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May 03, 2008



Sure he lets them play...but I don't like it. If its a penalty its a penalty.


We have a winner!!! JC wins the bet. Sterling is getting on my nerves, and I bet many of the Komets as well. He never stops slashing when there is a play around the net.

Sidney Crosby

You're right Justin, Sterling is a hothead. We need to get in his face more like Woods did once in the 2nd. He likes to use the lumber, eventually Langdon has to call it...

Justin Cohn

Hey, they just gave awards to all the local media in Port Huron. Yeah, that'll be the day when the Komets do that. Of course, I'm not a "local Fort Wayne sports fixture." lol


Justin just stick with the Komets for another good 40-50 years and then they may acknowledge you like chaser.


Magers and Sterling are a match made in heaven...easily the two most physically agressive goalies in the league.


What happened?


Another goal waived off?!? A blatant punch that wasn't called?!? Did someone hand Lang-thorn another envelope full of cash ("Sims was a potty mouth.." Rich | April 19, 2008 at 08:22 AM) before this game like the last series? These refs taking payoffs to throw the game is getting absolutely ridiculous!!


Type in Bob Langdon and referee in any search engine and find out that he was fired from the AHL in 2006 due to his calling of games. Not surprised to see him give us all of 1 power play all game. What a disgrace!


Justin, the PH radio guy said he was going to go down press row to see what everyone thought about the GOAL called a non-goal, whadda think?

Also let him know he is a tool. You can't say you didn't see someone go down, but you saw him flop like a fish or you didn't see the goal, but you are 99% sure it didn't go in...


Anyone know why the goal was waved off?


And to think Bob Langdon reffed in the NHL.


Here's that link on Langdon if anyone wants to see: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/Page/document/v5/content/subscribe?user_URL=http://www.theglobeandmail.com%2Fservlet%2Fstory%2FRTGAM.20060623.wnhlref23%2FBNStory%2FSports%2FHockey%2F&ord=81333352&brand=theglobeandmail&force_login=true.


And to think that Langdon reffed in the NHL


He's letting them play, what more do you want? There is flo and both teams know what they can get away with and what not.


According to Chaser Sebring said it was a goal. From where he's sitting he even saw the water bottle jump.


Brad Jones pretty much gave the standard non answer on the goal the wasn't a goal, homer controlling the light.

Hit Somebody!!!

The Homer PH announcer said he closed his eyes the same time the goal occurred and he didn't see it, but his his pretty sure it wasn't a goal? What the heck is he smoking?

Curadeau gets whacked in the head after the whistle right in front of LangThorne and no call. This thing is looking like a setup...I hate to say it, but how in the heck do we get goals not called and we have 1 powerplay the whole game? This is unreal. I can see letting them play because it is the playoffs, but you have to call the penalties that are intent to injure and change the outcome of the game by gaining a particular advantage by committing the penalty. This is stupid.

Komets are at a must win in this overtime. They cannot go down 2-0 and expect to win this series. I am worried.

Let's Go Komets!!!


The goal was called off because the goal judge did not signal the light and the ref and linesmen did not see it go in.


That ice does look small. Is the Zamboni a regular sized one or is it a compact model? :-)

Maybe they should throw some fertilizer on it and maybe it will grow some.......


Lets go boys get the win!!!!!!


Right on Hit!


Who cares, they could have asked us. We would have said yes! LOL


Wow! It takes a lot to get Shaffy upset, so I'm guessing he thought it was really in. Too bad we don't have replay like in the NHL. We wouldn't have to rely on these bozos calling the games so lopsided all the time.


I can't say much about Langdon being fired by the NHL. After all, in a sense, so was Sims.


Matt Pavelich and Brad Jones need to investigate the "objectivity" of some of these officials.

Appearantly Brad Jones is saying the red light never went off so that's why Langdon disallowed the goal. I've seen several times when the Komets scored, the red light is on, and the official completely ignores the goal judge's judgement. What gives?

I wonder if the goal judge gets a few more bucks or did he get another "back massage from a fan" for making a bad call? It's just complete B.S.


Bert gets takes a spear to the throat and he gets a penalty?!? Come on!! Chaser is P.O.'d about the way Langdon is calling this game!


P.H. Scores. Game over.


Well that was disappointing to say the least.


We lose tomorrow, its over.


Oh great, that's just great! Lang-thorn just threw the game!!

There's NO WAY anyone can say that this is the Komets fault. Lang-thorn gave this win to Port Huron and that's the only reason we lost. 2 disallowed goals?!?, and Port Huron getting away with murder. Sounds like a big bonus payoff from Port Huron is for coming Lang-thorn way.


Not necessarily Gnasher... some of us have seen them come back to win a series after being down.

GO KOMETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They can do it.

Jungle Monkey

Still not too excited...

The Komets can still win 4 in a row and take the Kup.



Correction: I meant to say "Sounds like a big bonus payoff from Port Huron is coming Lang-thorn's way."


I though PH was getting away with a lot of (garbage) Friday. Sterling, Lardner, Hughes, Margettie and at least 2 or 3 others were allowed to get away with all kinds of (garbage) Friday, and it sounds even worse tonight. I'm ticked and I wasn't even there. It's one thing to let 'em play, it's another to let all of 'em get away with acting like that knucklehead Sean Avery and turn a blind eye. I just feel like if the Komets tried any of the (garbage) that they're getting away with, we'd be in the box and they'd have yet another 5-on-3.


That's exactly right. The Komets haven't been allowed to get the least bit physical without getting a 5 on 3 penalty kill by the refs lately. It's ridiculous! Simms has been forced to making them play soft instead of letting them play their style of game. That's really hurting them.

Everyone has been commenting about how our players are just taking all kinds of garbage and punches without retribution when they normally wouldn't. These refs are all over the Komets and nailing them to the wall while letting the other team drill us left and right without calling anything on them. It's completely ruining the playoffs.


I recall seeing a comment on how it would be in the league's best interest if the Komets lost the playoffs ("Icehawks win Game 1.." Posted by: Scotts $1000 Lagrand | May 03, 2008 at 12:59 AM). Maybe there's a link to this and the way the officials have been calling the games.

There could be "influence" from league management to call games in a way that would change their final outcome and in turn the winning team of the playoffs. Or if that isn't exactly the case anyone can see how it makes the league, the arenas, and probably even the officials more money to "make" a series last all 7 games regardless of who wins.



How about some cheese with that whine??

I hate to be the one to break this to you guys, but the ref was actually more guilty of favoring the Kermits. He was just a little closer to the middle than your paid off Searle was in game 1.
Lets see, Aspenlind YANKED down from behind on a chance for a 2 on 1....No call. two minutes later, he calls a penalty on us for tripping a player away from the play on a non scoring chance. BTW, your team does try to knock the net off on EVERY scrum in front of your net. I counted AT LEAST 5 times tonight when the net was either knocked off or rattled. Friday night I watched Buttram grab the crossbar, pick up the net and push it off the moorings. It's the Klusters MO all season long.... Cheat to win. The only difference in the last two games? All the cheating in the world couldn't help you win. BTW, I was in section 15 and saw that no goal clearly. It hit the crossbar. Stop whining.

Jared, sorry I missed you before the game. I was going to look for you (in the sea of Icehawk fans), but our group was ready to head into the building and it was about to rain.

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