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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at [email protected].

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June 25, 2008



I see the IHL lowered their roster size back down to 18 skaters per game (16 Forward/Defense,2 Goaltenders). That is not good news for the tough guys of the league who can't skate a regular shift. In return the roster size has been raised to 21 players for the entire season including the playoffs.


Good ol' Steve Martinson... what a classy guy.


Oops.Try this one:


Justin, I wish you were around longer than just nine years. You would have loved the old Kalamazoo and Peoria rivalries. Not to mention Muskegon/Cleveland.


I loved hating martinson and the teams he had.

I think the IceHawks can move up the list if LAAAARRRRRRY stays crazy, don't see Drulia adding much to the rivalry - this is where a marketing genious would come in. There is no reason Port Huron shouldn't pack the place everytime fort wayne visits this year, they have everything in place to "drum it up" and drive the traffic in, they started a little bit when they announced the 3 signings and the intent to bring the cup home.

well, 'ol Laaaaarrrry, Zit and Lard can bring it on, we'll pound them all year.


I'm ready for Hoss vs. Larry's Car, round 2. Those were some key signings for PH, so it ought to be another "interesting" season.

Justin Cohn

I've been around for more than nine. Been here since 1997. So I saw a little of it; Indy and Kalamazoo anyway. These were just limited to the AA level time.


The best rivalry I witnessed in the AA level was between the Ks and Mallards in the early years the Ks were in the UHL. It was the best there was as most of the Komets time in the UHL was horridly boring, but the QC/FTW matchups were good in the early days. I'll never forget the day those pucks flew. It was awful, but it happened.

The best Komet rivalry I experienced was with Indy, though I have heard stories of the 70 IHL with Toledo, Flint, etc. being just unreal with the crap that went on.

Hockey at ALL levels needs to get its edge back at least on the ice. I don't go much for fans fighting etc.

Cat Eyes

geronimo...wow...never saw THAT happen before! thanks for the video! and i thought I had a bad temper...yikes!
hoss, that was YOU larry sterling tried to mow down with his car?? glad you're ok and still with us! i'll be sure to watch my step if i go up north to their barn to see an away game...i'll still be chanting laaa-rrryy, 'can't help myself!! and their place is the size of a postage stamp, so he's bound to hear and see me, so i'll be a marked woman...i'll have to have an armed escort out to my car/bus afterwards...
i vaguely remember the indy/komets rivalry as being a pretty good one...seems like i recall loving to hate them!

Karla Stranger

Rumor mill has it the Komets are close to signing Mario Laroque and Pascal Morency.....Matt Reynolds signed a contract to play in europe.


They can keep Laroque, but Morency would be nice to have back!


I've looked forward to the Kalamazoo games the most maybe because the K's have dominated them lately. Nothing like a good steamrolling sometimes... The last season against Quad City was kinda fun just because there was always a chance Tapp might flip out and go nuts on someone. Is it October yet?
Karla- are you serious? I'd love to see Morency back here but I can take or leave Larocque.


Karla I highly doubt Morency will be back here. He is a big hit in Bridgeport and really thinks he is going to make the NHL. Would love him back though!! I could see Mario coming back which would be ok with me. Rocket shot from the point but would like him to be a little tougher.


Side note-Congrats to Brandon Warner on his wedding this weekend!


Bridgeport can keep Morency...and besides, unless his contract is up, why would he want to go from the AHL (one step from the NHL and all of the exposure to the NHL) down to the IHL?? I was just never a huge fan of his. It just seemed like he had a knack for taking stupid penalties in my opinion. He did start to grow on me later in the season and into the playoffs.
Larocque on the other hand, I would love to see back. He's big, strong, has a great shot, was an asset on the powerplay, great D-pairing with Dupuis. I'm sure some of you will knock his 'toughness' and 'unwillingness' to fight, but keep in mind he got into trouble earlier in the season with suspensions and such so he had to behave for the rest of the season to avoid risking another, and perhaps longer, suspension. Plus, it seemed like he was kept on the proverbial leash by coach quite a bit of the time as well.


IceHawks signed Jamie Lovell back to go with Sterling, Zehr and Lardner.

It seems like we're bringing much of our core back, I think the Komets and 'Hawks will be trading places next year.


I suppose there is more motivation to come back when you let a championship slip away from you the previous season. People generally aren't as motivated to defend a title as they are to win it in the first place.


port huron won't win it next year =cause when K's sign KING-KONG HENLEY he'll knock any ph.BUCKO down!!!!


So much for a thread about rivalries. Don't waste your time starting these things, Justin.

Cat Eyes

ok, new girl here...who is tigerdan, and why is he on here? bruiser, you gotta fill me in...

Cat Eyes

and henley, in case you're checkin' in, i promise, no cage...not even a hint...just come back!! we really really want you back!!


TigerDan=port huron Bucko=he's ok .


TigerDan is just someone who enjoys kicking people when they are down. Pretend you don't see him. :D

And I know how you feel about the re-signings, Cat Eyes. The 2007-2008 Komets were so special. I would have hoped that that would have been enough to convince a lot of players to return -- at least for one more season. Some things only come around once in a lifetime. Money and personal advancement can wait. But I don't want anyone here who doesn't want to be here. I'm a "Henry V" kind of girl: :D
"He which hath no stomach to this fight,
Let him depart; his passport shall be made,
And crowns for convoy put into his purse;
We would not die in that man's company"


I know this is beyond the scope being talked about, but the Toledo Goaldiggers (or Goondiggers as they were called), had a huge hated for the Komets back in the 80s. Many first for me there:
--Realizing that blood bounces on ice
--Goalies can fight
--Steve Salvucci is one tough dude
--My all time favorite sports sign "Flush twice--it's a long way to Toledo!"

#2 Mike Greeder was always good for at least two fights a game. John Hillworth would usually light him up pretty good.

Put me down as moving the IceHawks up as well. I'm already thinking about making the trip up on Friday night for the first opening night...


Komets PA


Didn't you also think that your IceHawks could beat our boys in the playoffs when you had that 3-1 series lead?
Show up sometime this season and I'll show you the championship ring my boys earned a few weeks back. BTW Komet fans...is it hockey season yet? I hate summer!

See y'all at the 3 Rivers Festival Parade!

~The only Larry who got a Turner Cup ring this year

Cat Eyes

Wow...now who's the deep one, Wendy? Look at you, quoting Shakespeare! I feel all undereducated today! I think I shall use capitals and correct punctuation for once...and even the word shall...thanks for the TigerDan info...I'll bear that in mind as I read his posts from now on!

Salvucci...never had noticed that blood bounces on ice...good to know! A tad gross, but good to know, I am sure! LOL! And the "Flush twice" sign is a classic...has been used now all over by many imitators! Gotta love that one!


I was too young to really understand the dynamics of it, but back in the late 70s I do remember hating the Toledo Goaldiggers. They always seemed to pull the rug out from under us when it mattered most. And besides, what kind of a messed up team name is "Goaldiggers"? :D

Hey Cat Eyes! What, you've never seen Kenneth Branagh's "Henry V" movie? I love that film, and I frequently allude to that speech in particular. You might recall that I even went so far as to refer to Game 7 of the Turner Cup Finals as "our St. Crispin's Day". Oh you simply must watch this short YouTube clip of the speech! :)


Cat Eyes

wendy...thanks! that was an absolutely perfect locker room speech...too bad you were not available for the evening to speak it for the boys!! you are right, it was "our St Crispin's Day", and now i will know exactly to what you are referring when you allude to this speech! thanks for educating me! i have not seen this movie, but it, too, is going on the list...deuce called me last week and told me that he has one of the hockey movies you had bought last week...i forget which one...so he's gonna let me borrow it so i can catch up. were you aware of the new soapnet series called MVP? it's a hockey drama/soap opera on thursday nights at 11pm. it's a little far fetched, but delicious all the same! and the word puckbunny is dropped with frequency, so i fall off my couch with frequency, so i love it!! not much hockey playing in it yet...but ok all the same.


I'm glad you liked it. It is a fantastic film. I highly recommend it. And the speech is something that I always keep close at heart. It may be about war, but playoff hockey is war!

And you'll have to let us know which hockey movie it is and what you thought of it. I don’t think you can go wrong there, regardless.

Am I aware of MVP? I'm not even aware of soapnet. What's that? Hmmmm... Hockey sounds good, but I'm not so sure about the "soap opera" part. I’ve never been a fan of those. I'm trying to picture what a cross between the two would look like.

Sergei: Hey Coach, Jake said you wanted to talk to me.

Coach: Come on in, Sergei. [Sergei enters and closes door behind him.]

Coach: I don't know how to say this other than to just say it. I'm sorry, Sergei. We've decided to trade you.

Sergei: What?! But I've given my best years to this team! It's that hot young right wing from Minnesota, isn't it? Isn't it?! You've been talking to him behind my back!

Okay, enough of that. But if they have the usual hospital scenes, I can see how that would fit right in! :D

Cat Eyes

wendy...soapnet is a channel that normally shows girly shows like the soap operas that are on during the day (which i don't watch), but they have some original programs like MVP too, that are like, oh, Dallas was back in the day, a nighttime series that is part drama, part soap-ish. This one just happens to be about a hockey team and their private lives. Like I said, not much hockey to speak of yet, but it is about some hockey players, and their lives. It's channel 143, I think if you have Verizon. Not sure what the comcast number is...worth checking out once, anyway. On Thursdays at 11pm, and repeated several other times during the week.

BTW, loved your little script there...you could definitely pass for a soap writer, from what I remember of their dialogue!! LOL!! And ya picked the perfect name there, too...he's gone, baby, gone!!! ha ha! Although to say he has given years, plural to any team would be a stretch...


This blog is becoming pathetic. Do you ladies think we really want to read all that crap? I used to log on and comment almost daily but this is ridiculous. Just asking a favor...please keep your posts about real hockey subjects???


Thanks for the tip, Cat Eyes. :) I do have Verizon. It sounds like it would be worth checking out at least once, in any case.

I'm glad you liked my "script". :D I did have Durdin in mind when I picked that name, but there are a lot of Sergeis in hockey. Plus, I'm quite fond of "Russian Pop Song" by the Zambonis.

And hey, 55kometfan, in case you hadn't noticed, we ARE talking about hockey. A TV show about a hockey team falls under that topic. So grow a sense of humor and back off.

Cat Eyes

I saw earlier where you mentioned Zambonis CDs and thought you meant recordings of the zamboni machines...I was beginning to wonder about you! Glad you clarified! LOL! I'll have to check that song out! Hmmm...my keyboard must not be working...I coulda sworn I did type the word "hockey" in that post earlier...darn...well, you got what I was saying anyway, so it's all good! Happy 4th to you!!


Who am I kicking when they're down? Didn't FW just win the championship - how is that "down"? I just figured it might be intersting to converse with fans from other teams.

PH has also signed Jeff Bateman, who looks to be a decent set-up man that spent a good deal of time in the AHL.


tiger dan-I like your posts=just don't care for your team & I'm sure you are not a KOMET fan.A lot of them don't care about my posts=just ignore them.

Cat Eyes

Mightbite...I care about your posts...even if I am a cat...lol!! But you have a Fletch jersey and a hilarious wife, so I like ya lots!! :) Keep on posting!! And you call Henley King Kong...he does read this blog from time to time, I am told...he might find that funny, because he does have a sense of humor from what I observed at the end of season party! Sure hope he does come back...

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