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May 03, 2008



So whats the deal with the water bottle? hit or no hit?

Justin Cohn

Didn't budge.


Make sure you tell superfan


PH scores....wins 3-2 in OT


Komets Lose
Komets Lose
Komets Lose

Good thing we have 5 more game to play.


Komets choke once again


Where is my Komet team? I hope they show up tomorrow. Night all!


Holy (you know what)!!! I can't believe this.


i give up....congrats PH...


I'll be there tomorrow yelling my head off!!! but I wonder if attendance will suffer after this start to the series??


Give up? NEVER!!!! I will be at the game tomorrow to watch the Komets WIN! Grow a backbone, they aren't done yet!


Well, its clear what it is going to take to win this. We're going to have to split somebodys head open. No one is going to get any advantages from the officials. You've got to send a message, they have completely taken us out of our game, so we can't play our game. Talent wise, they shouldn't be on the ice with us. Port Huron is playing playoff hockey which is different than the regular season, we haven't switched into that mode yet. We need to split somebodys head open when the first puck drops and don't stop pounding them until the game ends. We need to take the leash off and let things happen. IMO that is.


Port Huron is playing like the k's played during their streak. They are finding ways to win games and right now they are the better hockey team. We have a huge hole to overcome right now and are now in a must win situation on Sunday. Port Huron is clicking on the PP 3 out of 6 and we have 0 that right there is the difference so far in the series.


If they do that stupid bird dance I going to punch somebody




it ain't over yet!


Next time I B2 I'm going to make sure I mute it so I don't have to hear the poor commentating of that jerk.


awesome video clip burgee...LETS GO KOMETS!!!!!


To be quite honest....when the lights go out tomorrow night they need to come out to that soundbite.


i agree with you ToeBlake...the way PH is playing reminds me of how we were playing when we were on top of the league... take the leashes off bert and woods and let them put some icehawks in their (*&#$^ places.

tomorrow we gotta stay loud all game...no more getting quiet if we get up or down...lets give it to em from bell to bell.


rock and roll part II will get us back into beastmode....TIME TO DIG IT UP KOMETS PA...go through the archives and dust it off. give us life


Well we all know Chaser is a bit of a homer too, but who's tired of hearing about how PH takes shots after the whistle or is laying big hits on us that he says should be penalties.

How about laying out some of our own hits and after the whistle jabs. Listening on the radio it sounds like they're just being more aggressive.

Hey, guess what. That wins. Burgee, agreed. Time to get a little crazy. And if that means Woods just happens to fall into Sterling on the way to the net and then has to push on his neck to get up then so be it.

Frustrating as hell to be bullied around and keep looking to the referee to get bailed out.


I have the worst feeling right now. What has happened to the Komets.

Hit Somebody!!!

What happened to the Team toughness we had most of the year? I can't believe that this is the same team we watched all year. Less hitting, no toughness around the net, and guys backing down from punks like Marcutie. I understand you don't want to take dumb penalties, but tonight, the ref called nothing. Why not knock some heads around a little. Or we can continue to play passive and lose? I know what my choice would be.

Hit Somebody!!!

What has happened to Brent Kotyluk...errrr...Henley? Why is he playing so soft.

Terry Marchant? Anyone seen him...where is he? I think one of the following D-Men need to sit and we need Terry back, an extra forward is needed....Henley, Durdin, Pence, Warner. Warner is getting only 2-3 shifts a game. Lets put in an extra forward to play tough in front of the net. That is Terry's best attribute.


Lets go K’s, Lets show them what we’ve got, get out there on the ice and let them know you’re there, get that Stick in his side let him know you’re there, get that lumber in his teeth let him know you’re there. You can make history or let someone else make it.


RRp2 would be nice.

I know they were going to play it last year had we tied the game against Rockford in losing game 5...

It sure would get the place rowdy and rocking. (and who cares if you don't like it.)

Remember in 2005 when they played it during pregame...that was rowdiness at its finest.

Hit Somebody!!!

They gotta be PC guys and please all the walk-up casual fans that live in the bubbles where they don't say such naughty things. You know, the imaginary world where everything is perfect. The same fans that come to 1-2 games for free and then never show-up for the playoffs. Kinda funny huh?


They won't bring it back officially but they can play that other version? Come on now.


My techno junkie days were at their peak 20 years ago, but, if someone had RR2 on an ipod with some external speakers instead of headphones, in the right section, i think that might work. and not necessarily played after scoring....well imagine the rest.


Why no "toughness", face washing, turing Woods loose I have no idea perhaps Justin should ask Sims, because I m sure that is where it all starts...Our play overall has not been that great since the start of our series with Muskegon, PP terrible, Physical nature of the club stinks..etc. We have 5 games to make an adjustment otherwise this will be a major embarrassment to the premiere organization in minor league hockey...


this is actually Tom. Justin you may have seen the replay of the goal , but everyone in my section including the PH fans said it was in. I really thought we would not even get 1pp tonight. On a side note SHAW said to announce tailgating Sun at about 4:30. Beer may. E available. Iliked bob earlier this yr but he really has let Too much go. See everyone Sunday.


Risk versus reward. This series Port Huron has been taking the risks with their style of play, and, how have they been rewarded, 2 wins. Anytime Guy and PC get the puck they are coming to get them aggressively, their agressiveness is paying off, the bigger the risk the bigger the reward, but, the keyword is Risk its collapsable and beatable, we just can't be status quo.

With that said we do have an advantage going into game 3 for the win, Sunday Port Huron will be running solely on adrenaline, we have depth, but we need to come out of the gate hitting and running, Drulia said they can't keep up with us, 3rd game in 3 nights, we need to take it to them and pound them. Lets kick some.......tail, please.


this is actually Tom. Justin you may have seen the replay of the goal , but everyone in my section including the PH fans said it was in. I really thought we would not even get 1pp tonight. On a side note SHAW said to announce tailgating Sun at about 4:30. Beer may. E available. Iliked bob earlier this yr but he really has let Too much go. See everyone Sunday.

goodwin girl 19

I know that this is EXTREMELY random, but I went to the game on Friday and noticed that many of the centers were being chased out of the draw. What does a center do to be chased out?? Nobody that I've asked has a clue.


Ok, I've thought about this, and thought about this. But, it takes Shaf alot to get PO'd and argue calls, why do I know this, because I work with his daughter. So, I'm gonna say that it was a goal. The only real person who knows is Shaf. If he says its in, it was in, and the officating blew another one.

Jungle Monkey

excellent analysis by Burgee. The K's will make them pay. Sims will get the game plan together..

Have faith Komet fans!


The Komets haven't been allowed to get the least bit physical without getting a 5 on 3 penalty kill by the refs lately. It's ridiculous! Simms has been forced to making them play soft instead of letting them play their style of game. That's really hurting them.

Everyone has been commenting about how our players are just taking all kinds of garbage and punches without retribution when they normally wouldn't. These refs are all over the Komets and nailing them to the wall while letting the other team drill us left and right without calling anything on them. It's completely ruining the playoffs.

Jerad Shaw

Great playoff hockey game!!! Was to far away from the goal, but I will Cohn's word for it. If we don't step up the physical play, we get ran out of the series period. They are pushing the tempo from crease to crease. We have ZERO momentum coming into tomorrow. I have a great idea. As fans, let's get some going??? Tailgate at 4 O'Clock out to the left of Memorial Stadium. If you want to here Hunter Smith sing, then we can here him from outside. We HAVE to rock THE JUNGLE. Period. I will take 3000 diehards tomorrow night that will get loud, rather then 10,000 Sunday Warriors. Theresa, if you have a seat, I might be alone tomorrow. It's time to show some KOMET PRIDE as fans...


burgee i like that thinking about the ipod with external speakers. lol

some peoples panties get ruffled about the R&R pt.II thing but if there ever was a time to infuse life back into us with R&R pt2 its now. DUST IT OFF KOMETS PA...we need you


Komet fans, we need to be so loud tomorrow night that the ice birdies can't even hear themselves think!!! We need to rock the jungle so hard that the roof flies off!! We need to let our boys know that we are behind them 100%!! And for crap sakes HIT SOMEBODY!! LET'S GO KOMETS!!!


u wont be alone shaw i will be there. hit me up asap tomorrow when u figure out a ticket situation


Look at the bright side. Maybe all those people who would rather boo and jeer their own team and actually refer to the Komets as a "product" will be so disappointed that they'll decide to save gas and not show up on Sunday. We can hope. People like that don't deserve a winning team.

While the loss tonight was disappointing after what happened in game 1, we did play better. I can't deny that it puts more pressure on us for tomorrow, but let's remember that a win on Sunday will put us right back into this thing. Not to mention that we'll have two more chances to beat them up there if this goes to 6 games or more, and home ice has never made much of a difference to PH. I knew this would be a tough series, and that's just as well. If the Komets do win -- and I know they can -- it will be all the more meaningful because of it.

LET'S GO KOMETS!!! As Rob Schneider would say, "YOU CAN DO IT!" :)

Real Hockey Guy

Game 3 sunday....my advice
Close off the upper deck and pack everyone into the lower sections. Play music that WILL get the crowd involved. Make sure it is loud the whole game and get over the PA the whole game and keep telling the fans to get LOUD!!!!
Dump the Pregame show from last night(that was stupid) play the animal house clip over the PA just before playing welcome to the jungle.......oh and last but not least.....Lets have an Orange Out...EVERYONE WEAR AN ORANGE SHIRT!!!! LETS GET IN THIS IF WE WANT THE KOMETS TO TURN THIS AROUND!!!!.....oh and everyone drink lots of booze and get drunk and loud but please get a taxi home!!!!....lol


REAL HOCKEY GUY !!!!!!!!!!! WELL SAID...standing ovation for you my friend

Real Hockey Guy

oh and when i say play good crowd music....that means play the Hey Song...play mony mony a few times....play anything that will get the komet fans on the edge of the seat screaming for the players to do better and not keep yelling at the "poor" officiating. You need all good vibes in that place tomorrow night. All game long we should hear "lets go K's"....and for all the people that yell at the goalie after goals....well we all know sterling is now a hot head so do whatever you can to get him out of his game. Have ICY get more swimsuit pictures on the glass...fans keep screaming every time he makes a mistake. Get in his head and he will erupt!

three blind mice

Blame the officiating for 5-3's??? Are you kidding? Langdon let the players decide the game tonight with virtually no penalties even when cheap crap was happening. So stop with the "blame the ref" BS. This team thought they were going to walk into the finals and smear a team that had nothing to lose because nobody but themselves expected them to win.
The lesson here, win or lose is to appreciate what you had with that 2003 team because it is darn hard to win a championship at any level no matter how many teams are in this league.

GO KOMETS!!!!!!!

Three blind mice -- I disagree with you on so many levels. First of all, I didn't see anywhere that it said we were going to sweep the whole playoffs. Nobody said that. I believe everyone was saying that we realized we weren't untouchable in the last game of the year and that we better shape up and learn from it. And why are you talking about 5-3? Tonights game was 3-2 with an overtime win including two goals that were iffy both in favor of PH. ITS NOT OVER YET!!!!!!! LETS GO KOMETS!!!!!!!


I understand you got to see the video justin,we were sitting there and heard no tink off the pipes and it sure looked like all the players stopped,even sterling as if it went in.And of course the one chaulk put in what was that deal.Another note the fans up there have to be the biggest bunch of idiots i've seen in awhile.I think they spend more time trying to irritate us then cheering for there own.Now that i see how they are,it makes more sense to me why kittycatdan is such a irritating idiot.

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