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May 03, 2008



i hope tomarrow night is better we will be in section 7 row L


Shaw bring me a beer tomorrow...I am car pooling with someone else. Second, like I told people early in the game...the games early in the year where we were successful we were hitting people a lot early and making them look over the shoulder...we definitely did not do that tonight and instead let them do that to us and we were constantly looking over our shoulders instead. Henley since he is not 100% should have been left off the roster...I am waiting for him to step up and hit someone or beat someone up at least...that is what he is here for...I know you Henley lovers will disagree but an unhealthy Henley is not helping. Next, Bertram was a major force earlier this year and since has been not nearly physical enough. When he was challenged late by a guy he politely skated away. BULL CRAP! Stand up and send a message please. Someone take care of Margettie...he was all over everyone and we just tolerated it. I believe that comes from coach...let it go...NO! Get the 2 or 5 each and let him know you are not going to let them go after Aquino and Dupuis all game...give me a break. That being said when this team remembers what got them here they will be fine. Do not boo your team for getting their 4th home loss all season...give em some slack. Also stop yelling shoot all of the time...several times when fans are yelling that the other teams block them and we have to take a penalty for it...they know what they are doing. SEE EVERYONE Tomorrow....hopefully if everyone goes still. GO KOMETS


We are in section 9 row J so say hi...orange hair you can't miss me...you will hear me too.


I have to hand it to PH tonight. They simply outplayed us in every aspect of the game. We tried to get a few things going but quickly found ourselves on penalty kills and 5 on 3 disadvantages for doing so. I know Simms has said over and over that we have to stay out of the penalty box (because that's what always kills us), but we were just being ran over because we weren't able to do anything without getting a couple of minutes on a PK. So, I think that's why we played extremely soft and just wasn't able to hit at all.

RANT: Man, it really gets to me when there are people in orange sitting next to me that spend the entire night heckling and berating our team. Yeah, like that really makes the guys motivated and want to work that much harder when they hear people that are supposed to be supporting them putting them down and chanting "Let's go vomit" along with many other ridiculously discouraging heckles. Apparently, some people seem to think that if they buy season tickets it gives them the right to be complete a-holes (to the team and to the other fans that are sitting around them) when the Komets are having an off night. That crap completely ruined my night and any enjoyment that I still might have been able to have by watching the game (regardless of the loss).

Scotts $1000 Lagrand

To look at this objective, it is the best interest of the league, the Icehawks and the city of Port Huron if the Icehawks win this series. Why? Because this is the first hockey team since the 70's to play for a championship in that city and win or lose Komet fans will be back as usuall next year. Port Huron needs a win in this series to put some credibility to this franchise and give themselves a summer of advertising a championship team to bring in more fans.
Do I want them to win? Heck no! But from a business survival standpoint, they need it more than the Komets do.


Hand it to Port Huron. They played alot better than the K's tonight. We didn't forecheck, hit, screen, or pass worth a crap.

Searle let them play the game. Got to give some credit as well.

I hope the fans heading up tomorrow are loud and proud and help the team even the series any way they can. Wish I could be there.


Hand it to Port Huron. They played alot better than the K's tonight. We didn't forecheck, hit, screen, or pass worth a crap.

Searle let them play the game. Got to give some credit as well.

I hope the fans heading up tomorrow are loud and proud and help the team even the series any way they can. Wish I could be there.


Losing is one thing, but to lose every single aspect of the game is disgraceful.

I watched 60 minutes of our beloved Komets get smacked around like a bunch of little kids, and nobody did anything about it. Woods is not permitted to fight, Henley simply cools our own guys down and backs them away from a scrum, and bertram still stands there looking like he would rather kill our own goalie.

Someone show some heart in game 2 and lose the leashes or this series is over in 4.

What i saw tonight was not the komets. I dont know what got into them, but that is not the team i have seen all season long..

Good luck rest of the way Komets, but please if you are gonna leave your hearts and guts at home then show some respect and let us fans know.. My family and I have better things to do if you wont show up.


ok so it was me the whole game booing the komets. why was a season ticket holder booing his team u might ask

maybe its because we are 12-2-1 in the reg season to this team

maybe its because we didnt come to play tonight

anyone remember last year maybe the year before that maybe even the year before that

we have had the best team in the league for a few now and still cant find a way to win in the playoffs

i wasnt booing the players just the way they played and u might say booing the players on home ice isnt good inspiration but i have to disagree

they played so well all season how could they expect anything less than boos after the way they played tonight

they did not come to play but i came to cheer how can i cheer a team that falls apart in less than 10 minutes of play time

it was the worst game ive seen all season we didnt have any control of the puck and the icehawks owned the neutral zone

what am i gonna cheer about?
honestly im a goalie fan i love good goaltending no matter what team and boucher played a decent game but what about sterling? this is a man with confidence good luck beating any goalie who believes he can stop every shot no matter when or where

i honestly think the komets have some work to do if they want to win this series, pull your head out of your ass you havent won anything yet


Way to stay classy....




WOW! Yea, we gave up game one at home....yea, the K's didnt look to hot....Look at it this way. NOW we get to win it at home in front of, normaly, the best fans in the league. Yes, i was dissapointed, but it's playoff hockey. Coach will do his job. Tonight look for a different game! i'll be there. come have a beer before the game. i'll have the lawn chairs out :) Im still lookin for us to win in 5... maybe 6. GO KOMETS! Get in that sterlings head!!!!!


OK, echos about PH being the better team last night. They acted like they wanted it and the K's didn't, pure and simple. The K's will regroup and come around, but it won't come without hard work, something they definately lacked last night. Besides all of the giveaways by our entire team, it truely was over by the time they scored their third goal. And by that I mean when the guys stop communicating with each other and are not skating hard to pick up the constant trailers on odd men rushes by PH I would say about half of the team stopped trying by that time. I mean particularly when Henly and Durin skate back to the bunch after every shift shaking their heads in disbelief the whole third period...will you get the idea. It was pretty obvious that a good part of the team seemed to give up, so if they can give up on themselves in pretty obvious fashion I don't grudge some fans wanting to show their disapproval for their lack of effort, especially in the last possible 7 games of this season for the whole ball of wax. If you are saying the fans need to give the team their all no matter how the team is playing I'm not sure I agree with that. If they don't have the will to suck it up and play for the Cup no matter what the score is then I don't think the occassional boos from some fair waether fans are going to effect them. If anything their play, of lack thereof, should be what is kicking their butts.

Jungle Monkey

A few points...

1. The Komets didn't play well and lost. It happens.

2. We had to lose one somewhere along the line to clinch the Kup at home.

3. Nick Boucher's girlfriend is not to be fooled with. I thought she was going to walk up to upper 221 and smack the little turd that kept booing. Seriously dude, when she got done with you I wouldn't have minded kicking you in the teeth. You're annoying.

4. We got beat by guys named Jamie, Tab, and Donnie... whats up with that?? And their fans, just as bad. Nice sport coat fellas.

5. This should light a spark under the Komets, I'd look for them to come out on fire in Port Urine.

GO Komets!!!!!


PH played physical and FW had no answer for it. We almost got shut out in our own barn if not for that strange goal that just appeared in Sterling's net. If we are going to win this series Bertram and Henley are going to have to be more physical, Dupuis and Drouin are going to have to get more shots on goal, and (if healthy) Sims needs to put Marchant back in. A month or so ago I said that if Marchant is out of the lineup no one else will consistantly play infront of the crease and their would be a hole in our offense. Few of you bloggers didn't believe me. Last night was proof of it. Many of the other players can play infront of the net but none do consistantly-especially on a night where the other team is outhitting us like PH did. I don't think we would have won with Marchant last night, but it would have been a different game.


Morency would have been proud,one of his fans wearing his jersey booing the Komets,way to go idiot.


Today is a new day, we only need to beat the Icehawks four times before they beat us three times. I still like our odds.


Maybe that was the loss the team was talking about getting so they could win the cup at home? Who knows for sure but lets hope tonight we see a different team. Go Komets!!!!!!


For once i think i can say that it wasn't Boucher's fault at all!! That could have been the worse that i have seen the komets play in some time and i mean years possibly!! We come home down 0-2 we are in trouble!!! As for the fans that boo the team they are probably the ones that are clapping the loudest when we win. For some reason Fort Wayne has always had some fair weather fans and it gets old after while!! You don't like what you are watching simply get up and walk to the nearest exit and head to the parking lot!!!


I personally was embarrassed last night to be a Komet Fan. Not by our players but by the fans. All I see on these blogs are how bad the Komets Fans are. Last night several proved them right. They had a off night. If it was that hard for us to sit in the stands think now hard it would have been to be on the ice. Yes I know they were able to do something about it and we weren't, but it just didn't click for them last night. Let's pray tonight is a better night. I hope our fans going up their show more class then some did last night.


Good old fashioned butt whoopin. I would expect the boys to respond as they have all season when this happens.

i wonder what it was like for the port huron fans in attendance to be in the crowd where 15% of their total season attendance was there.

Wonder if Searle and Langdon are going to rotate this series.


I was wrong=no sweep by K's/ except for a few =Woods+Reynolds+Curadeau=no hitting/king-kong henley + bertram=get tough.

Melissa Sarrazin

Its 1 game! That is why they set it up as a best of 7 series. The K's will come back strong!

Booooooing a team is tasteless..

Think of all the accomplishments they have had this season. Yes, playoffs is a different season, but come on, Support them the boys!

Do you get boooed everytime you don't do your job 110% of the time? No.. you regroup and move on!

Be PROUD to be a KOMET FAN!... win or lose. I better Tigerdan is laughing at everyone on the blog that is being negative towards the game last night.

They will pull through!



What do you say to the people who have been fired for not doing their job?


Had the Komets played like the team that broke all the records and still lost then that's one thing but they didn't show up to play and lost. I don't agree with booing the Komets but they shouldn't be cheered for coming out and letting Port Huron outplay them. I wasn't under the impression that because you are a fan you have to cheer all the time no matter what and can't say what they did wrong. I know there are a lot of fans in every sport who get down on the players for not doing their best. To be a true fan you have to be able to know when something isn't right. In reference to if you don't do your job do people boo you...maybe not but I'm sure you get a lecture from your boss about how to do things better. Its only game 1 and Al will lecture them and they will come back and step it up.


I was cheering loud the whole game and never gave up hope but something just wasn't right with the komets last night.


so where is the bus right now? We r 83 miles from there. How many peeps beside the bus r going up? anita,chris,Richard, and tom are going. Go orange.


How is booing your team somehow inappropriate? Somehow it is classless or in poor taste?

We pay hard earned money to go cheer, or jeer them on. They play on a professional level, and expect to be cheered or jeered based on their perform ace. There is tasteless booing or jeering.. For instance, taking it to a personal level is a bit low.. None of that is necessary. But to cheer when ya score, or let out a boo when they show no heart, i feel is letting the product know what ya think of it.

Little example. If i order a med rare steak, pay 20 bucks for it, and get a 5 oz burt piece of crap I am going to let the waiter or waitress know.

Every fan is entitled to an opinion, they paid good money for a product and last night the product didn't deliver.

Perhaps it is even more tastless to come on here and berate another fan because of how they portrayed their feelings, when all they did was let out a simple boo at a game.


20 minutes til arrival at mcmorran. Hope to enjoy the party the icehawks are throwing for all of us.


Have a free hot dog for me!!! That is if you are going to crash the tailgate party for the Hawks...


So they had a bad game - it happens. But not very often. All it took was a motivated bunch of guys with a nothing-to-lose attitude and hard work to pull it off.
It happened to a team that I was on. We were up against a team that was unarguably the future champs (at least in our minds). So, we figured we would just do our best, played within our systems, matched up the best we could, and HUSTLED! Next thing you know, we were up 7-0 in the first period, and won the game. Point is we never won after that but it was a great feeling.
Not to say PH is not a good team - they earned their spot and had all the motivation in the world last night, K's had all the pressure.
Tonight is a different game, different refs, different bounces, etc. K's know what to do, and usually don't make the same mistakes twice - we've seen it all year.
Besides, I like their chances. It's been a great season and I've had a blast watching this bunch! They can refocus, come out the way the've done it all year - forecheck like there is no tomorrow, park someone in front of the net, and just rack up the SOG.
The other factor is that now there is no pressure to sweep just because most everyone was thinking it. K's know what they are up against and that bad games happen. Now that the pressure is off, let's go win a game! Take'em one at a time, and, to our benefit, win it at home! (and you thought they just did it for money - OK, it helps, but nothing like doing what you do AND getting paid for it!) They love the fan support just as much as we enjoy giving it to them.
Now watch which is the motivated team now! Have a great game guys. Fans, enjoy, because it's not often that you get to see a great team like this!


Note to coach: tell the guys if they lose they have to push the bus home.


The reason that we didn't have a huge increase in fan attendance for playoffs is because Komet fans are there support are guys all year long, not just when/if they make the playoffs.

We have options in Fort Wayne for other things to go see also! We can just as easily drive to Chicago or Indy to see something else too. The Kentucky Derby was about the same distance away as PH today, but Komet fans still seem to be able to make the 3 1/2 - 4 hour tip to support our boys!!

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