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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at [email protected].

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May 11, 2008





I'm so fired up I can't sleep

No Pucking Frisoners

Great Job JC!
I can't sleep either. On my 5th victory drink!


We will rock The Jungle! Cheering loud, cheering proud with signs and banners!!

Let's Go Komets! Clap clap clap clap clap!


Great post Justin! Hope to hear some audio interviews as those always are cool to hear.

Is it fair to say the Komets should be arriving at the Coliseum around 2am? A bunch of us wanna be there to greet the boys and let them know we are behind them!

Hit Somebody!!!

Dittos Justin. That was brilliant of you. Everything you said there is awesome. What a series to this point. What a season...

Game 7, Turner Cup Championship on the line on Memorial Coliseum Ice. Brilliant.


Watched the game on the B2 with friends. What a game! TIME TO ROCK THE JUNGLE!





Who does Drulia go with Monday? Still Sterling, or Magers?


Ease up JW, he already threw those "fans" under the bus.


At this point, I don't think it matters...but I'd go back with Sterling..who knows though

Boucher should get the start again...but Reiter plays extremely well in Fort Wayne


Will Sterling be able to handle 10,000 fans screaming his name? He may want to pass this time.

Hit Somebody!!!

There is an obvious choice of who the best goalie in Port Huron is...




Had to clean my keyboard after that one - was drinking milk at the time when I "got it".


Go with Magers. He stumped the Komets for the period he played. He only has to do it one more time.
Anyone think this game Monday could go into overtime?
Funny how when 'higher level goalie' TD can't come on here to harrass Komet fans after PH lost he wants to play the victim. He states that some PH fans have no class and then tells us which of us are good fans and now wants a pass. Don't bring up any of his old posts though, he doesnt want to hear them. Poor TD, since we dragged him onto this blog and made him post. Whats even worse is that some of the Komet fans here sympathize with this guy.

Ryne Gurney

No Way, I tried to stay positive but honestly I thought the Komets didn't have a prayer going to Port Huron, but what series.

If i were a Port Huron player i would be very dissappointed in my fans for acting as bad as they did, their last game of the year in front of your hometown fans


I didn't sympathize with him, just said that he already trashed those "fans" on another thread. Actually, I think if he's getting bashed a bit for some of the things he's said on here, that he's reaping what he sows.


dnl.. I'd pick Magers too. Give the K's a new look, but it may not help. Reiter or Boucher? I'll defer to the coach on that one. Didn't check, but were Reiter's shutouts mostly at home or away?

Hit Somebody!!!

"Whats even worse is that some of the Komet fans here sympathize with this guy."

I won't name any names here cough gag sneeze SCOOPS hiccup choke burp.

Justin Cohn

I've heard Sterling already has gotten the nod. I think they have to play him, it is Game 7, but Magers does stump the Komets, eh?


You're probably right Justin, but unless Sterling comes up big, I can't see MVP as some suggest. I think K's have him solved, and I know the crowd does.


Good, put him in, Komets have scored 8 goals against him the last 2 games....


not to put the cart before the horse here but Aspenlind would sure look good in a Komet jersey next year...


how long before we hear one of those sore losers come on hear and start whining about the officiating almost worse than their players (Maggot and Que--i mean Zehr)

Ryne Gurney

I would go with Larry in this situation, he had played pretty solid, until he give up a goal and the fans get all over him


I am stumped about goalie situation, Bouch or Reiter? I want bouch in, however I think reiter can do it.

Strong D is what we need for 60 minutes monday. Lets go Komets!


dnl - I didn't really see any of our fans sympathizing with TigerDan. I personally chose the high road, I'm not going to bash someone on the Internet. If they are so awful why stoop to there trash talking? I think he has behaved like a jerk a lot of the time, but tonight he started off with an apology and positive comments so why jump on him? I guess I just believe in being decent even to those that may not deserve it because I am a Komet fan and I don't wantbto give us the nasty rep they have. Eh to each their own.

Anyhow, I have no doubt they will put Sterling out Monday and I am looking forward to LAAAAAAAARRRYY-ing him to an oblivion! I am hoping we get a loud crowd in the Jungle to keep our team going and get PH on edge the way they were the earlier part of tonight game!!

Goooooo Komets!! We deserve the cup, I'm counting on watching them play like they want it!


Oh, and what time was the ETA for the team bus? 2:00? 2:30?


How impressive has Justin Hodgman's play been this series? IMHO he is the mvp of this series so far, 12 points and controlling the corners with seeming ease....the scary thing is he is 18. As long as the line of Hodgman, Chaulk, and Aquino is on the ice a majority of Game 7 I dont think we can lose.

Justin Cohn

Did anybody go greet the bus?


Hodge has need a great addition this seaon, I wish he were staying! He hustles all the time and gets right in it. Love him! I feel like Aquino has really slipped and is not playing to his full potential... We need to start game seven with a presence. Put up a great line and score quickly to show them me mean business.

I was going to greet the bus but I figured I wouldn't make it in time so I stopped for a food break on the at home. What time did they get in?


I just got home. We stayed and let the boys know how proud we are of them for fighting back and taking it to a game seven. The best part of the night, other than the game, was when we were waiting for the Komets to come out and it just so happens the "Number one goalie in the IHL, LARRY" comes out and walks to his car. We couldn't pass up one last L=A=R=R=Y! Chant, so there was about 40 Komet fans giving it to Larry in the parking lot!!! After he yelled a few choice words at us he jumped in his car and tried to run us over. This is not blowing it out of poportion, he reved up his car and drove stright into the crowd of Komet fans on the side of the road!!! It was great to see how much we get under his skin, after we checked to see if everyone was OK... I will have more later, but I am way too tired now.



that a boy hoss. way to plant the seed for monday and get in sterlings head. keep that effort up


Screw IT! I'm up I might as well just tell it all now...

First I got to say thanks to the three good fans of PH! I met "HooRah" from the PH blog, wished us luck before the game. (Funny, I didn't see TigerDan or Butters. They must have has tickets to some game in Detroit and couldn't make it to the game to wish us all luck?)
Then after the game two fans made a point to walk up to where we were sitting and shake my hand and wish us a safe ride home and good luck Monday. Good People!!! I also really liked the "cheerleaders" they have in PH and how they have fun with the kids! They had two different dance lines with them and the kids were having a blast! Good to see they treat the kids right.

Now to the not so good people of PH...I will addimit that Ft Wayne has it's fair share of bad fans that like to drink and yell and fight, but PH fans were about 50% like that! I don't understand how the "Rowdytown" gets to keep their airhorn and blow it all game long when the IHL offical and teams told them to stop. They should have had someone go up and take it away! Also they are the same fans that threw streamers out on the ice after all three goals the Hawks got. Then I think we all saw the end of the game when they showed their real classiness....that was also when I had a few things thrown at me while I was cheering my team on. I also was told many times to "Shut the <*$# Up!" while cheering for my team. I had three different groups of fans threaten me after we were up and I had the nerve to cheer "Let's Go Komets!" Then what topped it off, I had a mother of a 10-12 year old boy tell me to be a "better winner" and berate me for cheering on my team, while at the same time many PH fans were cussing me out and throwing things at me! I love watching hockey in any barn, but it will be a long time till I go back to McMorron!

To sum it all up...it was all worth it to see the Komets faces when they walked out to their bus! Man were they happy with the fans of Ft Wayne!!! ONE MORE GAME! ONE MORE WIN! ONE MORE CUP!!!

Jerad Shaw.

Hoss, PH was rough last Saturday too, but there are some great fans up there. I met about 9 fans during and before the game that I had good converstations with. I think I met my favorite non Komet fan, and maybe my favorite fan in all of the IHL last Saturday. TigerDan, do you know Charlie? Sits on the corner in the front row? He put me in my place when I tried to trade him hats!!!


Goodnight Larry, nice Car, wish you would have hit me.... Snowball, u are the champ....I was telling you good game!!


We tried to meet the bus, we got to the Coliseum a little early and they weren't there yet and we weren't sure if we were allowed to sit on the Coliseum's property that late at night so we drove down to IHOP to kill time and we missed them. We saw the Bus, but everyone was gone...oh well we tried LOL.

I am just still buzzing about Game 7 and the Komets notting this series up at 3-3!



Man, the PH fans (some, not saying all of them) were just absolutely ridiculous! The kind of B.S. crap that that they pulled just doesn't happen here in Fort Wayne. And we're the one's who are classless? Yeah right, give me a break!!

I had 3 PH fans try to jump me while I was in the bathroom. Then 2 of them were trying to wipe their piss-ridden hands all over my Komet jersey because apparently they don't stock towels in the bathrooms at McMorron. That's not to mention the idiots that sat around us yelling F#@* off to us the whole night any time we cheered for our team. What a bunch of imbeciles some of their fans are. (I did shake hands with a few after the game in the hallway and they told us “good game” and “have a safe drive home”.)

Anyway, we stayed after to congratulate the guys on a great game as they were getting on the bus. They were extremely grateful for the huge showing of fans tonight (way more than the 600 Cohn says, in my opinion) and are fired up and ready to hoist up the cup at HOME and show it to all of their loyal, civilized, and respectable fans on Monday night.




Justin Hodgman 88 needs to come back to Fort Wayne again (after this season) soon!! He has tremendous energy, heart, enthusiasm, and has been a great asset to the team since he's been here. He's also just an all around great guy and seems to be truly appreciative of Fort Wayne and the fans.

If anyone's interested I've designed a pretty cool looking Hodgman photo button (since he didn't have one yet). Let me know and I'll get one to you at cost. The more Hodgman fans the better!! This kid is definitely going places!! (Hopefully he stops by the Komets again first though.)


@JC: Quite possibly the best post in years that you have made...it's great that you can stay neutral and give good points to each side, but its even better when you show your true colors (orange and black) and post with some heart. Seriously dude, thank you; thank you; thank you.

Some scary/tough moments there in the third period....but it was Ks in true and normal form: get a big lead, and just play D...if you are up by three, who cares if two go in.

When Magers came in for Laaaaaaaaaaaaary, I figured they were resting Sterling for game 7. But after seeing Magers stymie us (including one HUGE save early in the third), I wonder what Drulia is going to do. Considering how we have got under Larry's skin, and how volitale he is I'm thinking you start Magers.

As for Al...well, as always he has a tough choice...but, considering the day of rest, I go with Boucher. He's been our go-to-guy this series. It's not that Reiter couldn't handle it, it's just that Boucher is "hot". Stick with the hot goalie, IMO.

I've been a Ks season ticket holder for five years--I'm sure many of you posters have been for longer...all I can tell you is that I've never been more happy or excited for a game. And, win or lose, this has been an amazing season, an amazing series, and I have never been more proud to be a Ks fan.

The Yankees of minor league hockey.....you bet cha.


Komet Gallery

If Boucher doesn't start game 7, it will be a travesty... Go Komets!!!


When we were at the bus after the game, I asked "New Guy" Hodgman if we got him a pen, would he sign to play here next year right then! I know he will be moving up fast, but if the Frankes don't see that they need to make a HUGE PUSH for him to stay, they are crazy!


Hodgman will sign with an AHL team next year. The only time he'll play AA hockey again is with the AHL's farm team. IMO.
I see the same for 29 and 94.

Charlie Crawford

Will the tickets be available online via ticketmaster, or do you have to go to the boxoffice to get them today? Just curious since they said the tickets would be on sale from 12-4 today, and I have to work from 12-7. I was going to have a buddy from out of town buy me some tickets today online.


Anyone think thier will be a line at noon?

Melissa S

Pray for rain Monday!!! My son has a baseball game at 6:00 pm on Monday!



Justin Hodgeman has alot of talent without question. If his goal is to get drafted and/or be in the NHL one day, he should go back to Erie as of today. His skillset may be better served playing against older, better guys, but OHL certainly has more exposure. He will be one player I will be following in the years to come.
This whole TigerDan thing is something to just sit back and laugh about. Yeah, he showed up here and posted some things we didn't like. The video of Bertram/Boucher he poked fun at. Who didn't? He mentioned that once we get down in the series that we would be fighting amongst ourselves. For the most part he was correct again. It wasn't until prior to game 5 that we rallied together. The 3rd item Hit brought up...I forget. Pointless I'd imagine. I do not sympathize with him but rather have some genuine respect for the person behind the name.
He came back on postgame and was the first IceHawks fan (and the only one of 3 or 4) that bothered to take the time to give some props to Fort Wayne's win. How many of you would of done that? Not many but I can think of 5 or 6 that would of been a gracious loser. He didn't come out of the gate with juvenile statements after the loss. How many of you would of done that? More than the above I'd imagine.
I give the guy some credit for being standup. If that make me a traitor or a bad person then thats what I am. Some of the theories may been out there but he backed up what he said. What he did or said is nothing worse or more outlandish as what anyone else here has done on any other team website, blog, fan site, or hockey message board, in general. I too would like to add he provided an outlet to vent when things were tough early on. Instead of fighting ourselves, we fought him. You all know how it gets around here when somebody has a bad game or if we lost a game here or there. Imagine the carnage of this blog if we had been left here all alone we discuss what was happening to our dream season being flushed down the toilet.

Komet Gallery

Scoops, get a clue... Nobody needs to be making excuses for TigerDan and his juvenile garbage that he started on the Komets blog... He even admitted he was doiing it to get a rise out of people, which is juvenile in the first place... Of course, after reading some of the drivel you start around here, maybe you guys are brothers... Who knows and who cares... TigerDan can say whatever he wants because all he really proved is that he is a front-runner and now that his team is on the run, he is nowhere to be seen...


Komet Gallery...I'll have to refer you to the previous thread for the obvious.


How about we stop pointing fingers and acting like 5 yr olds and start thinking about the task at hand...Game 7. Win or lose our team was great this season.

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