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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at [email protected].

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June 17, 2008



2 jokes on there, beauregard who i wish had never left was a terrible defensive player and ruid was so soft a stiff breezze would knock him over!! rest are great choices!


Go back a little further and you could probably throw in this guy:


I think Ruid was soft, but other then that, can't complain.

Eric was also fun to watch, you know he had the drive to take it to the next level. But that's AAA hockey, this is just double A.


Agree w/ chuckitt & jr. about Ruid, but can't deny his contributions. Same w/ D.A. (not bad for a guy with one eye). Lewis and Bogy my alltime favs, but now I was just enjoying Huck doing his thing. To me, he is one of the best forecheckers in the game - don't see much of that "over" in the other leagues. That's where your defense starts, and I loved watching other teams get burned by him. When the PK is on, he is the best.


Great topic Justin, BTW. Also found it interesting the other day that the News Sentinel devoted a whole page to NHL news - wow! Hockey even in the off season! Also agree with your take on John Anderson. I'm sure there are good choices out there for coaches, but how could they miss this guy?


Junior... hope Wendy doesn't read too much into that last line. Them's fight'n words.:p


There's a pretty big difference...back then, you'd get guys that played 50 games in the NHL, now, you're lucky to get 1 guy, w/ 4 games experience.

Made quite the difference.


not much really cause those guys with 50 nhl games or more came in here and thought they could mail it in. not a lot of effort put out unless it was somebody assigned and still had a big chance of going back up. i really got tired of watching some of those guys just go thru the motions!


I was living in a different city for several of these years, so these are mostly just names to me. But I did read through the entire stats section of Sebring's book, so at least they are familiar names.

Hukalo has been a great asset. It is surprising that he manages to keep such a low profile. As for Chaulk, that was actually one of the first things I noticed while listening to the radio broadcasts of games. When he went into a face-off, the Komets almost always wound up with the puck.

Uh-oh. The AA vs. AAA debate rears its ugly head once again. If I had been attending games back then, I would feel more comfortable comparing them. As it is, all I can say is that today's Komets don't seem all that different from the ones I remember as a child. As near as I can tell, they haven't gotten worse. It's just that the players at the higher levels of the game have improved.

And yes, I do question the significance of the rating system when a player can skip around between the IHL, AHL, and NHL. Sure, skills can be polished, but talent is either there all along or it isn't.


When we put together the list of most overrated Komets we can discuss DAB and Ruid more..

Cat Eyes

love the huckster...anyone who can run the puck and his mouth at the same time is tops with me!! he cracks me up down there...he was so quiet at the komet end of season party that i had to ask deuce to be sure that it was really hukalo...that and the whole playoff beard thing threw me on all those guys!! lol

Justin Cohn

Who's Sebring? Never heard of him.


just someone who does a story on the komets every once in awhile, not close to the coverage we get here!

Cat Eyes

funny, cohny...oh yeah, since i won't be there in person tonite..."go cohny, score a goal cohny..."...there ya go, man! same goes for you, st chris!! cohny's braggin that he's carryin' ya...better do something about that tonight! lol good luck tonite guys!!

Cat Eyes

i know sebring does not do funny call-ins on MY radio station...like someone else we all know and love...go cohny, score a goal cohny!! lol


How can you call DAB and Ruid overrated?? Have you looked at their stats while with the K's? DAB has 132 GP, 69 G, 47 A, for a total of 116 points. Ruid has 75 GP, 43 G, 51 A, for 94 points...that's over a point a game. I'm just curious as to what your reasoning is here.


I think the "overrated" part for Ruid is about how he was going to be the leader of a great team and the team didn't measure up. He wasn't overrated on his play, the team was overrated, or just badly-under preformed in the playoffs!


I think Ruid just didn't show up sometimes. I'd flip him and Richardson in the list, Bruce might have been whiney sometimes but I wouldn't ever call him soft.
It would be hard for me to choose between Hukalo and Chaulk. Call them 1 and 1a!


Massie ????

Hit Somebody!!!

Kelly Miller? Should be on your list.

Take Grills off that list too. He looked to be skating in quicksand and ran his mouth more than he played hockey.


Bummer about Sean V. breaking his leg. Condors could have gone further in the playoffs. My sister is a season ticket holder in Bakersfield, and boy was she depressed.


dab and ruid were overrated cause all they did was score. defense was something someone had to explain to them. but i have to say i loved dab. he put his all into it and his story was a classic! ruid was just a one dimensional player and was probably selfish in the locker room. just my opinion!


geronimo...thanx for the invite, if i can free myself on a friday nite i'll check it out. i'm catching up on all the postings, and i notice that jc thinks he's carrying me...i'll admit he's got a better shot but no way can he out skate these legs! cat...thanks for the encouragement,we have a great time playing and we play with some really great people, playing in the adult leagues has been one of the best things i've ever done. best defensive forward...i'm biased to my good buddy jimmy logan, next in line would have to be huckalo.


Another "Huck" who never got any credit but was a great defensive forward was Tom Nelson.

Nasty Dangles

I found this online tonight and just thought you guys may find this interesting:


It's an interview done about two weeks ago with Justin Hodgman. It covers alot of topics and is quite long. A good listen. His interview is about halfway through the podcast.

Karla Stranger

Im just glad MY Celtics are CHAMPS!


I still don't get how some of you can say that DAB and Ruid are overrated. I'm not saying that they're my favorite all-time players or anything like that, I just think they deserve a little more credit than some of you are giving them. Sure, they may have been one-dimensional players at times...but don't forget that they were brought in here to score. Plain and simple their job was to put the puck in the net...and they did that...that was their role. So, basically, using your logic, you could say that our beloved Steve Fletcher was one-dimensional and overrated because all he pretty much did was be our enforcer...he hardly scored and he wasn't a defensive stud. Being the enforcer was Fletcher's role just as scoring was the role for DAB and Ruid.


Thanks for posting the Hodgeman interview Nasty Dangles! Nice interview and I thought it was cool how he said he turned to Chaulk often to learn things. He was very complimentary of his time in Fort Wayne.

Cat Eyes

KM...please don't say "time in Ft Wayne" for Hodgie like it's over...I know, I know...he is destined for bigger places than here, but I want him to stay with us for another year or two or three??? just being greedy!! :)

And Harbz...I have been waiting for a Fletch mention in this blog since I started in May...I LOVE Fletch!! He is probably one of my all-time favorite players, and you are right, a little one-dimensional (you should see my myspace page...filled with videos of Fletch and Woods fights!!) but still a crowd pleaser nonetheless. He is a really mellow guy now...I talk to him occasionally at his job. My son did not believe me that he used to be a Komet player, so Steve did me the honor of backing me up on that fact, and then I found all those videos on youtube and he believed me (my son, not Fletch). Funny thing was, Fletch said his own kids did not believe he was a Komet player either!! lol

St chris...you're welcome...how'd ya do last night?


Hey...lol I know this isn't apart of this conversation but does anyone know if we still own the rights too Frank Littlejohn..? I guess he was just asked too take a paycut in Elmira and declined and is negoitation with teams in the IHL and the CHL..was just curious...hes one guy i've always wanted too see wear a Komets sweater...wow..if he does sign here i'm gonna have to figure out how to get my season tix back lol


DAB's first year here he went from 50 goals the previous year to 30 in Fort Wayne. Both of those guys played with little heart and often just took nights off offense and defensively.


Littlejohn is getting old.


And no we don't own Littlejohns rights.


And he stinks in the playoffs!

Cat Eyes

if it is the same littlejohn, bio says he is only 31...younger than than Guy Dupuis who scored us a goal in THE game 7 that won us a Turner Cup if I am not mistaken...don't count us over 30 crowd out...we're not dead and in the grave yet, for god's sake!!


Richardson has to be on your list because all he did was play defense. He turned the puck over more then any other forward on the team last year.


what about Curadeau


Curdy was good early, but I was hoping he would do better in the playoffs. Great skills guy, though.
Good post Harbz. Thats what made this team great - all kinds of skill that never gave up. Huck and Chaulk were the best at both ends, and Hodgy, given more time, will be right up there too. Also had a good mix of young and not so young. Vets did a great job when the going got tough.


Okay... Dumb question, but I just have to ask. Why do they call jersey's "sweaters"? They don't seem to fit the definition. :D

Fletch was before (and after) my time, Cat Eyes, but I've read a bit about him. Why am I not surprised that you were a big fan of his? :) But that reminds me, I came across this bit on Woods from the website of his old team. I couldn't help but notice the "pepto" mention, among other things. Check it out.



Littlejohn might only be 31, but comparing a guy like Littlejohn who's gotten punched in the face in excess of 1000 times to Dupuis who plays very hard but hasn't taken the physical abuse of fights doesn't equate. If Littlejohn came to the Fort people would be sorely disappointed.


jc good to see you blogging here again. Just took a mention of Richardson to bring you back! I always knew you had a secret crush...


Wendy, I'm guessing it was because when they first started to play, they did wear sweaters. They played outside and it was cold. Plus, the first NHL "jerseys" were sweaters that were knit. Not the RBX Edge crap that wisks away the sweat...


Yea, I use to have a 1950's replica all-star jersey that was exactly how they made them back then. Thing was made of wool, about a quarter of inch thick. REAL heavy and bulky.

The only use I could of had for that is to wear it ice fishing, and there is no physical aspect to that.


A lot of the earlier arenas did not have any kind of climate control. (heat or air)

I remember hearing an old story about when Bob Chase first came to Fort Wayne and his wife asked him what kind of coat she should wear to watch the game. He told her to wear what she normally would wear.

Turns out Murph bundled up and nearly passed out from sweating to death because the Coliseum was heated and Mr. Chase did not know that at the time!

I've heard those old sweaters made you itch like crazy too!


jerseys were sweaters and gloves were gantlets and later on helmuts were lids..times and termanology change...

Cat Eyes

wendy...thank you SO much for asking what i have been dying to ask but did not want to be the one who asked!! (about the sweaters) normally i just bust out with the questions (as you all know on here :) ) but for some reason this time i just decided to shut it and wait...and i was rewarded! lol and i died reading the little page about woodsy...it said his favorite food was chicken, but he always ate a steak before a game...hmmm...again, i am sure there is some hidden athletic reason i am unaware of there, but still...that struck me as funny...why torture yourself, there, mitchy? just eat the damn chicken and be done with it already?? lmao!!!
and yep, fletch was exactly my kinda guy back in the day...just like woods is now, and for the same reason...the fire and the fun. and the fights!! almost all the things i love about a good hockey game, all wrapped in a great...well, fletch was not exactly a redhead, but that's ok. he sure had the temper of one.

jungle monkey, i see your point about this littlejohn dude...he HAS been in a lot of fights, so he is pretty used and abused comparatively speaking...but he isn't old in years, just beat up and battered, how about we agree on that? (i just had a birthday, and i'm sensitive about the "old" thing, man...lol)


John Anderson finally gets a chance to coach in the NHL... Atlanta Thrashers promote him to head coach..... Congrats to John in FINALLY getting a head coaching gig... Good luck!


Finially = go Johnny go!!!!


YES! I'm glad to see that someone is willing to give Anderson a chance. Congratulations, John!


I'll agree to used and abused, Cat Eyes. The big 3-0 is creeping up on me, so I understand.

As far as Littlejohn, I remember watching him when he played in Glen Falls, now he's a shell of that player.

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