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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at [email protected].

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June 20, 2008



Skalde= Ex Utica Devil.

Cat Eyes

awww, darn, there goes my shot as the PT head coah...lol!!

Cat Eyes

oops, i meant to say head coach...no wonder i did not get the job if i could not even spell it!! it's what i get for drinking too early on friday afternoon!


Well, I hate to congratulate the guy without official confirmation, but good for him if it is, in fact, true. I'm sure that it is much deserved. Hmmmmm... That would be interesting. I hadn't followed the NHL prior to last season, but to me, it seemed that before the Capitals hired Boudreau, the Thrashers were in much the same position as Washington. They had a star like Ilya Kovalchuk that for whom no one had anything but praise, yet the team was struggling to get things done night after night. If this report is true, they are no doubt hoping for a similar turn-around. But what am I saying? I'm sure they are hoping for a turn-around no matter whom they hire.


Man, October can not get here fast enough. . . . . Any word on the Ohio team?


I hope it's true about Anderson, he definately deserves a shot.

Karla Stranger

It is official.....John Anderson is now the coach of the Atlanta Thrashers.


Cat Eyes

right there with ya, homco...i got a little better tonite...went to the plex to watch geromimo's team play and had a great time! they did not win (sorry, geromino, hope i was not the streak breaker for you guys!), but i thought they were doing okay against a really good team! you guys should all try it...it's not ice hockey, but it is really cool to watch! thanx for the invite geronimo..."the goalie" has not stopped talking about it yet...now he wants roller blades for his bday!

ps...i thought it was hilarious how you picked me outta the crowd right away...what gave me away? the red hair and komets shirt? lol! never thought about the wardrobe choice this morning, but that probably helped, eh?


Alright! Congratulations to Anderson! He certainly paid his dues and deserved to be recognized after the success he has had in Chicago.

So I was looking up his player records since I was unfamiliar with his complete history. I knew about his time with the Komets, but I didn't realize he was playing with San Diego Gulls when the K's beat them in 1993. So.... No animosity then? It was a long time ago now.


I have a John Anderson-San Deigo Gull jersey-white-#10


Dang it, I just checked the komets website and they haven't changed the home opener to tonight. UGH. Gonna be a long off season. :)


Cat... thanks for coming out for the slaughter. If anything, the "goalie" ought to learn that a little defense helps. Was still fun though. At first I thought there was a fire in the bleachers, but it was all the orange and red I saw.
Great for John Anderson - more Komets out there.

Cat Eyes

geronimo...ha ha! you are a funny one...no problem...i would not call it a slaughter, just a bit of a tough loss (see how i handle "the goalie" when he has a loss?). he has his soccer tourney this am, and they got eliminated in round 2, but he did score a goal for his team, so he was all excited! go goalie!

hey deuce...know anyone who's good at the science stuff? we need someone who can change the space-time continuum for us to make october be here already...i'll call ya later, i have an adrenaline plan for next weekend...it ain't hockey, but it's fun, i promise!


Just to let everyone know, I didn't see Hodgeman get drafted. It doesn't mean he won't get sign as an un-drafted free agent, but there is still a small .1% chance he might come back...


If Hodgeman don't sign = maybe get him for next year playoffs?

Karla Stranger

All we can do is wait and see what transpires. I was pretty disappointed,he didnt get drafted. I was on the edge of my seat just in case.


hodgeman will get picked up as a free agent.


Was Hodgman participating in the draft? I wasn't sure. I found it hard to believe that he wasn't picked even in the lower rounds if that was the case. I did watch some of it and tried to keep up with the news on the internet, but there were some things I was curious about. For example, does one have to register in some way to be eligible for the draft? Where can I find a list of ALL the names they are choosing from? Also, the NHL's draft is obviously quite different from the NFL's and NBA's. When they draft someone, they are on the team immediately. I'm not sure how it is in baseball, but with the NHL, things seem far less certain. I kept hearing about Russians who were drafted but didn't make it to the US for years after the fact. Or players who were drafted but never signed. Then traded and not signed. Then traded again and finally joined a team. Or players who were drafted, sent to the AHL or elsewhere and never played for their team. Even those who do play in the NHL usually don't do it right away. So why don't they just wait and draft people who are deemed ready? I know, I know. That what the development system is for. It just seems strange to me since other sports do it differently.

Josh F

I was talking with someone today and he said that Hodgey was already signed in the Devils organization. Can Justin or anyone else confirm this?

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