondering what to do with all my newly acquired money besides rolling in it. As a Komets fan, I decide to sponsor the team, of course! So I go to the Frankes and to the MC and tell them of my intention. "That's wonderful!" they say. "We're so grateful! To show our appreciation, we're going to rename every Komet goal 'A WagTime Biscuits Komets Goal'."

All I'm saying is that I would have the good taste to look them in the eye and say, "No. God no. PLEASE do not do that for me!" I would say, "I've loved the Komets since I was a little girl. I would be more than happy if the announcer just mentions my company's name at the beginning of the game. Tell the audience that I'm a sponsor and a huge fan of the team. Tell them that I wouldn't allow you to rename goals for me. Then add this special message: "I hope you enjoy tonight's game, but remember, while you are here, you're dogs are waiting patiently for you at home. And they are hungry." :D

Of course, I'm not a business woman, but if a company were to do that sort of thing, I'd go out of my way to support them.


Well, I guess Mayor Henry knows how to do a proclamation after all..

Welcome to Bishop Luers Knights Day!


musky team is looking good=Robinson-Nelson-Littlejohn/I played 1 game of roller hockey at the plex=5 goals scored on ex-sportscaster Larry Ell= then retired.


Just saw this over on ITB- Reynolds signed to play in the Elite League in the UK.


I don't know if this linky thing will work or not... not too good at this sort of thing.
Anyways, kind of a bummer that Reynolds is leaving but I knew we wouldn't be able to keep everyone. :(


Mightbiite......that was hilarious!!

I was just about to post that link about Reynolds. Sad day in Komet land.


Here's the link to the page....... 5 min., sorry to trump your post.



That's OK, Junior! I see the link didn't go to the page I intended anyways. Told you I wasn't good at this stuff! :)

Justin Cohn

Hey, St. Chris had a goal. It was akin to the Joe Franke moment; people couldn't believe what they were seeing and couldn't stop clapping in glee.

Cat Eyes

wendy...durdin's not saying much...must be hot out there about now, poor guy. maybe i should let him stay inside!

brandon, i was so peeved about the proclamation...nothing at all against the Luers kids...good for them for their accomplishments, just that they get their day, the darn dinosaurs got theirs, and the Komets got what...? oh yeah, NOTHING from this city! oh well, not gonna beat that poor dead horse again, just really stinks.

bummer to lose Reynolds...but i'd rather lose him than others, i suppose...like durdin, right, jungle monkey? :) just kidding ya! i'd rather keep henley (oh, yeah!) or woods and let reynolds go...still, reynolds was a nice guy. made a sick little boy very happy...remember that story?

congratz on your goal, st chris...i'm sure i saw it, but don't know what your number was...my sis and i came and watched...don't your wives and girlfriends come see you guys play??? it was deserted!! and freezing...and now i'm convinced i am a jinx! sorry! but i did run into guy dupuis (almost literally) in the hallway and got to chat with him for a second...he's such a nice guy.

btw...my sis asked why there was no cake to go with the "icing" calls in the game...lol...had to try to educate her as best i could on the finer points of hockey...she was hoping to see a fight or two, especially after someone on the red team was doing a little unsportsmanlike behaving and did not get called for it...


Congrats on the goal St. Chris! :)

As for Matt Reynolds, he did say that is what he wanted -- to play in Europe. So I'm happy that he got his wish. But I was just wondering... I've heard the money is much better in Europe. But the arena his new team plays at only hold 2000 people. How do they manage that? Must be all those corporate sponsor patches on the uniforms, eh? ;)


Hey Cat! You ran into Guy? That's cool. Not the "almost literally" part. You know what I mean. So, did you ask if he was going to re-sign and when? :D

As for Major Henry, I'm serious about those "IMPEACH MAYOR HENRY" shirts. Or maybe just some well-timed boos if he is in the 3 Rivers Parade. I assume he will be. But make sure to wear a Komets shirt so he knows why.


Junior-yes it was funny cause he told me I would not score on him=not bad for a washed up D-man.


Wendy-Great idea.

Cat Eyes

wendy...hope they don't put the mayor's float anywhere near the komets...awkward! boos won't be specific enough...signs would work...let's think of a good slogan and have signs for the mayor all along the parade route! anyone have any good ideas? mine are not family friendly at this point...needs work! lol

no, i did not ask guy...i thought about that afterward, of course, when it was too late. but then, i'm sure he would not have told me anyway...not like we're pals...but he might have told the journal-gazette reporter who was changing in the locker room after his hockey game, had he known he was in there...did ya happen to bump into him, perchance, justin?


I thought about it last night and this was the best idea I could come up with for a sign/banner. I put together a quick sample image. What do you think? :D



I like it Wendy! :)


Very Nice, Wendy.

I think that several well placed signs (near the tv cameras) during the TRF Parade would get the message out.

Cat Eyes

wendy, i think this is spectacular...and likely to attract attention for sure! do you mind copycats?


No, I don't mind! PLEASE feel free to copy my idea, tweak it, or come up with something of your own. I would be thrilled to see people use my sign idea! :) But the important thing is to get our message out LOUD and CLEAR. We need to embarrass him to the point that he never lets this happen again -- and let our Komets know that we support them, even if the Mayor Henry does not.

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