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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at [email protected].

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May 13, 2008



I am watching on B2 from Texas. Thanks for all you do to keep us out of towners up to date with all the Komet news. Whatever happens tonight; it's been a heck of a season.
Thanks again!

Justin Cohn

Thanks. Sorry for the delay on this game. So much to do -- deadlines passed about a hour ago already -- so I hope you understand.


This is awesome. . . And horrible all At the same time.

My seat neighbor just called in for work. No making it for a 2am shift in Warsaw. Now that's fan dedication.


I just appreciate the blog. I realize that it is a lot of extra work on your part but we are fortunate as Komet fans to have someone such as yourself to keep us in the loop. I hope that we can win this thing....The PH announcer on B2 is wearing me out!


KOMETS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WOW!! What a game!! And.. how about that Hodgman gets the goal. What a perfect addition to the playoff roster!


Hello Komets fans, and Congrats!

You guys have really earned this one, what a classic game 7!

Have a great summer!

Best Regards,

FF from the Hawk's Board

Melissa S


GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!

kyle hunt

I am so proud of all you guys and way to go all the people we dont think of like we shoud, especially you Andy D. WHAT A GAME!




Classy FlangsFan.. Thank you and, and enjoy your summer as well. See you all next year.

Way to go KOMETS!

Jerad Shaw.

Amazing. I left after the 2nd Intermission and missed the goal. I need to get some sleep. Work in 3 hours. Yesss! Celebrate boys, you deserve it!


I just left the game and I beat! That was one for the books. We had the most amazing team this year and I
will miss those who leave. The Komets deserved this cup!!!

Congrats to the players, to Sims and all the others that make Komet Hockey great!!!!

We rocked the Jungle tonight, you fans are amazing!!!!!


Aside from the PH players throwing water on our fans including a little girl that was a great game.Congrats to the Komets and what a good job PH did to stay in it. See you all and THE CHAMPIONS wednesday!!!!!!


Oh I almost forgot! Thank you Cohn for helping the fans have a place to cheer, vent, and celebrate! This blog is great, not to mention we get musical chairs!



Way to go boys!!!! We did it! What a come back down 3-1 WOOOOO Thank you guys for such a fantastic season. I hope Hodg gets drafted next year that would be super sweet.




Comgradulation Komets!! Great job everyone on the whole season. It's been an amazing season, not only for the Komets but me as well. I missed a majority of the season because I've been training to go to Iraq, as well as have been in Iraq, I was lucky enough to come home and see the last three games of the season. It was amazing, the last time the Komets won I was in Iraq also, I knew I had to be here this time. Great season, records being broken left and right, lets see if anyone has ever traveled more than 7000 miles to see a Fort Wayne Komet Hockey game! Lets do it again next year when I see more of the season!!!!

Jerad Shaw.

Yeah, Heather I will explain tomorrow. Little bit over the line tonight from 2 players that didn't step foot on the ice tonight.


A few things, thanks to Port Huron for a great series, the fans who never doubted the team, Justin for his great work here and in print, Al Sims, the Frankes, and of course to the team! Mission Accomplished!


I am sorry Margettie,Lardner, and Zehr are punks.Glad they lost,what goes around comes around.I was afraid someone was going to get really hurt tonight.
Congrats Komets,you deserved it.


thanks for everything all season justin...thanks for being the journalistic class of the league and never sinking to other peoples levels when you could have many times.

Ryne Gurney

What a game,

This is why i love hockey


Way to go Komets!! I just knew Hodgy was going to get the game winner. I was telling everyone all night!

It should have been over 2 hours earlier, but Searle caused the turnover that led to P.H.'s 2 goal by getting in the way of the puck. On top of that, he wasn't calling any penalties against P.H.’s dirty play and our guys were really getting hurt left and right. I was afraid that some of our guys were actually going to need to go to the hospital after some of the cheap shot crap that they had to endure. The IHL really needs to look into what’s going on with their officiating staff, seriously!! And, what a p$@# poor coach Drulia is for having his guys play cheap and dirty like that!! That was just absolutely ridiculous (just like their fans)!!

Doesn't matter anyway because the guys still pulled it off and my favorite player Hodgman shoved it down their throat!!



Way to Go Komets!!! What a year, what a series, and what a game! The team was fantastic, and I hope we can build upon what you have accomplished for next year's team. I look forward to seeing/ hearing about those players that will make it into the higher levels next year, and hope we can keep a good core of the guys around for another run in '08-'09. You know, come this time next week we will all be having withdrawl since this awesome season will be in the books.

Justin, it has been great and entertaining being a first time participator in Ice Chips this year. Thanks for all of the hard work you have done and will continue to do for us Komets fans! Much apprecaited!

Bloggers O' Ice Chips, thanks for providing a fun and mostly friendly atmosphere this year to hear about your experiences and your insider news this year. We'll have to do this again next season, and maybe mix in a couple of planned Ice Chips bus trips for some away games!


mightbite=not too bright/ K's=CHAMPS

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