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June 06, 2008



The steelhounds owner doesn't sound too 'up'on the IHL calling it a good league if 'you like fighting'. Sounds like his last option would be to join the league.


Why does everyone think that the ECHL is so much better than the IHL? Sure they have more teams and the level of play might be slightly higher, but other than that the IHL creates a good niche for midwest area teams. Washington makes the IHL sound like this is the LNAH


Has Washington done any research on this league? His comments sound like he has not. If they join the IHL is it going to be long term, or until they get accepted by the ECHL.

Either way, the Chevrolet Centre is going to have to give the team more than 32 home dates since the IHL (38 home games) and ECHL (35) play longer seasons than the CHL.

I hope that Mr. Washington does some homework before speaking with anyone from the IHL Office.

kyle hunt

Mr. Washington, heaven forbid the IHL is trying to be more interesting for the fans.


From reading the article, at this point, I don't want Youngstown...they definitely don't sound like a long-term type partner the IHL should be looking for.


they IHL doesnt seem long term either. why fault them for wanting to play in an established league...one team out of 6 here makes money. and the komets basically running the league. doesnt seem like the most attractive option.

after this year hopefully we look for a new league

Cat Eyes

i agree that washington sounds like he is disparaging the ihl a bit...just a reminder that his team was booted from their league for basically not paying their bills, from what i am reading. so he is looking for entry into the "more prestigious" ECHL while not paying his bills to a "lesser" league? oh, i see...i am not the financial genius that washington obviously is, but how does that work exactly? my college degree is not in economics, so someone help me out here...


Despite my earlier remarks, I am willing to give Mr. Washington some slack...it is possible that his comments were made out of frustration, not malice.

Youngstown would be a good start to begin a gradual expansion into Ohio and perhaps other markets.

But, let's be patient and see what develops. Youngstown has had some issues for awhile and they will not be resolved overnight.


"If you like fighting"? Frankly, I'm offended. ;) But seriously, I'd give the IHL mixed marks on that front, at best. I think it's clear now that the whole "goon league bit" was blown way out of proportion. It's hilarious that people still think of us that way. Obviously they aren't paying attention.


I like fighting=but don't it mean I'm not a nice guy.


i think the ihl is an established league. why do you people think its so cool to attack the league? with the rising energy costs the ihl is trying to establish an ecconomical way for hockey to be played,and thats what the frankes and the league said in the beginning. they have a plan and so far things have come true with what they said and i do take umbridge with people who put down the ihl. be positive,

Cat Eyes

chuckitt...i'm not calling the ihl any names...just saying what washington was seeming to think. i asked on another page of this blog why (b/c i am new to this sport) we would be considered "inferior" to the ECHL...only thing i could see was size (yeah, yeah, it does matter, but that's not all!!). no umbridge intended from cat here!! i love the ihl!!


Mr Washington found a way to earn a living playing baseball without ever picking up a bat. That in itself is quite the accomplishment.

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