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May 13, 2008


Ryne Gurney

That Hodgeman kid really is something, if he comes back next year, he probably won't be here long.


Wow is all I can say...what an exciting season, what an exciting playoffs, what a great team. This is what Hockey is all about and I am glad that us fans were a part of it...Great Game, Great end to a awesome year. Congrats to the organization and to the boys on the ice. Thank You for a great season...see you all next season!!!
Go Komets!!


Well since I posted the other one and read it, and realized I can't spell, here it is again...

Congratulation Komets!! Great job everyone on the whole season. It's been an amazing season, not only for the Komets but me as well. I missed a majority of the season because I've been training to go to Iraq, as well as have been in Iraq, I was lucky enough to come home and see the last three games of the season. It was amazing, the last time the Komets won I was in Iraq also, I knew I had to be here this time. Great season, records being broken left and right, lets see if anyone has ever traveled more than 7000 miles to see a Fort Wayne Komet Hockey game! Lets do it again next year when I see more of the season!!!!

mohawk matt

GO KOMETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I called it after Game 6 that Hodgey was my pick for mvp. And 2 goals in a 3-2 game + all the loose pucks and energy he put in cemented all of that in place. He was the burst of young energy that this team needed.

Also, major props go to Nick Boucher. Unbelievable saves in the 1st OT and a certain equipment problem that gave the Komets a much needed breather.

One more shoutout to the Captain Guy Dupuis. In what might have been his last game, he has a 2 point night with a goal, and showed that he still had a little left in the tank.

This was so much fun...lets do it again next year!!!!!!


The fans certainly got their money's worth tonight! :) What a fantastic game. I, too, was worried about someone getting seriously hurt. We certainly had some people go down. When Bertram went down in front of the goal, that was a tense moment. Thank goodness it was worth it in the end.

By the way, what and where is the event that I keep hearing mentioned for 6:30 (PM?) on Wednesday? I couldn't hear that well with all the cheering.

CONGRATULATIONS KOMETS!!!!!!! And CONGRATULATIONS HODGMAN!!!!! I know you have a bright career ahead of you no matter where you go, but it would be nice to have you here just a bit longer. :D

And also, congratulations to the Port Huron Ice Hawks for playing hard and making this the interesting series I knew it would be. It could very well be you hoisting the cup next season, though of course, I'm hoping the Komets repeat. lol.

Josh F

All I can say is WOW! What a game that was. Thrilling, heart-stopping, it's playoff hockey.

Congrats to Port Huron on a fabulous season. I was sure after Lardner scored that game, the K's were just broken. That was a dagger. Or so I thought.

Hodgy is going to be something else in the NHL. I had a feeling when I woke up today that he was going to get the game winner. I'm proud to say he proved me right. He deserved that MVP. I said though that if he hadn't scored that game winner, then the MVP should have been Boucher. He really carried this team after game 4. I honestly wouldn't have minded a co-MVP in this case.

I've been a K's fan for the better part of my 25 years of life, and a season ticket holder for some of that, and I can say that WAS the greatest game I've seen.



Oh and... I noticed the cup having come apart too. :) From reading "Tales of the Komets", I knew that was unusual, but I had to laugh. After all, the thing is brand new! :D

A quote from the movie "Galaxy Quest" actually came to mind (albeit slightly altered)

"You broke the cup! You BROKE the bloody cup!" :D


Er... meant to say that I knew it WASN'T unusual. I'll get it right in a moment.


To address the fans of Port Huron that think the Komets were "diving" and "acting" like they were hurt....think again. I don't know about you, but if someone were to take a hockey stick and hit you in the face with it, it would hurt. If there was any acting going on, it'd be by the Chickehawks, er, I mean the icehawks. They did it the whole series. And what's with the IHL refs always calling everything on the K's? Maybe it just seems that way...am I alone in this? Anyway, WAY TO GO KOMETS! I don't expect Hodgman to stay in the minors very long, what a player!

Jungle Monkey


That was by far the most heart-filled effort I have witnessed in sports.


How about the guts of Kevin Bertram. He was in so much pain and played extremely well. My hat is off to him. I believe he was in incredible pain the entire game. Thanks Kevin


Kind of funny that our friend Paul in Port Huron at the Times want to blame the refs and the net getting knocked off its mooring for the Ice Chickens loss! Common, you guys had two chances to wrap this up and you lost 3 IN A ROW! The best team won! Go Komets.

Jungle Monkey

Paul is symbolic of their team. Excuse after excuse. They showed what they were made of in OT and they got beat.

I will congratulate 80% of the Port Huron players and fans on a great series. The other 20% have spoken for themselves.

Jungle Monkey

It was funny to see Ben Smith, who wrote this teams public obituary a week and a half ago down of the ice hob-knobbing with the team as they celebrated.


This is my favorite post on the Icechicken board: Does anyone agree that these are the weirdest group of people in all of hockey. I mean do they seriously know they are just an IHL minor league team. They call themselves the Jungle and we already know how they acted when they came to Port Huron. I was lookin on some videos on Youtube of the series and these fans are just plain out ruthless, even after they won the series they are still rambling on how we are a bunch of girl thingys and you dont mess with "the jungle".

I am a big fan of my team but these guys are just plain out weird. All you can really do is laugh at them.

I know there is a few normal ones out of the bunch that have posted on here so exclude yourself from what I was saying


Well that's all folks. What a cap off to a great last 7 months.
Although it seemed like Port Huron was going to get that crap goal and leave us all in a daze, the Komets rallied up and showed just who the best team in the IHL is. I have to admit I was having troubles stomaching the come back of the Icehawks, but it seems they have done it all series so it did not surprise me. And to top it off I got to throw stuff on the ice and have two ushers and three cops watch me and just smile was priceless. Go Komets! What an honor to be able to have two championships since I have been a season ticket holder. I am running on three hours of sleep and my work is reflecting such so I am going to take a nap in my chair. Hope to see all of you and more in the fall. Peace.


I miss tigerdan! Where is he? Here kitty kitty kitty....I am sure he will have some excuse!

Congrats to the Komets. One of the most exciting games although if it had only gone one over time, I would have been a lot happier. Thank God for Hodgeman!

Disappointed in the Journal Gazette- you could have waited to put the paper out. I wanted some headlines.


The Journal Gazette did have the headlines. I bought 4 papers this morning and I'm waiting for the afternoon paper to come out.

Way to go Komets!! Awesome season! Look forward to seeing everyone at the end of season party tomorrow night!


The barber shop prediction was spot on with the final count and the overtime. Except of course it happened to be multiple ots. If only Pence would have played that would have made two games in a row this place was right. I liked how Hodgeman came out of the locker room in the last overtime. He was skating as if it was the first period. He was hooting and hollering. What a dream for a kid his age. I think he some how knew the game winner was coming off his stick. How do I get to the Icehawks board? Do you have to get a login name and all that jazz?


Great Game Last Night! I thought Warner and Durdin played their best games of the season. I thought with all that work one of them was going to get one. All around the defense and goal tending was awesome. How great was it to see KO Legault on the ice after the game along with Pence and Hukalo.

Jungle Monkey

Hodgy had the Ric Flair whoooooooooooo going on coming out for the third OT.. The kid doesn't know what the word tired is.

Jungle Monkey

Was Pence hurt?

Skoal Apple

Does anyone have any good pictures of the game on line?


Good morning to all. All I can say is Wow! What a night! That had to be the most nail-biting, stomach churning game of my life! (It was even worse than when my Florida Panthers lost to Colorado back in '96 in multiple OTs.)

I just want to thank the Komets for such a fantastic season. It has to be one of the most memorable ones ever. Hats off to the fans for sticking with the boys all night long. I knew they would pull it out and I kept thinking that it was going to be Hodgy who would score the winner and I was right. Way to go, Hodgy! Way to go K's!

I also want to thank Justin for giving us this outlet to express our thoughts concerning our beloved team. Thanks for all your hard work during the season and for keeping the fans informed. You're the best!

See everyone Wednesday night. Go K's!!!


Pence hurt his ribs

Jerad Shaw.

Game 3 in 93' was the best game I had ever been to until last night. From the drop of the puck, the intensity was incredible. Couldn't have asked for more out of a game 7. Thanks go out to the Franke's, players, coaches, and of course the fans. This will be a year that I will surely never forget!

Justin, thanks for all your hard work during the season. It is much appreciated by everyone.



I'm satisfied.

Record shattering season and the cup.

Mission accomplished.

Stopped this morning at Walgreens to buy a frame for my Game 7 tickets and they are being proudly displayed in my office.

WOW, what a year, what a team.


Congratulations to the Komets. Enjoy the Cup.

Nice job by both teams. I don't think you can come up with a better matchup when it takes 7 games and 3 OTs to decide. One bounce here or there and is all it takes for either team in that situation. Congrats to a great team.

For everyone complaining about something on here: Relax and enjoy the championship. I know I'll be enjoying the Stanley Cup in a few weeks. I'm on to the next mission: LETS GO RED WINGS!!!

See you all next season.


Hey! I would buy a copy of the game if any one does DVD it. I live 40 minutes from town so I do not have a way of recording it. Let me know.
[email protected]


Way to Go Komets!!! What a year, what a series, and what a game! The team was fantastic, and I hope we can build upon what you have accomplished for next year's team. I look forward to seeing/ hearing about those players that will make it into the higher levels next year, and hope we can keep a good core of the guys around for another run in '08-'09. You know, come this time next week we will all be having withdrawl since this awesome season will be in the books.

Justin, it has been great and entertaining being a first time participator in Ice Chips this year. Thanks for all of the hard work you have done and will continue to do for us Komets fans! Much apprecaited!

Bloggers O' Ice Chips, thanks for providing a fun and mostly friendly atmosphere this year to hear about your experiences and your insider news this year. We'll have to do this again next season, and maybe mix in a couple of planned Ice Chips bus trips for some away games!


Why is Tiger Dan on here? Perhaps a big helping of humble pie for him. No trash talking today from him. Glad he has an outlet for this. I was banned from his blog for posting how the Komets were going to win last night.


what is this end if year party I heat about. Is this a casual affair or is this something formal? What goes on there? Sorry I'm a newbie

Jungle Monkey

The players will all be there. They auction off game worn jerseys for charity... You can talk to the players get autographs...etc. Pretty casual affair. Snacks.. (chips&soda) are provided.


There have been two Final Game 7s in Komet history, the first one being the 3-1 loss (with empty net goal) to the St. Paul Saints with Glenn Ramsey coached by Fred Shero in 1960. That Komet team went 50-16-2 I think in the regular season and included many of the great Komet legends and John Ferguson. That Komet team had lost a 3 OT game at home earlier in the series. My Dad and I are two of what I suspect is a pretty select group of long-time Komet fans who was there that night in April 1960 and fortunate enough to be there again Monday night. Two of my boys were there with us Monday and I told them to cherish the thrill and the memory of this Game 7 forever because it will be talked about as long as any of us are still around to talk about it.


Ok, I'm dead tired been up since 630 after not getting home until about 2.

What a great, great, great game.

Boucher and Sterling were both awesome.

Hodgman is a god. That kid is incredible.

Way to go Komets


Storybook ending to a outstanding season. I could of done without the heart-wrenching OT's at the time, but looking back at my 5 hours of hockey from last night....I wouldn't trade that experience for anything. There is really nothing like overtime in a game 7.
Thanks Justin for providing an outlet to talk about our team. You did a wonderful job covering the team, as did Blake.
Thanks also to the folks here for making this season a memorable one off the ice. I had the pleasure of meeting some of you over the course of the year, and its funny how you gain a different perspective of appreciation of someone when you actually talk to them face to face. Hopefully we as fan looks back on this season when times are tough next season. We remember what this team accomplished when the odds were certainly not in their favor. Its easy to be civil during the good times. The journey is what gives us the most to discuss, but the final destination is what its all about.

Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer.


Way off topic here, but the thought is with me so I will pass it on since summer is just around the corner. If anyone is in the Warsaw area on a Sunday around 6:30 PM stop by hidden lake and see the Lake City Skiers in action. We are a Division 1 water ski show team. We are back to back Division 2 national champs. It is free to the public. Lakecityskiers.org




OK, what a great game!!! It was the best game I remember watching and being a part of! There is noting like getting 10,000 fans chanting "Let's Go Komets!" or "LARRY! LARRY!"

The best part of the night, besides the winning goal, was during warm-ups. I went down to get on Larry about running us down with his car. I was telling my buddy about the news stories about the fans getting on Larry and how his dad said it didn't get under his skin. While I was talking to him, two guys were sitting down the row listening in on us, but didn't say anything. While yelling at Larry, Zehr came over and smacked the glass at us and pointed over at something. We took a look but didn't see anything but the two guys so we kept yelling. After a while a few kids came down to sit and kicked the two guys out of their seats. They moved over next to us and we started to talk. I asked him if he knew Zehr and he gave a little smile and said his son plays hockey with him. (Can you guess where this is going?)

I asked the guy, which one is his son and he just said, "L-A-R-R-Y!" I couldn't help but laugh. He was very cool about it all and we had a great talk. I told him he should take it as a good thing that we got on Larry so much, since we only raz the ones that are the best. I also told him that if the Komet fans were truthful, 99.9% of them would take Larry on the Komets anyday!!!

It was a lot of fun, just like all season long!!!



Ya know, I was pretty much done here until I read this in the Times Herald chat AFTER the completion of the series by some joker with a screen name of 'fortwaynekomets':

"The last time port huron won the cup i was seven years old and star trek was popular at the time.there is nothing new about a port huron team losing,why should this year be any different.second place is first loser! Maybe they should tear down mcmorran and build a real hockey arena.professional hockey will never work in port huron.never has never will.good work icehawks way to blow a 3-1 series lead,losers!what will the team name be next year chicken hawks!port huron chokers!the border losers! save your money people dont buy any tickets to these losers games!"

I don't know about you, but if I were a Komets fan I wouldn't want the bouchebaggery of this clown representing me.

It's classless when people throw things on the ice, but a comment like this shows just as little class. In fact, it probably shows less, since the person that wrote it is HIDING behind a screen name in a city 4 hours away.



Rumor mill...

I heard from a "sometimes reliable, sometimes not" source that last night could've been the last Komets game called by Bob Chase and that he might be hanging 'em up after all these years.

Anybody else hear anything similar?


TigerDan: Do ya know for a fact that it was a Komets fan who posted that? There are enough Komet haters out there that I wouldn't put it past some to come up with screen names posing as Komets fans and post something ridiculous like that, just to make the Komets look bad.

I'm just sayin'...


Chris, what do you think??
You and I both know that there are classless fans for all teams. I think the Kzoo, Flint, Muskegon and Bloomington fans have all moved on to different things long ago.

Ryne Gurney

Can anyone get Bob Chase's call of the end of that game, I really love listening to him and I hope its not his last year.


What a great season !!!!!!!!!

Justin, Any tips yet as to who will be coming back or not next year?


just cause someone blogs with a komet name doesnt mean he represents the komets or the rest ofus. we blog our own opinions and dont rep anyone but ourselves. with that said tiger dan, youve got a mission now...do all you can to spread how great the series was and how great port urine hockey was this year. do what you can to increase your fan base and get butts in the seats next year. dont lose your team. dont lose your pride!!

Justin Cohn

I asked Chase last night if it was his last game. He said, "No."


from PH blog:::

TigerDan wrote:

In reply to 'fortwaynekomets' comment,

I see a Komets fan can't even STFU and just enjoy the cup. Port Huron is a FAR better hockey city than Fort Wayne. It's evidenced by the fact that Fort Wayne has 10 times the population, but only twice the crowd. Oh, BTW, Fort Wayne is in the middle of nowhere Indiana. These hicks have no idea what it's like to be able to hop in the car and be at a Wings game in less than an hour. Furthermore, Fort Wayne morons are so hockey ignorant that they chant the goalies' name after scoring an EMPTY NET goal. Their team has to cheat to win (game would've been over in the 1st OT if not for the Komets KNOCKING THE NET OFF).

The Icehawks may have lost the series, but it is you, 'fortwaynekomets' that is the LOSER.

Ryne Gurney

The reason the net got knocked off in the first ot is cause Durdin fell on it, and the reason we were chanting Larrys name after the empty netter is because we had to greet him as he came back on the ice, Port Huron might be a better Hockey City, but turns out, we still have the cup

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