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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at [email protected].

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June 03, 2008



thats the type of team we need in the league. it would be nice to see them join...as for traveling to youngstown, hmmmm

hopefully every other team can hang on besides us and them


Who is Kevin Kaminski?



Captain America

Anyone know what Youngtown drew attendence wise last year?


3,333 per game.

Cat Eyes

Youngstown is not a bad drive, if you're planning on spending the night...not sure how big the city is as far as hotels and all, but the drive is not too bad. And anything to get more teams is all good!! 7 could be a lucky number for the IHL! I do hope the other teams hold on...weren't a couple of them having trouble finding coaches? How's that going, has anyone heard anything about that?


where is youngstown?


Somebody introduce "greatwhitenorth" to google please.

Cat Eyes

i gotta stop drinking ANYthing while reading this blog...jungle monkey, you are hi-larry-ous!! now let me go clean my screen off...lol


i like drinking in the morning too, the beer aisle at scotts is so quiet during that time. makes for some greatwhitenorth-shopping.


It's on the edge of the Ohio/Penn. border...


speaking of pennsylvania,ever notice that mellon arena resembles an igloo or an observatory?

Cat Eyes

speaking of observing...seriously, greatwhitenorth, ya gotta watch the playoffs...they have been calling mellon arena the "igloo" for quite a while now...not sure if that is why or if it is because the Penguins play there, but DUDE...you are killing me here...lol...you must have been drinking this morning!! i'm sober btw...home sick from work. :(


i know how you feel,i get homesick when i'm at work too.

Cat Eyes

lol...me too...very funny!! sadly, my work is only a mile from my house, so it should not be that bad for me, but still...watching the game tonight?? who ya rootin' for?? please please please say the penguins...


i just got off the phone with my attorney,we talk once a week about irrelevant subjects,i asked him if he knows this kevin kaminski guy, he said no,and i asked him about the nhl finals and we both agreed it would be the redwings winning in sieben spiele. we were wondering if there would be a big screen down at headwaters so we can enjoy volksfest and spiele sechs.

Cat Eyes

sorry, greatwhitenorth, i only speak english and spanish, no german...como nos diciste??? or in english, what the heck did you say to us?? all i know in german is "bier", and eins, svei, drei" (one, two, three), and a few other phrases i learned in middle school...lol! my next language to learn is russian, so i can go be evgeni malkin's translator...sounds like a great job with potentially good benefits, except for the whole have to live in pittsburgh thing. i do hate that city and most all of its teams. oh well, best of luck with the headwaters big screen thing...and whatever else you vere saying!! ha ha!!


volksfest-germanfest spiele-game sechs-six sieben-seven

Cat Eyes

gracias por la traduccion! (thanks for the translation!)


That's nice that they weren't trying to lure them away. That would have been a bit uncool. I hope they do join the IHL, if for no other reason than to shut up everyone who was whining about the league only having 6 teams yet again.

So who is watching the game tonight? Maybe they'll go until dawn this time! :D Woo-hoo! Break out the energy bars and double espressos!


I have Kaminski jerseys=portland + quebec + washington/quebec jersey has dried blood on it=COOL.

Karla Stranger

Anyone who doesnt know who Kevin Kaminski is is nuts. Only Killer Kaminski I know. LOL. As far as Youngstown comming in the league...might be alright. Its a 7 hour drive.....just hope we never have a game anywhere the next night.

GO PENS! Pens 4 Wings 1....just a prediction.


Tonight, Pens win 3-2 in regulation.

Sat Wings take it 4-1

I hate to predict it like this, I HATE the wings. But I see the pens rnning out of steam at this pace.


7 hour drive? What are you driving a moped? It is 4 - 4 1/2 hours from Fort Wayne to Youngstown. Now Bloomington to Youngstown is a long drive, and I would hope the league would schedule a Fri/Sat series or Sat/Sun series to make things worth while.


Is Youngstown really in the geographical footprint of the IHL? I thought the idea of the IHL was for any fan from any team could make a day road trip to any away game. Seems Youngstown to Bloomington falls out of that spectrum. Besides, Youngstown would probably do better in the ECHL where there are many more local teams (i.e. Dayton, Toledo, Cincy). However, it would be nice to have 7 teams this next season. If nothing else it gives the appearance that IHL is growing and can attract teams while other leagues lose them.

What's with the Pens love in here lately? Detroit wins the cup tonight. 3-1 Final score. Game winner by Franzen.


native to chicago.

So no laughing - go hawks -

Or in this case - go any team that can beat the red wings -



I smell a game 7... I told my irritating Wings fan co-worker today that today and he just looked at me funny. :)

Cat Eyes

Shawn--with the f*$#in' price of gas lately, we probably should all be driving mopeds, but yeah, it's about a 5 hr drive if ya stop to pee or do a beer run anywhere along the way...gotta love Ohio laws!

dnl...it's not so much "pens love" as it is red wings hate (at least on my part)...you must be new here!! lol

FiveMinuteMajor -- yay! irritating the irritating is always fun!! One of my favorite pastimes, to be sure...and game 7 sounds good to me! The more hockey, the better...I'm so not looking forward to the end of this series no matter what the outcome, because then the loooong countdown to October 18th starts!

Yep, Wendy, definitely watching the game...hoping for a different outcome than you, but that's ok...I still like ya anyway!! :) Now if they start up with this triple OT stuff again, I'll have to go to bed...i skipped work today, so I think I best get there tomorrow so I don't face some trouble!



halifax jersey=dried blood=COOL/Dennis Bonvie in line up for baby PENS=COOL

Karla Stranger

UMMMMMMMMM. My husband and I drove to VA, to the Ohio/PA border took almost 7 hours.


Josh F

Slightly OT: I do speak a little Russian. I took a class last fall in college and know a little bit of the basics. Its not a hard language, just different.

Im not a Pens fan or Wings hater, I just wanna see Malkin and Crosby get the cup this season, as I want either my Canes or the Caps to win next season (go Boudreau!)

Karla Stranger

I just go for the underdog.....Im a diehard Ducks fan

Jerad Shaw

Cohn, Congrats on the Cup x's 2. Enjoy it now cause the Blackhawks are building. I'm a Cubs fan so I will go ahead and say it, "wait til next year." New Year's Day, Cohn you going???? If so, I have an Old Style waitin for ya in my left hand!!!


Herb Washington, the only professional pinch runner in MLB history.


J.F. Labbare, Kris Mallette and Sam miller have played for the Steelhorns. That was 05/06 season I believe.


Great prediction Justin-ran goalie=no call=bad/FLAMES & PENS next year,


I believe by adding Youngstown, this is a stepping stone to get Dayton, Cincy, and Toledo. If you could add a city like Cincy or Dayton, Indy would be next!

Cat Eyes

Josh F...at what college did you find a Russian language class? i've been looking, and can't find one this summer or this fall yet. i really want to take it! i'm an ipfw grad, and they say they offer it, but it's not on the sched for fall, so i'm hoping spring...

congratz to all the red wings fans...bummer for all the pens fans...at least they made it a good series and did not just hand the cup over to the wings!!

adding dayton, cincy and toledo would be great...all close enough for day trips from fort wayne at least...and bringing indy back into the league would be supercool...in the 90s that was one of the all-time most hated rivals, at least that i remember from my young kid days...


everyone needs to be patient on this. there is a plan in place but it will be slow in comming, but once it stars to fall into place things will really start rolling!


How slow does your husband drive Karla Stranger ? Or did you take the loooooong way? I can make it to Harrisburg, PA is 8 hrs so if it took you 7 to just get to the OH/PA line you need to speed up or go another way. I have made the trip to Youngstown many times ans YES you can make the trip in 4 1/2 hrs.


HOw the heck do you know Chuckitt?

Another behind the scenes "can't tell you, but I know" poster. Tell us what you got or don't post anything.


Its a common sense prediction based on every other league that has ever been formed in sports history. If you plant a tree, do you sit there and stare at it and get all bent because its not growing in front of your eyes? It takes time and patience.

And even mentioning the word patience here is laughable. People want 12 teams now and the 2009 roster should of been announced at the end of the year party. Last summer people were all in a uproar because every team was signing guys left and right out of the shoot and the K's patiently filled out their roster. Championship. It was worth the wait for me.

Adding established teams to the league will take time because the teams that make geographical sense are playing elsewhere right now. If the economy stays as it is and the price of gas doesn't start coming down, you could see more and more teams make a change of scenary if they want to break even, let alone try to make a profit.


Travelers=Pittsburgh is 5 1/2 hrs/Red Wing jerseys=Craig Martin-red & white.


Getting Youngstown is the best shot the IHL has at lurring Dayton, Toledo, Cincy...etc away from the ECHL (if it would ever happen). Getting Youngstown opens a wide door for the Ohio teams because they'd be right in the heart of the league with Youngstown on the outter boundary. If the IHL can land Youngstown, it may do them a world of good in the long run, regardless if they are 500 miles away from Bloomington.


Also, supposedly from an ECHL official, Youngstown couldn't come into the league this year anyway because they've already done their schedule and they aren't as "excited" to redo a schedule as the IHL would be. So if Youngstown wants in the ECHL, I've heard they'll have to go dark a year...

If so, that's great news for the IHL's chances.

Cat Eyes

scoops...you make some good points...and the price of gas is NOT coming down!!! all i was really saying was that i want more teams, true...but i know it will be a while. i also want to win the lottery and that ain't happenin' either, but hey, a girl can dream, right? ;) i was just saying what would be cool in the future, not what was gonna happen this year or even next or in two or three years, even...but i'll be here when it happens!!


Bummer for Fleury getting the winning goal off a knock from... well... his bum. :D But that was a great game. How close was that ending, eh? I'll say again that I liked both teams equally well. I hate to say, "You'll get 'em next year" to the Penguins, because I don't really believe in that way of thinking. Next year is a whole new season, and who knows what will happen... But if there ever was a team that could "get 'em next year", it's Pittsburgh.

Hmmmm... I do see how Bloomington is a good distance from Youngston, but you're going to have a few extremes in any league. It's still close enough to make sense, I think.


And despite all evidence to the contrary, I DO know how to spell YOUNGSTOWN. lol.


thanks scoops! and brusier, people who try and tell other bloggers to not post usually dont last long on here. its my prediction based on some inside i know and on the knowledge of what the frankes have been telling us for the last two years. not too hard to read between the lines.

Karla Stranger

topshelf: We did the speed limit.We stopped twice, once to eat and the other at a rest stop.So took us 7 hours. BTW....its 244 miles to Bloomington from Fort Wayne and it takes me 5 hours to get there. Stopping twice to pee. So if its 266 to Youngstown may take 5 1/2 hours maybe a little less IF you drove straight there and DID NOT stop. If you do stop would be closer to 6. So Im not too far off as far as rest breaks go.

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